Current Class Descriptions

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Class Descriptions


Synced Up Contras – Sarah VanNorstrand

Music by: Julie Metcalf, Jesse Ball, Everest Witman, Matt Kenney: How do dancers connect with each other? How can we become better partners, neighbors and community dancers, while elevating our own dance experience? We'll focus on the things that can bring us together, including sharing weight, an ingrained sense of timing, and finding those moments of connection hidden in the choreography. All while dancing, of course!

Swing Dance Your Socks Off – Ari Levitt

Music by: Dave Langford, Kate Barnes, Lise Brown: In this class, we’ll quickly review basic dance and partnering concepts of swing, then learn some fabulous new East Coast Swing variations from Ari's repertoire of fun, playful dance moves. CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE to see examples of swing dance. (All levels welcome)

Singers: The Soul of Solfège – Mark David Buckles

The Soul of Solfège will be a singing (and hearing!) class where we utilize the building blocks of solfège syllables to sing (and, more importantly, understand) melodies, harmonies, and written sheet music. We will play singing and listening games, improve our ability to sight sing (and know what we're hearing), and learn canons, folk music, pop songs, and even some Renaissance music. All levels welcome!

A Little Bittle Old Time Fiddle – Armand Aromin

Don’t mind the nonsensical title, I just wanted to get your attention! In this class, we’ll play and talk about what makes Old Time fiddle Old Time fiddle. We’ll learn tunes (including some from Rhode AND Long Islands!), how to adapt non-Old Time melodies to fit the style, and even learn a couple of flat-foot steps (pending risk of heat exhaustion). Now, you might think to yourself, “Oh, I play Old Time tunes, but… they don’t sound like Old Time tunes.” Fear you not, Padawan, for my bow hand, a former Olympian gymnast and circus runaway, will show you the way.


Beautiful Waltz (int) – Ari Levitt

Music by: Everest Witman, Jesse Ball: Learn to twirl effortlessly and glide across the floor with the ever-popular waltz. In this class, after reviewing the basics, we’ll quickly move on to slightly more intermediate-level material, introducing such elegant and flowing combinations as grapevine turns, orbitals, and double dutches. CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE to see examples of cross-step waltz. (Non-novice beg/int - some social dance experience required)

Teacup Squares – Lisa Greenleaf

Music by: Julie Metcalf, Max Newman: A workshop brimming with variations on the iconic Tea Cup Chain, as well as other unusual figures from square dance tradition. This is a cumulative workshop, so plan on coming the first day to get the foundations for a fun and satisfying week of square dancing.

Pinewoods Big Band – Lise Brown

This large group session will focus on how to play as an ensemble, creating sounds which accompany and support the lead melody players with harmony or nice back-up lines. We’ll have fun creating these new parts, or you can come and play melody with a big band. Geared mostly for melody players, but rhythm section players (piano, guitar, bass) are welcome! May or may not involve learning some music theory, depending on the goals of class members.

Old Music of RI (singing!) – Armand Aromin, Benedict Gagliardi

“It’s probably just a bunch of songs about mobsters and... lobsters,” you may assume. While it’s not untrue, we do have more to offer! It is the norm for folk music aficionados to learn and share music from far-off places, but we’re here to demonstrate that a deep dive into one’s local history can turn up plenty of great material as well. This will be a semi-scholarly but participatory showcase of old songs and tunes from the State of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations. We’ll share old ballads and broadsides concerning Little Rhody’s long history, instrumental tunes with Ocean State origins, and folk song variants collected from Rhode Islanders by folklorists and ballad hunters such as Helen Hartness Flanders. We’ll discuss what a “local song” might be and share methods and resources for uncovering and reviving old local music. Like a good ol’ pot of Rhode Island clam chowder, it’ll clearly be a feast for the eyes and ears!


Challenging Contras – Sarah VanNorstrand

Music by: Jesse Ball, Everest Witman, Matt Kenney: Want a little challenge in your life? We'll seek it together with dances that surprise, delight, confound and occasionally befuddle. We'll use Lark/Raven as the role terms for this session.

Enchanting English Dance – Scott Higgs

Music by: Julie Metcalf, Kate Barnes, Max Newman: A joyful banquet of favorites, featuring a wide range of styles and moods. Selected dances will be accessible to all, yet offer special delights for experienced dancers to savor. Beautiful music, courtesy of Kate, Julie and Max.

Pub Sing – Benedict Gagliardi, Armand Aromin

Congratulations on your immediate admittance to this non-academic institution! Professor Gagliardi will share his peer-reviewed and accepted approach to a good pub sing (=public social singing event). There are no universal rules for this type of gathering, but we have learned a few things over the years about what makes a successful and enjoyable ‘pub sing’ (i.e., not a ballad swap). Most of this workshop will be committed to singing songs and learning choruses but we will also digress into discussions and anecdotes based on our observations and experiences with our own sings in RI as well as conversations with other singers. We will try to touch upon many of the following topics: *Round-robin vs. free-for-all: which is best when? *Song hogs, lulls, and shy singers? Oh, my! *Reading the room and staying socially conscious *How to tastefully deal with uncomfortable, confusing, and misinterpretable lyrics *And of course: A Short Rant on the Evils of the Zombifying Cell Phone.

Learn Tunes By Ear – Dave Langford

We will spend the week learning tunes by ear by breaking them down into small manageable pieces, and then gradually stringing those pieces together until we have the entire tune. All tunes will be revisited every day with the goal of having a solid repertoire of new tunes memorized by the end of the week! Related topics such as chord theory are possible as an aid to more effective learning. All instruments are welcome.


