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All-Camp Chorale – Keith Murphy and the singing staff

The morning chorale brings the entire camp together to start the day with a 75 minute singing session where our diverse singing staff take turns leading harmony songs both by ear and from written music. The material will range from easy and fun to more challenging (and still fun!) A big sing at the end of the week will be a review of the highlights of this session. The repertoire may include American country harmony, sea songs, shape note and gospel, contemporary a cappella, and new arrangements of traditional songs from the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and beyond.


Contras and Squares – Lisa Greenleaf

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracy: What could be better than dancing to great music in a beautiful open air pavilion? This workshop features a fine selection of contras and squares with an emphasis on good connection and skillful style.

English Dance – Susan Kevra

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Shira Kammen: Join us each morning for English Country Dancing, with a full palate of musical colors and dance styles. We’ll look at ways to make you a better dancer, whatever your level. And with Karen at the keyboard, Shira on the fiddle and a bit of Susan’s clarinet (once the calling is done), you’ll be in for quite the musical treat!

Intro to American & English Dance – Peter Amidon

Music by: Rachel Bell, Mary Alice Amidon: We will do a succession of dances that teach the fundamentals of contra and English country dancing so that you can enjoy more deeply the evening dances and dancing in your community. The focus is always on musicality, flow, and good choreography. This is a great class both for beginning dancers, and for experienced dancers interested in a feast of tips, techniques and repertoire for teaching dance.


Singing on the Porch – Alistair Brown

Think Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Watersons, etc. for a mix of songs people are likely to know, and even know the verses of as well as the chorus. Bring a guitar. Nothing is too corny. It's 'Rise Up Singing' WITHOUT THE BOOKS.


Singing with Rhythm – Rani Arbo, Scott Kessel

Pinewoods, we know you can dance and sing! In this session, we'll create rhythms and sing at the same time. We'll try it a capella, with hands and feet, and with percussion instruments. In particular, we'll explore the clave rhythm as it shows up in music from Ghana, Cuba, and New Orleans.

Harmony of Song and Dance in 3/4 Time – Keith Murphy, Becky Tracy

Part band class, part pub sing, part dance class. We'll sing through songs in waltz time and work on quick band arrangements: "We'll start this one by playing the last 8 bars of the chorus; play the break after the third verse; double chorus at the end" If that doesn't make sense, it will at the end of the week. Might include a little waltz step tutorial, too. The songs we work on will be the basis for an all camp singing-dancing-waltz party at the end of the week. For singers and instrumentalists.

Harmony Singing – Roots to Reinterpretations – Peter Amidon, Mary Alice Amidon

Peter & Mary Alice will explore a wide range of interpretations, harmonisations and arrangements of great American folk songs, hymns and ballads from the oral tradition, from the Sacred Harp, and from songwriters steeped in the oral tradition (Pete Seeger, Jean Ritchie, Si Kahn). The group will sing the same songs both in their ‘original’ state and in arrangements that take the songs somewhere else while still maintaining their essential integrity.

Morris Dance – Alistair Brown

Music by: John Roberts: We'll work on one, and maybe two newer eight person stick dances based on the border tradition. No previous experience is necessary.

French Canadian Songs – Pascal Gemme

Come and sing your favorite French Canadian songs as well as learn a few new ones. Pascal will guide you through the most common forms of call and answer songs that we usually hear at a Quebecois veillée. Focus will be given to delivering good unison réponses to songs you've never heard before. We will also work on pronunciation, style and some harmonies that have been incorporated in the style by modern bands.

Classic Country Duets – Emily Miller, Jesse Milnes

Learn to sing in close harmony. We’ll work on some great country songs with a goal of singing them the way they are meant to be sung -- in small groups, knee-to-knee (one of the world’s great pleasures!). We’ll work on making up harmonies, country vocal stylings and some fundamental music theory as well as just having fun singing close harmonies. This class is recommended for singers who have some experience holding their own parts.


Small Group Harmony – Rani Arbo

Explore how your unique voice combines with others and fine-tune that exciting alchemy in a supportive setting. We’ll sing in duos, trios and quartets, using very simple repertoire. We’ll experiment with leading and following, energy, tone, rhythm, and phrasing, using different prompts each day. Be ready for deep listening and courageous sharing with the group!

