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The Best of Both Worlds: American and English Dances – Carol Ormand

Music by: Amy McFarland, Maria Terres: Start your day with a delightful blend of dances from both sides of the "pond." Explore the connections and the distinctions between contras, English country dances, and squares as you revel in the gorgeous music of Rare Privilege.

ECD calling – David Millstone

Music by: Rachel Bell, Daniel Beerbohm: This class is for current ECD callers of any experience level and those considering a career in ECD calling. Each day's class will focus on a different topic: writing an English dance program, working with musicians, repertoire, teaching vs. calling, etc. Class will include discussion, dancing, and opportunities to practice calling. Please note: this class is open to contra callers, and would-be contra callers, but will focus on the ECD genre and calling techniques.

Mummers Play – John Mayberry

 Would you like to spend a few days with some interesting people, collaborating on a grand experience to share with the rest of Camp at the end of the week? Do you like word play, spectacle, and perhaps doing something unexpected? Then come to John’s Mummers’ class, where we will come up with a “play” in the tradition of old seasonal disguising rituals such as mumming, mummering, hoodening, guising, and trick-or-treating. No acting experience required. None.

Longsword – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Earl Gaddis: Laurie will teach a longsword dance from the village of Kirkby Malzeard in Yorkshire, England. This jaunty dance, which consists of a series of figures performed with a sprightly running step, will be made accessible to all levels of experience. This is an excellent opportunity to try a new type of dance or become reacquainted with an old favourite.

Lakeshore Ecology – Amy Meeker-Taylor



Contra: Civilized Catastrophe – Dana Parkinson

Music by: Noah VanNorstrand, Andrew VanNorstrand: Try some challenging, quirky contra dances while you're still sleepy. Uncontrollable laughter 100% guaranteed.

ECD Advanced: Stepping Stones (Adv) – David Millstone

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Earl Gaddis, Daniel Beerbohm: This class will explore what it means to be an advanced dancer, focusing on skills and techniques including and beyond mastering complex choreographies. Selected topics: flow, end effects, changing roles, phrasing, recovery, and helping dancers in helpful ways. Knowledge of ECD figures and basic repertoire is expected.

Hand Quilting – Amy McFarland, Maria Terres

This six-session class will include a variety of hand-quilting techniques: hand applique (regular and reverse), hand piecing, hand quilting, and more. We'll have lots of lovely fabric and supplies (you may also bring your own - 100% cotton only, please). We'll also have a sewing machine available and will give instructions on how to finish a small project, or start a bigger one.

Ontario Step Dance: The Mulligan Jig – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Rachel Bell: This old-style dance is based on the Ottawa Valley style of Alex Mulligan who developed his particular version of these steps while working at logging camps in the early 20th century. This class is open to all campers and will move at a mutually agreeable pace. Come out and learn a step or two to try the next time you hear a classic jig, such as The Irish Washerwoman. Ontario stepping is best executed in hard-soled shoes.

Singing – John Mayberry

 Come spend a class doing some singing! The emphasis will be on learning some songs by ear, exploring how to find harmonies in an informal group situation, and perhaps sharing songs with each other. People who are intimidated by the thought of singing in public are especially welcome, as are those with more confidence who just want a chance to sing with other folks.


Gathering – Dana Parkinson

Join Dana, your MC, in a daily extravaganza of camper and staff talent, singing, stories and mischief. A great way to wind down before lunch and hang out with the whole camp!


ECD for all: the Contemporary Landscape (for All) – David Millstone

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Earl Gaddis, Daniel Beerbohm: Some say the heyday of English country dancing is today. This hour, open to all, will examine different themes in modern ECD: our attraction to waltzes and other triple-time dances, borrowing of figures and music from other dance styles, reconstructions of older dances, and some of the latest compositions.

Morris – John Mayberry

Music by: Noah VanNorstrand: If you’ve never done (or even seen) Morris dance, then in this class you will have a chance to try this exuberant, athletic dance style. If you’re an old hand, you’ll have a chance to try a style or some dances that are new to you. If you’re interested in dance creation, we can do some of that. The class will be tailored to the folks who are interested in exploring this old, English display dance form, but we will base it in the Hogtown dances of the Toronto Morris Men.

Building a Band, Improvisation, and Tunewriting – Amy McFarland, Maria Terres

We will spend 2 days on each of these topics

Building a Band: What turns a jam session into a "band"? How do you get that "sound"? This workshop explores ways of playing together and ultimately putting style into your playing. Possible subjects are: rhythm, tempo, "swing", melodic and harmonic variations, and creating arrangements. We will try to tailor the workshop to the interests and experience level of the class.

Improvisation: Want to spice up your playing? We'll work on making expressive changes to tunes to express your own musical ideas. We'll start with simple improvisations based on chords and scales, and work our way into more advanced techniques involving harmonic substitutions and syncopation.

Tunewriting: Can one be taught to write a tune? This workshop provides the nuts and bolts of crafting a tune in the traditional style by focusing on how tunes are structured and how to work with musical ideas. Take a chance - connect with your muse!

How to Take Better Photos – Doug Plummer

This workshop, with award winning professional photographer Doug Plummer, meets for 2 hours each day. How do you find a photograph? What are the essential ingredients to sensing and seeing? How can you connect your emotions to your craft? How do you make a good photograph? Among the topics we'll discuss will be: why it's OK to suck and how failure is your greatest ally; what you know that your camera doesn't, and vice versa; how to use social media to share your work, and how to keep it from killing your creative growth; the rules of composition and how to evade their traps, and developing an editing and organizational workflow.

Outdoor activities (Technical tree climbing, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Kayaking) – Camp Cavell staff

One of these will be available for two hours each day


Contra: Dance Your Sass Off! – Dana Parkinson

Music by: Noah VanNorstrand, Andrew VanNorstrand: Take care of your fellow dancers with flourishes (really!), learn when to gender-swap, and increase your awareness on the dance floor. Improve your dance connection, creativity, and safety -- all at once!

Bollywood (for All) – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Rachel Bell: Our class will learn a piece of choreography inspired by a piece of popular Bollywood music. We will begin each session with a substantial strength and flexibility warm-up. Get ready to move those hips and shoulders in new and unusual ways! All are welcome.

Comedy Improvisation – Karen Axelrod

This class is open to everyone who wants to add a bit of fun and humor into their day. No experience necessary. And you don't even have to be funny. We will play a bunch of theatre games, and we will aim to quiet our internal self-critical voice. We will build on skills and games each day, so it is helpful if you can commit to the entire week. However, if that doesn't work, we can accommodate you if you just want to drop in one or two days.

How to Take Better Photos (cont.) – Doug Plummer

(See 2:00 period.)

Outdoor activities (cont.) – Camp Cavell staff

(See 2:00 period.)


Camper-led classes and activities


Evening Dance, Music & Spice

Our evenings will feature the same mix of music, dance, and spice that the daytime offers! Nightly mini-concerts and dancing will be concurrent with "Spice" options that vary throughout the week, including a concert by Michigan's troubadour, Neil Woodward; cooking and baking with camp chef Herb Stokes; art workshops; table games and puzzles; evening tree climbing; and one evening of camper-led spice activities.

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