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Class Descriptions


Contras – Gaye Fifer

Music by: Kelsey Wells, Jeremy Lekich: Start your day with a delightful mix of smooth & flowing contras, danced to the awesome music of Turnip the Beet.

Band Class – Eric Martin, Adam Broome

Let’s face it folks, playing good dance music is not all about 'making 'em go woo’. Yes, there is a whole lot more to the cake mix than that. At this very moment in time, these two animated introverts, Eric and Adam, are working tirelessly on exactly what they think it takes to make dance nirvana, and how to best guide you down that path... of least resistance. A selection of class topics to be discussed: What to do if you arrive at sound check and find your fiddle case empty. Options for when you drop your pick in the sound hole on the last strum of four potatoes. Tips on how to change all of your strings while playing Money Musk. How to play a beautiful waltz at intermission and still be first in line at the snack table. All this... and more!
The Dancer’s Gazette says of Eric Martin: “A veritable Hendrix of English Country Dance fiddle…”
The Allemande Quarterly says of Adam Broome “Yet another guitar player… but don’t let that fool you…"

Moth Style Storytelling – Renee Brachfeld

A fun, thought provoking, and community building exploration of personal storytelling. We will follow the Moth style of personal stories told live without notes. Through games, exercises, and guided practice, there will be ample opportunity for everyone to identify and share their own stories. Renee creates a fun and safe environment where stories arise naturally. No previous storytelling experience necessary, although those with experience or a story they already want to tell will also have a great time. Join us for a great experience of listening and sharing. This class has been offered to rave reviews at other camps — come feel the magic for yourself!

Optional meeting of Callers Workshop (Pre-accepted applicants) – Will Mentor

Outdoor activities – Cavell staff


Advanced English Country Dance – Susan Kevra

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell, Eric Martin: This class will draw on more complex choreography than the afternoon session, so come with your wits about you to dance more challenging material. Not to worry - it won’t be all brain teasers, with a mix of dances designed to allow you to luxuriate in familiar favorites while also opening your horizons to new material. This class will expect a solid familiarity with all standard English country dance figures.

Border Morris – Alex Cumming

The fabulous tradition of Border Morris comes from the villages along the England and Wales border, most notably in the English counties of Herefordshire,Shropshire and Worcestershire. This tradition was predominantly a winter tradition where the dancers would disguise themselves in rags, hats and masks and dance for fun and to collect money to help them through the winter (or at least to buy a round at the local pub). This is a Morris dance tradition that is really accessible and fun for all ages and abilities with simple single and walk stepping, fun stick clashing choruses and very satisfying figures and formations. During the week we will learn some of the traditional and modern dances danced in England today plus have a go at writing our very own Camp Cavell Border Dance!

Alexander Technique for All – Jaige Trudel

Explore habitual response patterns and the connection between thought and movement in a fun and enlightening way... Alexander Technique offers the tools to cultivate an understanding of how we think of ourselves in activity, while releasing tension and allowing a lightness of being that permits movement to happen without the effort, fatigue or pain we so commonly become accustomed to. The Alexander Technique is widely acclaimed in the performing arts sector, but is just as useful to anyone who engages in everyday activities like typing, or is curious about the nature of habits and how to change them. Discover a graceful ease of mobility and experience greater freedom!

Outdoor activities – Cavell staff


Callers Workshop (Pre-accepted applicants) – Will Mentor

Music by: Kelsey Wells: This class is restricted to the pre-accepted applicants to the Contra Dance Callers Course


Gathering – Alex Cumming


ECD for All – Susan Kevra

Music by: Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel: English Country Dancing has endured for nearly four centuries in large part for its ability to marry movement and music in fruitful and creative ways. Come be part of the enduring tradition with a mix of old and new dances, set to beautiful music. We’ll spend the first class offering English basics to get everyone up to speed and carry on the rest of the week with accessible English dances sure to please beginner and experienced dancers alike.

Old Time Jam – Kelsey Wells

Edible Plant and Plant Identification Stroll – Jeremy Lekich


Callers Workshop (Pre-accepted applicants) – Will Mentor

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell: This class is restricted to the pre-accepted applicants to the Contra Dance Callers Course


Squares and Contras – Will Mentor

Music by: Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel

French Dancing – Susan Kevra

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell: If you love the energy of contras and the playfulness of English dancing, then you’ll love French bourrées! These dances - from central France - involve simple footwork, sprightly tunes and a whole lot of play. By the time you’re done, you’ll be making plans for a summer vacation in Auvergne, dreaming of creamy blue cheese, accordion and hurdy gurdy music! We’ll also toss in some simple Breton dances to bring out your inner druid and a few other classic dances from the bal folk tradition.

Spice Camp Sing – Alex Cumming

The Arty Part of Spice: Open Studio Project of the Day – Diane Sutliff

Each day we will have a suggested project subject and Diane will provide guidance of how to begin and where to focus. Many of our ideas will be about our beautiful surroundings. But in the end each artist can and should go their own way! There will be lots of paper, so lots of chances to re-examine and revisit ideas and techniques. We will have many full sets of oil crayons, chalk pastels, drawing pencils, tempera and watercolors. And the good brushes! As always, no experience necessary and wear clothes that don't matter. More seasoned artists are encouraged to come with their own ideas, too and just jump in.


Open Mic Calling Campers – Gaye Fifer

Music by: Jeremy Lekich, Eric Martin: Campers take over the calling during this session, with our fabulous staff musicians. Especially planned for those enrolled in Will Mentor's calling workshops, we'd love to encourage lots of dancers to come and give these callers mic time.

Camper-led Activities

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