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Morning Stretching – Joel Rosen

Start your day with a set of gentle Tai Chi stretches and warmups to relax the body and calm the mind. You'll have more energy for a full day of dancing and music, and more appetite for breakfast!


Contras and Squares – Gaye Fifer

Music by: Julie Metcalf, Sam Bartlett, Ann Percival: Wake up gently with smooth, fun dances and wonderful music. We will spend some time on perfecting our skill at being the best dance partner around.

Turn On Your Ears (Int-Adv players) – Paul Brown, Terri McMurray

This proven, highly participatory class gives you skills to exponentially raise your understanding of melody, rhythm and phrasing. In a totally safe and encouraging setting, you'll get to play with the instructors and other students in duos and small ensembles - for many players a rare treat. We'll all critique together, and you will be amazed at the improvements that occur in your musicianship in just a few minutes. Students frequently say this class has changed their musical lives for the better. Don't miss it if you can make it. Intermediate and above, all instruments welcome.

Shape Note Singing – Sasha Hsuczyk

The Sacred Harp, continuously in print since 1844, is the backbone of one of this country's oldest, most vital, and soul-stirring musical traditions. You have to sing it to believe it! Join shape note singing teacher Sasha Hsuczyk for an opportunity to learn the tools for how to sing out of the Sacred Harp. Don't be intimidated by the shape note system; it was designed to make sight-singing easier - and once you understand it, you will find this to be true! Even if you cannot read music at all, you can sing this music. We will cover the fundamentals of how to sing using the shape note system, and then as the week progresses we will build on that foundation with information about the history of the Sacred Harp through stories and old field recordings. Each day will include opportunities to explore the book together and sing lots of songs.


Waltz – Gaye Fifer

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, David Cantieni, Ann Percival: Waltzing is not only about fancy moves and twirls, but first and foremost, about connecting with the music and with your partner. We will focus on the skills and nuances of aware, timely leading and following. What we do will apply to other couple dances as well, and to life in general!

Square Dance Callers Class – Larry Edelman

Music by: Julie Metcalf, Bruce Rosen: This hands-on workshop will focus on building our square dance calling skills. We'll explore and practice a variety of skills including regional calling styles, patter calling, phrasing, vocal presentation, teaching, working with musicians, collecting, and more.

Soul of Southern Traditional Fiddle (Int-Adv players) – Paul Brown

Learn some interesting repertoire as you discover how the fiddle fits into the main components of southern traditional music: melody, drone, rhythm and backup. In this class we'll try some techniques, tunings and bowing styles from archaic mountain musical cultures through blues to some of the more modern fiddling from the Arthur Smith era and bluegrass. The class will give you historical and aural context within which to further develop as a fiddler. It's structured so that players of varying levels, learning styles and learning speeds will have plenty to work on. Intermediate students should know how to tune the fiddle and play a number of tunes comfortably. Students are encouraged to bring recording devices and be prepared to learn by ear.


A Travelogue of Square Dance Styles – Larry Edelman

Music by: Paul Brown, Terri McMurray, Sam Bartlett, Bruce Rosen: During these daily sessions we'll hone our dancing skills and have a ton of fun dancing traditional square dances from a variety of places and a variety of time periods.

Ear Training for Everyone – Anna Patton

For instrumentalists, singers, and curious listeners; a class to sharpen the musical ears. We'll practice aural detective work: the most basic skill behind harmonizing, improvising, composing, and finding chord progressions. The class will be taught entirely by ear, though singing, playing, and listening to recordings. It will incorporate an intuitive, applicable approach to basic music theory. We will practice hearing and reproducing intervals, chords, bass lines, and rhythmic nuances. We'll investigate popular, folk, and jazz idioms - whatever intrigues us, and we'll dabble in the art of stealing musical ideas for our own compositions and improvisations.

Drawing Pinewoods! – Will Mentor

A relaxed gathering to draw different scenes from Pinewoods Camp. You are welcome to bring your own supplies or use basic drawing materials that I will provide.


English Country Dancing for All – Sue Rosen

Music by: Anna Patton, Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Karen Axelrod: We'll explore the wide range of wonderful English country dances from the traditional barn dance to the treasured Playford repertoire and the latest gems from both sides of the pond. With glorious music, we'll have fun and dance beautifully.

Southwestern Tunes Workshop – Larry Edelman, Sam Bartlett

We will learn tunes traditionally played in harmony by fiddles and accompanied by guitars, but all instruments are most welcome. Those who participate should be comfortable on their instrument and able to learn tunes by ear. We'll learn two "family" of tunes, the Spanish Colonial dance music of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, featuring waltzes, polkas, schottisches, and more, and the fiddle music of the Gu-achi Fiddle Band of the Tohono O'odham tribe from Arizona. These beautiful, catchy, and quirky tunes will haunt you forever!

Singing – Ann Percival

Swing, Pop, Trad, Blues, Mo-Town and Gospel with some dance moves thrown in. We will learn some harmonies by ear. The ability to read music is not a requirement for this class. Come ready to have fun with your voice! No experience necessary.


Advanced Contras – Will Mentor

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Anna Patton, Bruce Rosen: A selection of new and old contra dances that survey different ways a contra dance can be challenging.

Sean-nós Irish Dance – Rebecca McGowan

Music by: Sasha Hsuczyk: Sean-nós ("old style") Irish dance is improvised, rhythmic, and expressive step dancing, closely tied to traditional music. The footwork is low to the ground. We will learn basic steps and also improvise and create - the focus is on making great rhythm. This class is open to dancers of all backgrounds: we will explore movement and rhythm basics, and more experienced dancers will develop fluidity and fine-tune their ear. Bring a pair of flat hard-soled shoes.

Old Time Jam – Julie Metcalf, Terri McMurray

Come learn some new tunes and wail away on old favorites, while working on some stylistic points of old-time and string band music.

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