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Country Corners and Full of Life A-Dancin'

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This DVD contains two full-length classic films about American Country Dance produced by Robert Fiore and Richard Nevell - Country Corners and Full of Life A'Dancin'

Country Corners
25 mins Color 16 mm 1976

Country Corners was made in l975 - l976 and originally aired as a national PBS special in 1976.

In distribution by Phoenix Films for 30 years Country Corners depicts, in a brief 25 minutes, characters important in the revival of interest in contra dancing in the early 70’s: Dudley Laufman, Vermont’s Ed Larkin Dancers, Jack Perron and Bob McQuillen who has become a nationally known traditional artist.

The new DVD version of the film features updated material with Bob McQuillen and his band Old New England, and with Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman and the Electric Barn Dance Band.

The film is narrated by folksinger Gordon Bok.

Full of Life A-Dancin'
28 minutes Color 16 mm 1978

The film features one of the first "freestyle" clog dance teams from the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina: The Southern Appalachian Cloggers. Some of these cloggers learned to dance when they were children, at barn dances and parties, but others were prohibited to dance by strict church rules against such activity. The film features the story of two sisters not allowed to dance as kids who, as adults, find real personal freedom in the clog dancing.

Fiore and Nevell filmed the Southern Appalachian Cloggers in their native town of Canton, NC, where most of the men on the dance team work in a paper mill. They also filmed the cloggers dancing at the prestigious Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife in Washington, DC.

The film was made by the same crew as Country Corners and features the narration of famed songwriter and North Carolinian Billy Edd Wheeler.

Robert Fiore and Richard Nevell
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