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Music and Movement (0-3 with Parent) – Deirdre Murtha

Our youngest campers and their caregivers will "play" with music through fingerplays, songs, instruments, props, movement, and simple circle dances that support their language, fine and large motor development, and joyful experience with music.

Singing and Signing (4-6) – Kathy Reid-Naiman

In this class we'll experience a bounty of musical riches - singing, signing, dancing and learning about bees, beekeepers and honey!

Dance and Song Potpourri (7-9) – Hannah Naiman

We'll start the day with a potpourri of songs and dances - some familiar, some new - so new that we might make them up together at camp!

Contras and Squares (10-12) – Lisa Greenleaf

From foot stomping to smooth sailing, this class will feature a variety of contras, squares and some odd (and crazy) formations. We will have fun learning about music, movement and tradition, and create our own new dances as well.

English in the Morning (13 & up) – Jenny Beer

Start your day with a wide palette of English country dances: dances that move, dances that flow, dances for flirting, dances for show. Some will be newer, some will be old, some will be tender, some will be bold! We'll make sure to have dances that please one and all.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Morning Gathering – Michael Gorin


Community Band – Jody Kruskal

All instruments and levels are welcome. We'll play some fine dance tunes, and develop skills in band technique, arrangement, rhythm, harmony and improvisation.

Callers Symposium (13 & up) – Lisa Greenleaf, Jenny Beer

A daily opportunity to practice and discuss the art of calling for contra or for English. Both beginners and experienced callers welcome. We'll map out an agenda the first day based on participants' desires. Potential topics: calling basics (including constructive practice for the Campers' Night Dance), effective walk-throughs, designing a dance program, reading your crowd, understanding dance choreography, working with musicians.

Singing on the Porch & Crafts


Camper-led classes (all ages)


Teens (13-17) – Hannah Naiman

Passing songs and dances from one generation to the next is what Camper's Week is all about. In teen class, we'll sing the songs and we'll dance the dances, we'll play the games, and we'll have a blast. While we're doing it, we'll learn how to carry our traditions from this generation to the next "as we pass them on."

Camper-led classes (all ages)


Dance, Sing and Make Music (4-6) – Deirdre Murtha

Each day we will chant, sing, play (percussive) instruments, enjoy playparty games, simple line and circle dances, creative dramatizations, and musical stories, with the help of each child's input and imagination, active listening, and group fun.

Stories and Song (7-9) – Jody Kruskal

Sing, dance, play games and tell shadow puppet stories with the amazing overhead projector project.

All Ritual, All the Time (10-12) – Gillian Stewart

Hold onto your hats (and your swords, and your shoes, and your sticks), as we take a whirlwind tour through Anglo-American ritual dance. We'll start with Morris, and then see where the wind takes us. Longsword? Clogging? Rapper? Mumming? We'll also talk about the history of the dance forms, and the connections between different traditions.

Afternoon Delights (13 & up) – Lisa Greenleaf

A great selection of contras and squares with an emphasis on good connection and skillful style.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Harmony Singing – Deirdre Murtha

We will enjoy the harmonious possibilities of singing together, building harmonies from the bottom up - ostinatos, diads, triads, four-parts, and more - by ear, from written music, and from many genres.

Camper-led classes, including Crafts (all ages)


Rapper (13 & up) – Gillian Stewart

Beginners and experienced dancers are welcome to learn this energetic sword dance from northern England. We'll learn new figures and sharpen up the ones we know. Bring comfy clothes and hard-soled shoes.

Camper-led classes (all ages)

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