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CDS Boston Centre English Country Dance Collection, Vol 13: Mrs Beveridge's Maggot (CD)

Price: $16.00
In Stock: 9

Produced by the Boston Centre of CDSS, the 13th volume in this series presents a retrospective of 300 years of English dance. Played with great style by Bare Necessities, comprised of Peter Barnes (flute, whistles), Mary Lea and Earl Gaddis (violins, violas), Jacqueline Schwab (piano).

Track List:

Marina (Duple Minor LW 4/4)
Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing (or The Jockey) (Duple Minor LW 6/8)
Waterfall Waltz (Sicilian Circle 3/4)
Mrs. Beveridge’s Triumph (Duple Minor LW 2/2)
Autumn in Amherst (Duple Minor Improper LW 4/4)
The Play’s the Thing (Duple Minor LW 9/8)
De’il Take The Warr (3-couple LW 2/2)
Parthenia (4-couplr LW 2/2)
Wa’ Is Me, What Mun I Do? (Duple Minor LW 3/4)
Mendocino Redwood (Duple Minor LW 6/8)
Trip to Tunbridge (3-couple LW 2/4)
Wooden Shoes (Duple Minor LW 2/2)
Enfield Common (Duple Minor LW 3/2)
Alice (Duple Minor LW 3/4)

Bare Necessities
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