The Art of Blues Dancing – Ari Levitt

Music by: Dave Langford, Kate Barnes, Matt Kenney, Lise Brown: Blues is one of the funnest and coolest styles to hit the dance scene, focusing much more on partnering, musicality, energy, and improv than on rote steps or patterns. In this class you'll not only learn how to co-create and communicate movement on the dance floor, but also learn new skills to allow for more deliciousness, trust, creativity, and effortless play with your partner. (All levels welcome)

Sean Nós – Armand Aromin

Music by: Benedict Gagliardi: Meaning "old way" in Irish, this style of dance is percussive in nature, improvisatory, and pre-dates the modern Irish step dancing that many would be familiar with today (if you’re not, then you must be a steampunk time traveler; I am jealous.) The footwork remains close to the floor and the upper body is relaxed. In this class, we’ll learn basic vocabulary and steps, eventually progressing to more advanced moves and learn how to interact with the music, and even do some improvisation (very spooky, I know). So, leave the wigs and fake tan in your cabin, and let’s let the feet do the talking! My associate, Benedict Gagliardi, will provide a musical feast for the ears, performing on a pu-pu platter of various toe pickles*, tin sandwiches*, and blues burgers*. *Harmonicas

Traditions Music Session – Max Newman

Every day we will get into the groove along one tradition of fiddle music, gently defined. Old-time, New England, Quebecois, Irish. All instruments and beverages welcome.

Craft Your Calling – Sarah VanNorstrand

This class is geared towards intermediate callers who are looking to hone their craft in a supportive setting. We will focus on the details that can help take your calling to the next level, including building versatile repertoire, creating an effective beginners' workshop, working with bands of all shapes and sizes, and developing your identity as a caller.


Period 5: Hot Shots: One-time Offerings – Lisa Greenleaf

The last period of the day will be the most creative: All workshop ideas welcome, from crafts to couple dancing to jamming, singing and juggling! Bring your ideas to camp, or contact Lisa ahead of time.

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Class Descriptions


Little Jammers (2-3) – Desiree Melegrito Halcomb

Our littles will enjoy exploring music through movement, simple songs and fingerplays, and playing instruments. The theme of Animals will tie our experiences together, which will be accompanied by stories and art projects.

Music and Dance (4-5) – Mary Alice Amidon

We will sing lots of great songs and learn chants and finger plays. We'll enjoy picture books of songs and play favorite singing games. Come have fun with Mary Alice.

Move, Groove, and Create (6-7) – Kristen Planeaux

We'll sing and dance and move our bodies in fun and creative ways. Passing games, pattycake, and perhaps even puppets will make appearances this week!

Longsword (8-9) – Lily Leahy

Music by: Becky Tracy: A traditional dance from the north of England, longsword dancing is both exciting and fun! We will dance while linked up by “swords”, making cool figures, tying ourselves in knots and magically unwinding again. We will also learn a traditional calling on song and perform our song and dance at the end of the week. Expect some fun teambuilding games to make an appearance as well!

Song and Dance (10-12) – Peter Amidon

Peter will lead the 10-12s in gravity-defying contra dancing, fearsomely sublime English dancing, ethereal choreography, robustly angelic harmony singing and a folktale or two.

English For All: Building Your ECD Toolkit (13 & up) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Max Newman: If English Dance is not your first language, if you are a new or returning English dancer, or if you want a chance to focus on and build your ECD skills, come to class! We'll take the time to look at figures, how to dance to the great variety of ECD tunes, and so much more. This class is a great introduction to the joys and variety of English country dancing.

Cotswold Morris (13 & up) – Laurel Swift

Music by: Roger Reed: A class for beginners and experienced dancers alike, getting the basics in order, then exploring some great dances, and some of the finer points of what makes a dance good to watch and satisfying to do. All welcome, we'll have a great time dancing!


Making Music (2-3) – Rachel Bell

WWe will sing, clap, dance, and tell stories! We'll play drums, boomwhackers, egg shakers, and lots of other instruments! There will be counting and colors, rhyming and rhythm, rubber duckies and purple tambourines, story boards and folk songs. Your little one will feel right at home in this nurturing environment full of smiles, laughter, and creativity.

Musical Explorers (4-5) – Desiree Melegrito Halcomb

Students will enjoy exploring music through movement, songs and rhymes, and playing percussion instruments using the theme “Of the Seasons”. We will incorporate stories and simple crafts to tie our experiences together.

Rhythm Band, Songs and Stories (6-7) – Mary Alice Amidon

Mary Alice will bring lots of instruments for a band. We'll have fun accompanying songs and chants. We'll enjoy folktales with musical and dramatic interpretation.

Jest, Song and Dance (8-9) – Katy German, Roger Reed

Sing, dance, and be merry with Roger and Katie! These lucky 8 and 9 year olds will get the chance to learn juggling and other jesting skills from Roger the Jester, while Katie will lead them in song and dance. A lovely, eclectic class sure to bring great fun!

Morris (10-12) – Laurel Swift

Music by: Karen Axelrod: Enjoy learning the bounciest folk dance of all. Sticks, hankies, steps and figures combine to make a fun dance for everyone. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, there'll be plenty to learn and you might even create some dances yourself once you have the basics.

Contras and Squares (13 & up) – Nils Fredland

Music by: Becky Tracey, Max Newman: Spend the week dancing your way through the broad and rich repertoire of traditional American social dancing. Contras, Squares, and more! Nils will make sure that everyone - from the newest to the most nimble - feels welcome on the dance floor, and engaged by the selection of dances.

Singing (13 & up) – Peter Amidon

Singing by ear and from written music; a cappella and accompanied by guitar, banjo and piano, Peter will lead a choral harmony singing class steeped in roots American & English traditional songs – arrangements of: ballads, work songs, shape note songs, African American spirituals, songs of love lost and of love found, and more.


Games with Fynn for all – Fynn Crooks

Join Fynn between morning gathering and lunch for her silly, crazy games, sure to bring many laughs and work up your appetite!


Crafts (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Sarah Nicholson

Come and play with a variety of materials and discover where your creative process will lead you. Paper, paints, and other inspiration will be provided for making origami, small books, prayer flags, water paintings, envelopes, collages, paper weavings, etc.

All-Comers Ukulele Orchestra (9 and up, younger, if passionate, with parent) – Max Newman

Ukulele is fun for anyone! Get a uke in your hands and join the band. No experience with ukulele required. In fact, no experience preferred.

Advanced English: Complexity/Simplicity (13 & up) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell: This challenging session will take you beyond simply learning and renewing your acquaintance with English dances. We will examine complex choreographies from various eras to not only learn the geography, but dance them well, perfectly phrased to the music, and in time and in sync with follow dancers to create a harmonious whole. Dancers are expected to be familiar with all ECD figures.


