POTD Photo circleIf you are an organizer of Traditional Dance, Music and/or Song (TDMS) – you are in the right place! This portal holds as many of the best resources for organizers as we could find. We hope this space is useful for you, and we welcome any feedback. 

The resources are divided into four sections:

About the traditions served through this web space: We aim to support a wide range of traditional dance genres (social and performance/ritual), as well as music and song traditions. Since social dance events often require more complex logistics, many existing resources for these topics are included in this collection. However, some resources are applicable across traditions. So take a look at resources for your topic of interest, even if it doesn't originate from your same tradition.

Where do the resources come from? While some of the items in the portal were made available as part of CDSS initiatives, many come from other sources. In each case, we have gained permission prior to posting, and we are very grateful for the contributions. We don't consider CDSS to be the owner of these resources --- rather, we are creating a gathering place of top resources to make it easier for organizers to find the supports they need.

Do you have a resource you know about (or have created) that you think should be shared? Fill out this easy form to let us know about it!) Is there is a resource you need but can't find? If so, fill out this form. We will attempt to respond as soon as possible with suggestions and we will also consider adding resources on that topic in the future. It is also worth trying some of the online forums as there are often many organizers ready to help.

Our new organizer e-newsletter: This summer (2018) we are launching a quarterly e-newsletter for organizers. We will send out updates about new resources, topics of interest, and inspirational stories. If you would like to receive the e-news click here to join the list.


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