These benefits of Group membership in CDSS relate to our Dance, Music & Song Camps. Your group may choose to combine its Priority Admission and Matching Scholarship requests.

Group Priority


Group affiliates may designate one or two people for priority admission to CDSS summer programs. The intent is to give priority to group teachers and leaders; however, if you feel someone else in your group would benefit more, you may designate him and/or her.

How does it work?
Based on prior history, we anticipate needing a lottery for the adult dance weeks at Pinewoods, the family sessions and most of the Courses. Because there is not always enough space to accept all of the leaders who apply:

  • All individuals receiving priority must be CDSS members.
  • There are 40 spaces per Week and 40% of Course spaces reserved for priority admission.
  • If one hopes to attend more than one week, this and any other priority is only available for the first choice week.
  • Each Group Affiliate may seek priority for a maximum of two people each summer. (2 single applications or 1 application for a couple plus any minor children at a Family program).
  • We will give higher priority to group leaders who have not attended camp before.
  • CDSS does not consider gender in our admissions.
  • Most of the Courses are designed for people who meet specific criteria. Those criteria will maintain a higher priority than this.

To receive priority, we must receive nomination from the Affiliated Group as well as a camp registration form and deposit by March 12, 2018. No substitutions will be accepted for leaders who must cancel.

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