Family Band (8 & up, younger, if passionate, w/parent) – Becky Tracey

Becky will get us ready to play for the Community Dance each night. All abilities and instruments welcome! Get ready - you have a gig Sunday night!

Mummers Play (8 & up, younger, if passionate, w/parent) – Paddy Swanson

The artistic director of Revels will lead us in the creation of another spectacular mummers play. Join the troupe and play your part!

Dance Potpouri (13 & up) – various teachers

Music by: Kristen Planeaux, Rachel Bell: Join us for a different flavor of dancing each day, ranging from Singing Squares and contra flourishes, to English Ceilidh, to French Bourees and more!


Teen Class (13-19) – Laurel Swift

Create a brand new folk mini-musical in a week! Starting with a gripping folk story, we'll explore characters, write their songs, make some appropriate dance numbers and sew it together in a seamless story. It's your show to take in whatever direction you choose, so there'll be something for everyone whether you like to be centre stage or lurk in the wings.

The Choral Project (10-12, 20 & up) – Nils Fredland

Nothing knits a group of singers together like engaging in the work of bringing a challenging choral piece to life. We will spend the week focused on two large-scale works -- one classical and one contemporary -- exploring beyond the notes to make some great music. Music-reading is helpful but not necessary -- all are welcome!

Circus Fun (8-12, 20 & up, undr 8 w/parent) – Roger Reed, Kristen Planeaux

Acrobatics, hoops, sticks, balls! Join Kristen, master of Acro Yoga, and Roger the Jester, master of juggling and all things jesting for what will prove to be a very exciting class. There will be a wide variety or solo, partner, and group work which will hopefully result in a circus performance at the end of camp! This class is open to all ages but some of the activities within it may not be available to our younger campers.


Stories at the Green Chairs – Peter Amidon, Roger Reed

Roger with his interactive juggling and more, Peter with poems and storysongs, Peter and Roger together in their collaborative “We Know Not What We Do” storytelling. Every performance will be a debut.

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Class Descriptions


All-Camp Chorale – the singing staff

The morning chorale brings the entire camp together to start the day with a 75 minute singing session where our diverse singing staff take turns leading harmony songs both by ear and from written music. The material will range from easy and fun to more challenging (and still fun!) A big sing at the end of the week will be a review of the highlights of this session. The repertoire may include chorus songs, arranged folk songs, swing harmonies, world music, and more.


Contras and Cousins – Rick Mohr

Music by: Julie Vallimont, Corey DiMario, Betsy Branch: Enjoy first rate dances in fine company, with stellar music, in the fresh breezes of C#. A main course of contras -- spiced daily with a memorable square, triplet, grid, or jawn* -- accessible to newcomers and interesting to experienced dancers.
*A Philadelphia noun with no specific meaning.

ECD: Watermelon to Chocolate (Lyrical to Boisterous, Silly to Sublime) – Brooke Friendly

Music by: Matt Norman, Aaron Marcus, Anna Patton: Experience the variety of texture and mood as well as the qualities of movement and phrasing distinct to English country dances old and new: lyrical to boisterous, silly to sublime. We will focus on skill building, including interesting variations of basic figures, phrasing, and dancing in different ways, as well learning, recovering, and helping.

Intro to Contra and English Country Dancing! – Alex Deis-Lauby

Music by: Lissa Schneckenburger, Bruce Rosen: A class geared toward people who are: new to contra, English, or both; dancers who want to build their skills and become more comfortable on the dance floor; dancers of all levels who want to learn to better help new dancers succeed; and, dancers who want to share their love of dance with others!


Ukulele – Katie Martucci

Brush up on your ukulele skills as we learn folk songs and swing tunes. We'll review chords, and work on different strumming/fingerpicking patterns. Leave with a new set of songs to sing and play!

Singing on the Porch – Camper led

Come sing along or bring a song to share in this informal session of chorus songs, well-known folk and popular songs, rounds and who knows what else!


Appalachian Clogging – Suzannah Park

Music by: Aaron Marcus: Doing the TN walking step as we right hand star around and meet our partners with a twirl and and and... This is a good class for someone with little or no exposure to Appalachian clogging as well as those wanting to get more comfortable with the basics while expanding their clogging repertoire. All the steps will be broken down as we work them into a routine to be done within the form of a square dance. Come get your groove on to the yummy plunking of the banjo and dive into the sweet fun of percussive traditional dancing. Note: please bring hard-soled shoes.

New England Fiddle – Lissa Schneckenburger

This workshop is open to all intermediate-advanced fiddlers. We will start with a brief overview of New England fiddling, its stylistic elements, and its history with musical examples. The group will learn an average of 1 tune each day, from the traditional repertoire, by ear. When time allows, the group will go over specific ornaments, and chords. All participants are strongly encouraged to bring a recording device and a notebook.

Slow-Cooker Chorus – Rani Arbo

Bring your lung capacity and your love for slow-tempo, lusciously dissonant, sacred choral music to this class. We'll warm up with shorter pieces, including snippets of Hildegard's Gregorian chant (with drone) and Bobby McFerrrin's setting of the 23rd Psalm. Our deep dive will be Morten Lauridsen's gorgeous O Magnum Mysterium (for which we will need some high sopranos and low basses -- hint hint!). Ability to read music is a plus.

Harmony Singing by Ear – Betsy Branch

Learn tools to create your own harmonies. We will learn some basic music theory, and create lots of human chords. We will learn songs from a variety of traditions, and work as a class to come up with harmony ideas for the songs. We will also practice some different approaches to creating harmony. All are welcome -- no music reading or previous music theory knowledge required.

New Songs From Old Folk Tales – Laurel Swift

Laurel spent last year writing songs for a brand new folk musical, and she will share some of the engaging methods, starting points and techniques she discovered. We will look at some traditional stories and songs, explore their underlying themes, discuss their characters, then select great lines and lyrics to expand on and develop into a new cycle of songs. This will be a fun and accessible class, and you will have opportunities to choose to work alone or in groups.