Sea Songs – John Roberts

Sea Songs have enjoyed a growing popularity over the last few years, with the Rogue’s Gallery CDs, inspired by “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and even a sea shanty edition of the “Assassin’s Creed” video game. Sea Chanteys make for great chorus singing, and are an ideal place to try out extemporaneous harmony. We’ll mix them up with other songs of the sea, old and new, for a grand mélange.

Collaborative Choral Arranging – Peter Amidon, Emily Miller

Emily & Peter are both gifted choral arrangers deeply steeped in traditional song. We will harmonize spontaneously by ear, collaborate on harmonizations that we work out and teach by ear, and work as a group on creating composed and written harmonizations with a range of songs from American (including African American) singing traditions.

Rapper Sword Dance – Alistair Brown

Music by: Shira Kammen: If you've ever watched a rapper set and wondered what is going on in there, then this class is for you. Everyone is welcome, even if you've never seen, let alone held a rapper sword before. You'll learn how to perform these seemingly impossible interweavings and how to unravel them at the end. Amaze your friends as you effortlessly hold up the lock. Amaze yourself.

Singing Squares Chorale – Susan Kevra

Music by: Jesse Milnes: In this class, we’ll work on arrangements of singing squares with three part harmonies. Either come and be part of the chorale or step up to the mic as the lead singer. We’ll work on some classic singing squares and maybe even write one of our own! We will try to pull some of these arrangements together to do at one of the evening dances during the week.

French Canadian Dance Tunes – Pascal Gemme

Learn all kinds of square Quebecois repertoire including Brandys (3/4), Galops, Jigs, Marches and straight reels with even or odd number of parts. Repertoire will be chosen according to participants interests from modern and traditional sources. Bowing and ornamentation will also be discussed and thought as well as how to incorporate the music in your own personal style.


Social Songs – Alistair Brown, John Roberts

If there's one thing that defines folk songs above all others, it's that they're meant for sharing. So come and spend an hour each day with songs that go well with social gatherings and celebrations, and are often an important part of them: songs that are sung for the sheer enjoyment of the music and the company.

The Delights of Playing English Country Dance Music – Shira Kammen

English Country dance music can use skills and stylings from a variety of musical backgrounds—contra, classical, early music, jazz, choral part singing, and more. In this course we’ll explore the tools to transform these ideas and techniques into music that enhances English dancing. We'll use exercises in musicianship, harmonizing, ornamenting or changing melodies, playing rhythmic backup, determining how to know when to do what, as well as practice ensemble skills and deep listening. Required is basic proficiency on your instrument and a sense of musical adventure!

Repertoire from the Great Appalachian Women Singers – Emily Miller

This class will focus on learning traditional songs from the Appalachian region and other southern American styles. Especially, we will listen to and learn from the singing of traditional women singers (Ola Belle Reed, Hazel Dickens, Maggie Hammons, Texas Gladden, Almeda Riddle, Addie Graham and more). The goal of this class will be learning repertoire and delving into the singing styles of these powerful women musicians. It is open to folks of all skill levels who are interested in the subject.

Tune into Your Voice – Rani Arbo

Gentle stretches, breath and mindfulness exercises, and simple vocalization practice combine in this quiet, internal, end-of-the-day group session. Our aim is to relax, listen, and tune in to the ways that body and mind collaborate on our experience of singing and being.


Contra Caller Course Dance Party – Lisa Greenleaf and Course Callers

Music by: Becky Tracy, Karen Axelrod: Come get your groove on at our dance party, featuring the calling of the callers course participants. These callers will energize the dance floor and get folks moving to the beat of our fabulous musicians.


Open Sessions

Some space in the day for spontaneous events - perhaps a staff member is motivated to offer a 'one-off'. Campers are also welcome to organize an event during this time.

French Canadian Jam – Pascal Gemme

In Quebec, people often enjoy a 'Cinq a Sept' before dinner. This is a French/ French Canadian themed daily party. This will be a very fun but informal party to which all are invited. A French dance might happen, perhaps a song. Enjoy playing tunes with Pascal, one of the great fiddlers from Quebec. BYOB. Also bring your own joie de vivre.

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