We are delighted to announce that after three years of intensive New Leaders, Good Leaders fundraising, we have raised nearly $265,000 for the collective CDSS Leadership funds - well beyond our goal of $250,000 - and that fundraising for New Leaders, Good Leaders is complete.

The campaign was designed to raised money for immediate spending on new and growing programs supporting leadership development and youth participation - to jumpstart such initiatives as our greatly expanded grants and scholarships programs, the Youth Projects Intern position, online and other media resources, and our fledgling mentorship program.

THANKS to the hundreds and hundreds of you who contributed to this effort. You have made possible so much that we had long hoped to accomplish! We are thrilled and grateful to have gotten the jumpstart on these new initiatives.

Moving forward - this important work continues! Your continued support of CDSS, through membership and donations to the general fund, is absolutely crucial to the ongoing success of these initiatives.

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