Intermediate Guitar – Katie Martucci

Learn new chord shapes (swing/django voicings as well as inversions), as well as different fingerpicking and strumming patterns to vary your rhythmic comping. We'll also work on some tune melodies (folk songs, musettes and/or standards) as a way to get familiar with the neck and feel more comfortable playing lead and soloing.

The Art of Listening – Corey DiMario

The best musicians are the also the best listeners of music. So often we hear music around us but don't stop to really listen and focus on it. We will explore different musical themes in a focussed listening session. Using recorded examples across a wide variety of styles we'll listen and discuss the various elements of what we hear.

Basic Banjo for Singers – Bob Walser

This is a class for folks who want to accompany their voice with the 5-string banjo. We’ll focus on using the banjo’s character to enhance a song with basic chords, tunings and technique.

Harmony Arrangements of English Folk Songs – Matt Norman

Matt will teach English Folk songs that he has arranged in traditional style. We'll start the session with a warm up that gets us ready to sing and will also develop vocal technique. All of the songs will be taught by ear but music will be provided. The arrangements are rich and earthy harking back to pre-Victorian harmony singing, with a special effort made to give all parts something interesting to sing. The sessions will be relaxed and fun with an emphasis on style and musicality.


World Music Harmony – Suzannah Park

Enjoy the harmonic variety that is world polyphony through songs about love, loss and celebration from a collection of countries in 2, 3 & 4 part harmony. We'll sing songs from America, England, Bulgaria, Caucasus Republic of Georgia, South African and Columbia. All singing levels are welcome and all songs and parts will be taught by ear and no sight-reading skills are required.

Cotswold Landscape - Tradition and Innovation – Laurel Swift

Music by: Rick Mohr: A class for all levels - beginners and experienced dancers welcome. Laurel will teach some traditional and modern morris dances and figures, exploring why they work so well, and what potential they have for further development. Through the week you can expect to nail the basics; consider how technique and timing can make a figure fly; focus of the heart of a morris move, it's build up and release; and generally have fun dancing morris.

Going Solo - in Duets and Trios! – Rani Arbo

In this class, we'll explore how our unique voices combine and practice fine-tuning that amazing alchemy in a supportive setting. We'll sing in duos and trios throughout the week, switching singing partners and experimenting with tone, pitch, energy, rhythm, and phrasing. Be ready for lots of deep listening and courageous sharing with the group. Magic will happen! If you have a simple song to share with a duet or trio partner, please bring it -- we'll also learn a few simple songs together to start the week.

Swing Harmony Singing – Katie Martucci

Learn to sing in tight three part swing harmony, a la The Boswell Sisters and The Mills Brothers. We'll learn a few arrangements of swing standards and dive into some of the theory so students understand how to hear and sing their own harmonies.

Dance Musician's Workshop – Julie Vallimont

We'll explore the musical process of playing with other people, either in a band or in a one-time situation. Some things we might explore: How to be better listeners; how to generate ideas and hone them; different modes of creativity; saying "yes" to ideas; finding ways to interpret other people's ideas; and getting a tight sound and a deeper groove.

Sea song Celebration: A Soggy Sing 'round the World – Bob Walser

“A good song was worth 10 men on a rope” went the saying. We’ll explore and share the songs of square rig - shanties and forebitters - then venture into less familiar waters with stevedores’ songs, fishing shanties, the mysterious Dreg Songs of Scotland and shanties from outside the anglo-american canon. Come prepared to rant and roar!


Vocal Mini-Lessons – Rani Arbo

Enjoy 20-minutes of one-on-one attention to your singing voice. Whether you'd like to work on a particular song, dive into technique, or address a concern, these sessions are tailored to support you on your vocal path. They will be scheduled during 5th period or possibly at other times if mutually convenient. Campers are welcome to share a slot with a friend.

Pinewoods Botanical Bonanza – Aaron Marcus

Pinewoods Camp is situated in a special ecological hotspot -- a confluence of conditions result in an unusual number of rare and endangered species. With help from Aaron Marcus, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department's Assistant Botanist, we'll learn about the pink ladyslipper orchids, tiny mosses, majestic pitch pines, underwater ferns and ecology of Pinewoods, covering a different theme every day. This relaxing class is not cumulative, nor aerobic, and all are welcome to join for as few or as many sessions as desired. We will stick to trails around camp -- a different one each day. Please bring your curiosity and wonder.

Traditional Ballads – Suzannah Park

The rich a deep well of American and British Isles ballads is an important and powerful way that stories, lessons and life are sung about and shared. We will teach songs as well as have space for folks to share ballads they already know. We'll talk about the dynamic of how and when to share these songs and tricks for memorization. Join us and learn knee to knee as we share our stories and songs with each other.

Dance Party: Waltzes and other Dances of the Day

Music by: Julie Vallimont, Betsy Branch, Corey DiMario, Anna Patton, and guests: Relax your mind and move around to music in the late afternoon. We'll play waltzes for your dancing pleasure, and also feature an additional style of dance each day, including swing, French dances, Scandinavian dances, and more. There will be brief teaching appearances by guest dance teachers, and also plenty of uninterrupted dancing to Anna's Couple's Dance Dream Band.

Give us a Song – Bob Walser

Share your favorites with yer mates - anything goes as long as folks can join in.

Tune Jam With Lissand Matt – Lissa Schneckenburger, Matt Norman

A late afternoon tune session for all instruments: nothing too fast or notey, just solid, satisfying tunes to groove on or play around with, as you feel inclined.

One-shots with Rick – Rick Mohr

Each day, the versatile Rick Mohr will offer a different fun and edifying late-afternoon workshop, including Contra Choreography, Calling 101, Rounds, Turning Dances, and more.

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Class Descriptions


Morning Yoga

A quiet session before breakfast for anyone to come for an early practice. Experienced practitioners are welcome to follow their own flow, while anyone needing assistance can follow the simple warm-up, awakening routine I will demonstrate. This will be an opportunity to prepare your body for the day of spritely dancing!


Advanced ECD: The Dancing Master 1651-1728 – Andrew Swaine

Music by: Aaron Marcus, Naomi Morse, Jonathan Werk: A ground-up look at the dances and style of dancing of the Dancing Master, with a focus of different ways to dance them that take advantage of recent research, new interpretations of many familiar dances, a look at dance forms that are often overlooked today, how the style of dancing varied over the years of the Dancing Master, and asking how we would like to dance these dances today.

