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English Dancing Master - 2 CD Set

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Dance Music from the 17th and 18th Centuries. Played by the bands “Orange and Blue” and “The Ranchers.” In the period 1976-1981 the English Folk Dance and Song Society published 4 LP recordings (PLA1,2,3&4) of music for a selection of dances taken from the original Dancing Master books and published by Cecil Sharp in his Country Dance Book Series. The ances cover a wide range dating from Vol. 1 1st Edition (1650/51) to Vol 3, 2nd Edition (1726) and contained in the Country Dance Books (Parts 2,3,4&6). The information for each dance is as given on the original LP sleeve and is taken from the Country Dance Books. These 4LPs are no re-issued as a 2CD set recorded from digitally enhanced original analogue tapes to that they may reach a wider audience taking advantage of modern playback equipment and the means to vary speed to suit all dancers. 

Track Lists:

CD 1:

1. Gathering Peascods
2. Hey Boys, Up We Go 

3. My Lady Cullen 

4. Grimstock 

5. Mage On A Cree 

6. Adson's Saraband

7. The Old Mole

8. Twenty-Ninth Of May

9. Jenny Pluck Pears

10. Parson's Farewell

11. Upon A Summer's Day 

12. Dargason 

13. Chestnut

14. Amarillis

15. Althea

16. The Friar And The Nun

17. Fain I Would 

18. Maid's Morris 

19. Confess 

20. Argeers 

21. Lilliburlero 

22. Lull Me Beyond Me 

23. Maiden Lane

24. The Merry, Merry Milkmaids

25. Broom, The Bonny, Bonny Broom

26. Spring Garden

27. The Phoenix

28. Jacobs Hall's Jig

CD 2 :

1. Sellenger's Round

2. My Lady Winwood's Maggot

3. The Boatman

4. Whirligig

5. Heartsease

6. The Health

7. Orleans Baffled

8. The Mock Hobby Horse

9. Picking Up Sticks

10. Mr Isaac's Maggot

11. Hit and Miss

12. Juice Of Barley

13. King Of Polmand

14. Epping Forest

15. The Slip

16. The Mulberry Garden

17. Apley House 

18. The night Piece

19. The Maid In The Moon

20. The Geud Man Of Ballangigh

21. Dissembling Love

22. The Country Farmer

23. Four Pence Half-Penny Farthing

24. Indian Queen

25. Dick's Maggot

26. The Queen's Jig

EFFDS, Orange and Blue, The Ranchers
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