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Listen to the Band - 2 CD Set

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Dance Music from the EFDSS Sound Archives Vol. 1 - unlocking the treasures of the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library. This 2-CD set is a chronological compilation of commercial recording covering the first two periods of English folk dancing revival – from the beginnings at the start of the 20th century through the early/mid 1960s – which span the whole of the era of 78rpm shellac records. Only bands and orchestras, apart from one piano solo, are included. The recordings have been taken from the unique collection in the sound archives of the Vaugh Williams Memorial Library located in the Cecil Sharp House, home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. This almost complete collection of 78 rpm commercial English folk dance recording contains over 700 recorded tracks.

Track Listing:

Disk 1

1. Rufty Tufty

2. The Butterfly

3. Brighton Camp

4. Argeers
5. Helston Furry Dance
6. Christchurch Bells

7. Galopede

8. Glorishears

9. The Triumph

10. Speed the Plough

11. The Black Nag

12. Lilli Burlero

13. Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance

14. Maypole Dance
15. Maypole Dance

16. Maids' Morris

17. Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace

18. The Ribbon Dance

19. Soldiers Joy

20. The Dressed Ship

21. Galopede
22. Yorkshire Square Eight
23. Amarillis

24. Hunt the Squirrel
25. Sellenger's Round
26. Steamboat

Disk 2

1. Tunes For The Sleights Sword Dance, Fig. 3

2. American Square Dance Reels

3. The Bishop

4. Nancy's Fancy

5. The Queen's Jig

6. Shetland Isles Marches

7. Corn Rigs

8. The Shrewsbury Lasses

9. Jingle Bells & Johnny's Down The River

10. When Johnny Comes Marching Home

11. English Square Dance Selection

12. American/English Tunes For Square Dances

13. Mony Musk
14. Sicilian Circle

15. The Bonny Breast Knot

16. The Tempest

17. Tunes For Square Dancing
18. Dargason
19. Abram Circle Dance

20. Jack's Maggot
21. Hornpipes

22. Drops Of Brandy

23. Double Lead Through
24. Circle Waltz
25. Fast Reels For Square Dancing
26. Glover's Reel

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