ECD for All: Harmony in Motion – Robin Hayden

Music by: Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin, Dave Langford: Throughout the week, while dancing some of the loveliest and liveliest dances in the classic and contemporary English country repertoire, we’ll look at techniques for understanding and improving the way we move and thus the way we express ourselves within this idiom, individually, as partners, and as a set. The program, while accessible to newer dancers, will offer distinct and satisfying challenges to any lifelong learner.

Dartmoor Step - Trad Class – Matt Norman

Music by: Doug Creighton: The period 1 class will take a look at some of the basic and more advanced steps of traditional Dartmoor stepdance, a little known member of the English percussive dance family. It is characterised by its unusual steps and form, and particularly the very small board on which it is performed. With no set routine this tradition is a vocabulary of steps which individual dancers can combine and embellish in their own way. Matt Norman has been Dartmoor Stepdance champion several times and is one of a very small number of people who can teach this tradition. He has a relaxed and clear teaching style making sure that all levels are included and having fun.


ECD - Open Mic – Robin Hayden

Music by: Kate Barnes, Amelia Mason, Dave Langford: Callers and dancers are all welcome to play their part in this network of mutual support for dance leaders of all levels of experience, including anyone wishing to step up to the mic for the first time. Our focus will be on striving for a satisfying experience for all -- success for the caller, comfort for the musicians, joy for the dancers, and pride among assembled leaders at each other's accomplishments and growth. This is decidedly not a forum for trying out challenging or new-to-you-and-us repertoire: we will instead work towards the best possible presentation of dances we know well. Callers will receive structured feedback in a supportive environment.

ECD for All: Non-Playford Playford – Andrew Swaine

Music by: Aaron Marcus, Jonathan Werk: A tour through 17th and early 18th century historical dances contemporary with the Dancing Master. Taken from English manuscripts by law students and other, French manuscripts to the King and subsequent publications, and others. See how the styles of other sources of early country dances compare with those of the Dancing Master, and how the same dances found in multiple sources are (almost) never actually the same!

Dartmoor Step - Creative – Matt Norman

Music by: Doug Creighton: The period 2 class will learn the basic steps of the Dartmoor stepdance tradition on Sunday and Monday. For the rest of the week we will experiment with them in new, creative, and different ways. Dartmoor stepdance is a little known member of the English percussive dance family. It is characterised by its unusual steps and form, and particularly the very small board on which it is performed. With no set routine this tradition is a vocabulary of steps which individual dancers can combine and embellish in their own way. Matt Norman has been Dartmoor Stepdance champion several times and is one of a very small number of people who can teach this tradition. He has a relaxed and clear teaching style making sure that all levels are included and having fun.


Gathering – Lisa Greenleaf


Advanced ECD – Miriam Newman

Music by: Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin, Jonathan Werk: We'll focus on dances that demand precision but, when they work, fit together just so -- in the most satisfying ways. All dances will be taught gender-role-free (using positional calling) and you may be asked to think about familiar dances in unfamiliar ways.

ECD for All: Andrew's Pot Pourri – Andrew Swaine

Music by: Kate Barnes, Naomi Morse: Dances carefully chosen for their fun, interest, variety, and occasionally their ability to stretch the definition of country dancing!

Rapper – Alice Cumming & Jan Elliott

Music by: Alex Cumming & Amelia Mason: “Goooooood people give ear to my story”. Rapper dancing is an exciting, athletic, and pub based sword dance traditional from the North East of England which has become an international sensation! The week will start as one large class, delving into some of our favorite figures before splitting into two classes, a creative track and a learning-a-dance track. Between this year’s rapper staff and musicians we have DERT champions, DART champions, traditional dancers, figure creators and some proper sword geeks! Come join us for a fun week of Rapper Sword dance classes.

Harmony Singing – Matt Norman

From rousing shanties to beautiful love songs this session will explore English folk song in all its richness. Matt's approach to singing is relaxed and fun, while still getting a great sound from the singers. It's not necessary to be able to read music or be an experienced singer.


The New Language of Contras – Lisa Greenleaf

Music by: Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin, Amelia Mason, Naomi Morse: There’s a new and exciting landscape of contra dancing, with inventive figures as well as new options for role terminology. We will explore the evolution of language and choreography, and enjoy stylish dancing and a few exciting squares along the way. Thoughtful discussion outside of class is encouraged!

ECD for All – Miriam Newman

Music by: Aaron Marcus, Doug Creighton: We'll do a variety of interesting but accessible dances, mostly modern compositions. No real brain-teasers, but we'll do a mix of relatively straightforward dances and somewhat more challenging ones with plenty of teaching. All dances will be taught gender-role-free (using positional calling).

Border/Cotswold Morris – Alex Cumming, Guests

Join Alex and a host of guests as we explore the broad world of English Morris. We will take a look at some of the key traditions that may include the beautiful flowing dances of Cotswold, the mysterious moves of Molly, the brisk and bold dances of Border and the ranting and floral excitement of North West. After getting a taste of some exciting dances from across the Morris world, we spend the end of the week creating our own English Week tradition and dance(s) influenced from the old traditions.

Musicians Workshop – Kate Barnes

This workshop will focus on the skills and pitfalls of playing for ECD dancing in an ensemble setting. We'll cover arranging, harmony, improvisation, phrasing and soloing. Not too much talking and a lot of time playing! The ability to sight read on at least a rudimentary level would be helpful; some fine pieces to work with over the week will be provided.


Longsword for All – Jan Elliott

Music by: Dave Langford: Hailing from Yorkshire and surrounding areas, Longsword is the straighter and longer cousin of Rapper. Traditionally, Longsword was often performed as part of folk/mummers plays around certain holidays including Christmas, St George's Day and Easter, but these days it stands as a full tradition in its own right. Join us as we explore some of the great modern and traditional dances and figures that make this thriving tradition so enthralling.

The Porch Sing – Alex Cumming, Friends

Do you have a song you just can't wait to sing? A chorus song you love hearing harmonies to? An old gem that you would love to bring back? Or do you just want to sit back and be entertained? Then come along to an informal sing on the porch. Each day will feature a different theme including Death & Destruction, Love, Lust & Loveliness, Booze & Bemusement, and more. Open to all singers, hair brush divas, part time yodelers and those who want to listen.

Afternoon Yoga for All – Emma Conroy

After your lively day, before dinner, spend an hour stretching out the kinks that come with a day of dancing. This session will offer longer holds for deeper stretches, with energizing poses thrown in to get you ready for the evening activities.

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Class Descriptions

Please see our Self-Rating Guide for definitions of levels

Daily Schedule


Instrumental and vocal consorts grouped by level, Beginner to Advanced: Recorder, viol, voice, strings, harp, mixed instrument, and Accademia (see below for link to description) Voice Classes will include rhythmic, interval and sight reading exercises to strengthen the students’ musicianship. (B to A)

Loud Band (I+) – Liza Malamut

Open to players of winds and reeds who want to hone ensemble technique and explore works drawn from the vast oeuvre of sacred polyphony in the 16th century. We will address tuning, tactus, tempo, phrasing, and Renaissance style while playing motets from Renaissance Italy, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

Chamber music with continuo – Frances Fitch

Rosin Bran (Bowed strings) – Michelle Levy

Get your day off to a good start with a complete breakfast and the recommended daily dose of rosin dust. If you play a bowed stringed instrument, and if you're comfortable reading music, then this class is for you! Enjoy polyphonic music through the ages, from 13th c. two part motets to Mozart's 'Table Music', composed for parties.

Accademia: Instruments and Voices (Pre-registration) – Michael Barrett, Sarah Mead


English Country Dancing: An Introduction, and Then On We Go! (B) – Jan Elliott

On Sunday and Monday, we will get you started so that you can enjoy Nikki's class and the evening dances for the whole week.

English Country Dance for All (B and up) – Nikki Herbst

Music by: Frances Fitch, Michelle Levy: We will dance historical and newly choreographed selections that have won the hearts of dancers for good reasons. If these dances are new to you, you'll soon know why people love them. And if they're already your favorites, here's a chance to do them even better! Please join the fun-this session is for all dancers.

ECD: Experienced (A) – Graham Christian

Music by: Jacquesline Schwab, Emily O'Brien: This class will offer a wide array of English Country Dance's gems, familiar and unfamiliar, historical and modern. While there will be a few dances that offer something to chew on, we will focus on the fun and pleasure of dancing well together. Some ECD experience needed.


Collegium (I+, Mixed instruments, voices) – Mary Springfels

Compére and Contrast: Loyset Compere and Josquin Despres.

ECD in Performance (Experienced) – Graham Christian, Nikki Herbst

Music by: Jacquesline Schwab: Together, we will select a handful of dances old and new that display well, and allow us to grow as dancers. We will focus on timing, posture, and movement texture, to bring out the best in the dances and ourselves, all heading toward performance for the camp on Friday. Some ECD experience needed.

Accademia Viols (Pre-registration) – Lisa Terry

Accademia Voices – Michael Barrett

Accademia recorders – Héloïse Degrugillier

Bagpipes (for All) – Christa Patton

Ever fantasized about playing the bagpipe? Be careful what you wish for. This class will challenge the returning pipers and break in the beginners in a relaxed and jovial atmosphere. Learn how to keep the sound of the drones and chanter going and even play a bit of a tune. If we get really good, we will try walking and playing at the same time!

Purcell Fantasias (HI+ Recorders) – Jan Elliott

Henry Purcell was one of the most important and influential early baroque composers. Early in his too-short life and career, he penned a set of 15 Fantasias for varying numbers of viols, some of which have been transposed for SATB recorders. Written in the span of just a few weeks, they are deep, delicious and challenging, hearkening back to renaissance polyphony from the ears of its musical future. We will tackle several of these luscious gems, exploring the array of changing meters, tempos, and harmonies that -- in the words of one reviewer -- "hurt like a great massage."

Selections from the Chansonnier de Noailles (1275-1300) (LI+ All Instruments) – Michelle Levy

Music was always in the foreground of medieval courtly entertainment, and the Chansonnier de Noailles is one of the most important resources of this kind, containing 481 French songs, 358 of which are preserved with music in the same manuscript. The collection includes monophonic Trouvère song (the Northern French equivalent of the Troubadours), lyric lais, and a series of motets with two to five parts. We'll read a number of these motets together, but also we will try our hand at developing our own arrangement for at least one of the monophonic songs. No written instructions on how instruments were to accompany these have passed through the ages and it remains one of the great mysteries of music to this day. We'll read from modern notation, but will also view the facsimile it comes from.

DIY Consort (I+, All instruments) – Daphna Mor

Do you have music you want to try out, but never get a chance at home? Do you wish you had more time for more informal playing at camp? In this "class" you'll be able to arrange your own self-directed groups, with assistance and coaching to keep everything running smoothly. Try out something new, or just play whatever strikes your fancy!

Off the Page: Hear it, Remember it, or Make it up (LI+, All instruments, voices) – Emily O'Brien

We often think that playing by ear, from memory, and improvising are things you have to be born with. But they're actually skills that everyone can learn and improve! Not only do they open up new possibilities for music making, they'll even help your sight reading, ensemble playing, and performance skills! And these skills also open up whole new ways of having fun with your instrument! This class is suitable for players of a wide range of instruments and levels, as long as you have some degree of facility.

King Hal (LI+, Soft instruments) – Anne Timberlake

Divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded survived... Henry VIII had six wives- and 49 recorders! If that isn't a sign of which category he valued more, it's at least a testament to his love for, and support of, music. We'll explore musical gems from Henry's era, including a few penned by the monarch himself.

Louds (A) – Liza Malamut

Open to experienced players of wind and reeds. This will be a faster-paced class in which players will explore 16th c. motets and madrigals in a "reading-session" style meeting. We will dive deeper into polyphonic works, expanding our reach from the motets of Italy and Germany to Spanish canciones and villançicos that recall sweet memories of love won and lost.

Aide-Memoire (HI-A Soft instruments) – Sarah Mead

Use 16th-c teaching aids to build your skills in hearing and constructing polyphony. Learn by doing to build simple counterpoint, improvise canons, imitate ornaments, and play from memory, all while building confidence in your ensemble skills.


Recorder Orchestra (I+) – Anne Timberlake

Expunge your memories of youth symphony and upgrade your orchestral experience to all recorders all the time! We'll tackle larger-scale works using recorders of many sizes, with a focus on ensemble and articulation.

Ad Fontes: A Return to the Sources (Some ECD Experience) – Graham Christian

Music by: Lisa Terry: We will look at the first four editions of John Playford's Dancing Master as well as tantalizing manuscript sources such as the Pattrick/Lovelace manuscript and the Ward manuscript, learning everything we can about the origin, nature, and idiosyncrasies of English Country Dance when it was the hottest new thing. There will be dancing, discussion, mini-lectures, and small-session reconstruction workshops: heaven for dance and music history nerds. Some ECD experience will be helpful.

What every musician needs to know about the body (All) – Frances Fitch

Learn fundamentals of Body Mapping to help play more comfortably and effectively and prevent injury. This class is invaluable to anyone who has ever struggled with the ergonomics of playing an instrument!

The oral tradition of the Sephardic Jews’ Diaspora (All levels , All instruments) – Daphna Mor

Following the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 -known as the The Alhambra Decree - by the joint Catholic Monarchs of Spain (Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon), the Sephardic jews (meaning 'Spanish' jews in hebrew) found their way to the Medeteranian lands who would accept them as immigrants. We will explore their music which has been preserved for many centuries through oral tradition recalling the sweet memories of Spain and the lasting yearning for Jerusalem. We will explore Sephardic folksongs-both bawdy and mournful, sacred melodies, and the traditional instrumental music of Morocco, Turkey, and the Balkans, as well as the current living tradition called 'Sepharad- Yerushalaim'.

Advanced Mixed Consorts – Sarah Mead, Héloïse Degrugillier

Mixed Renaissance ensembles for advanced players, involving a combination of coaching as well as independent work.

ECD Band (I+ All instruments) – Jacqueline Schwab

Experience music through the movements of dances. Work with one of the best ECD musicians to improve your dance playing, including improvisation skills, communication with your fellow musicians, rhythmic sense, and interpreting the tunes to better support the dancers. And of course have a ton of fun!

Chorus: In memoriam: commemoration in Renaissance polyphony – Michael Barrett

Some of the most compelling music of the Renaissance memorializes the dead. The Requiem Mass is the most generic type, but many motets from the period mourn the loss of either a significant church or secular leader, or, often more poignantly, a fellow composer. This summer the Early Music Week chorus will explore this fascinating repertoire, including works by Ockeghem, Josquin, and Isaac.

Tutti Flutti (LI+ Flutes) – Eric Haas

Improve your flute technique and enjoy the ensemble experience. This group could involve Baroque or Renaissance flutes or both, depending on the interests and preferences of its members, so fill in your thoughts on your questionnaire!

O Fortuna (LI+, Soft instruments) – Mary Springfels

Dame Fortune in music in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Improve your ensemble skills with Fauvel, Machaut, and Fortuna Desperata.

Mixed Ensemble (I+) – Liza Malamut

We will dive into the beautiful and under-explored repertoire of Salamone Rossi and his contemporaries. A master of the canzona, the madrigal, and sacred polyphony, Rossi's works were performed from Jewish synagogues in Italy to the royal court of Mantua. We will also play works by Rossi's influencers and those who influenced him, including Monteverdi and Bassano. Open to cornetts, sackbuts, dulcians, recorders, strings, voices, and continuo instruments at A440.

Fabulous Frottole (I+ Harps and other soft instruments) – Christa Patton

Fun frolicy and fascinating, the Frottola of the 16th century Petrucci editions have something for everyone. With gorgeous melodies, stylish and complex counterpoint and beguiling poetry, they lend themselves to voices and instruments of all kinds. If you pluck, bow, blow or sing you are welcome.


Music Play-in (includes singers and instrumentalists) for all levels: sit side-by-side (next to a more advanced player/singer) if you wish

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Class Descriptions


Playtime Fun (2-3) – Daniel Friedman

Creative Crafts (4-5) – Katie Zukof

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in to create contemporary and traditional treasures, unleashing our creativity and sense of exploration. Bring along an oversized t-shirt to protect clothing from messy materials.

Rhythms and Folktales (6-7) – Mary Alice Amidon

We will explore fun rhythms with a percussion band as well as hear unknown stories from around the world. Jack tales, giants, faeries and adventures will carry us away each day.

BodyRhythm Team (8-9) – Matthew Olwell

Drawing on material and ideas from a variety of percussive dance traditions, this class will focus on fun and musicality. Creative problem-solving and group composition will serve as vehicles for physical and musical development and experimentation, and students will work together to create embodied musical experiences.

Social Dance (10-12) – Peter Amidon

Music by: Denis Liddy: Peter will lead the 10-12s in gravity-defying contra dancing, ineffably sublime English dancing, transcendent choreography, robustly angelic singing, and a folktale or two.

English Country Dance for All (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Karina Wilson, Owen Morrison, Eric Schedler: Start your day with beautiful music and favorite dances from the 1600s to today. All are welcome as we explore dances we love, and the dances we’re about to love. Whether you’ve been dancing for minutes or decades, you’re welcome to join as we savor the dances and music together.

Clogging (13 & up) – Abby Ladin

Music by: Sam Bartlett: We'll start with basic rhythmic footwork, then build skills and combine steps. Modifiable for any level. If you need to be challenged we'll play with syncopation. Sam plays the banjo and who doesn't love that!


Playtime Fun - nature crafts (2-3) – Daniel Friedman

Songs and Stories (4-5) – Mary Alice Amidon

Mary Alice will share her favorite chants, finger plays, singing games and singing picture books with 4s and 5s. Come ready to sing and play together. We'll hear stories and act them out. Marching band included.

Crafts, Stories and Singing Games (6-7) – Jane Miller

During our busy and active class, we’ll sing, play singing games, tell stories and make craft projects. Bring your imaginations and playful spirits.

Ritual/Longsword (8-9) – Abby Ladin

Music by: Wade Bartlett

Molly Dance (10-12) – Katy German

Music by: Eric Schedler: Who knows how to have a good time? Bored 19th century ploughboys in midwinter, that's who! And boy, are we grateful to them coming up with this fun style of dance. Molly dancing is a living ritual dance tradition that started in England. Though the formations and figures are often similar to other Morris dance traditions, Molly dancing has a distinctively eccentric flare. Molly dancers are known for being creative, mischievous and rowdy, but generally harmless. Wardrobe items to bring: comfortable and supportive shoes, something that is solid black, and something that is wildly colorful or zany.

Tap Dance (History and Repertoire) (13 & up) – Matthew Olwell

Music by: Karina Wilson: This class will explore tap dance as a unique movement practice from the perspective of technique, improvisation, and historic repertoire. Through learning steps, watching footage, and discussing the cultural and historical context of tap, students will craft their own embodied musical experiences and question constructs of tradition through the lens of American percussive dance.

Contras and Squares (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Sam Bartlett, Denis Liddy, Elvie Miller: Whether high energy or sweet groove is your thing, we’ll do it all in this class of American dances. Contras, squares, and maybe a few other formations will be part of this diverse hour. Anyone of any experience level is welcome to join!


Rest Time (0-99)

Open Art (All ages, under 10 with a parent) – Katie Zukof

We will have a wide variety of materials available for collage, mosaics, painting and coloring. In the second part of the week, we'll explore parade art supplies.

Mumming (8 & up) – Abby Ladin

We'll put together a rowdy ritual play with knights and fights, greed and good deeds, silly walks and chicken squawks, mirth, rebirth, and hero of great worth!

Community Chorus (8 & up) – Peter Amidon, Mary Alice Amidon

Singing by ear and from written music; a cappella and accompanied by guitar, banjo and piano, Peter and Mary Alice will lead campers in rafter shaking harmony singing of their favorite arrangements of old and new songs.

Woodcarving (10 & up) – Thomas German

Dance Band (10 & up) – Eric Schedler, Karina Wilson

Learn and play some great dance tunes while working on rhythm, arrangement, beginnings, endings, tune changes, and playing as an ensemble.

Callers’ Workshop (10 & up, younger with a parent) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Elvie Miller: This is a class for both current and interested callers of contra, square, and English country dances. Each day we’ll focus on different topics, which might include basic calling, walkthroughs, programming, working with musicians, and whatever you’re interested in. Class will include dancing, discussion, and plenty of practice time.


Stories and Stunts – Peter Amidon, Sam Bartlett

Short ditties, epic folktales, jokes, legends, poems, literary fragments and ballads with one of America’s best loved storytellers, Peter Amidon. The tales will be punctuated with indispensable japes, frolics, tomfoolery, buffoonery, shenanigans, skylarks, horseplay, and capering monkeyshine led by Pinewoods House Stuntologist Sam Bartlett.


Teen Class: Clogging & Polyrhythms (13-17) – Matthew Olwell, Owen Morrison

Beginning with footwork from American clogging and flatfooting, this class will explore multiple improvisation techniques to build layers of polyrhythm. Through the creation of our own phrases, we will find new ways to express individual musicality while improvising, "cyphering," and holding time.

Instrument Jam Sessions (10 & up) – see schedule for theme and leader

Musicians of intermediate and advanced level are welcome, willingness to pick up new tunes by ear is highly encouraged! Join a different staff musician each day to play tunes you love and learn new tunes. All sessions open to all instruments. Staff musicians will offer specific advice on their own instruments each day. Sunday: banjo; Monday: Irish fiddle; Tuesday: accordion; Wednesday: old-time fiddle (Karina); Thursday: piano/all-comers

Camper Offerings (sign language, a boat trip, nature walk, jam session, grandparent social hour at Pinecones, lawn games at the dining hall, whatever)

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Class Descriptions


Music (0-3 with Parent) – Deirdre Murtha

The youngest campers will explore rhythms, rhymes, and language activities through fingerplays, simple songs, dances, creative movement, instrument play, and singing stories. From animals to trains, we’ll have fun making music all week with our caregiver and new friends!

StoryCrafts (4-6) – Beth Harvey

Come gather for stories, play party, songs, and craft! Each day we'll explore a central theme, anything from clay to castles, and create crafts and handwork pieces in line with our themes. We'll take home crafts by our hands reflecting stories in our hearts.

Longsword & Song (7-9) – Andy Davis

Andy will weave together an English longsword dance with singing and storytelling. Please bring voices, imaginations and shoes that will stay on your feet during a vigorous sword dance!p>

Squares (10-12) – Nils Fredland

Fun with squares and Nils! (More info coming soon...)

Teenz (13 & up) – Jonathan Van Gieson

Teens will guide this class in honing contra, English and waltz dance skills with rotating expert dance teachers. Facilitated by teen class veteran and expert teenager, Jon.

Rise & Shine English (13 & up) – Wendy Graham

From elegant to energetic, we'll start the day by exploring our English dance roots.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Calling Dances - English and American (13 & up) – Wendy Graham

Are you curious what it takes to call a dance or want to finesse your calling style? Get hands-on guidance, tricks, tips and tools during this highly interactive, participatory class. Whether you are a budding or a seasoned caller, everyone will build a useful callers toolkit.

Singing on the Porch & Crafts

Camper-led classes


Teen/Youth Chorus (9-25) – Emma Whitla

The course will be taught by ear and through reading simple musical scores. By learning folk songs from American, Georgian, and other world music traditions we will learn to develop melodies and add harmonies. We will also use rounds as tools for exploring harmonies and counterpoint. Integrating movement and music will help us to embody and have fun with the songs we learn. There will be some joint projects with the Communit Chorus.

Community Chorus (18 & up) – Alan Gasser

All ages welcome; songs with meaning, taught both by ear and in written scores. Learn how to hold your own, in various traditions - old gospel songs, spirituals, Seeger and beyond. Melody, plus high & low and bass.

Camper-led classes


Music & Dance (4-6) – Deirdre Murtha

Children will sing songs (finger plays, call and response, echo, solo/group), play with rhythm instruments and props, enjoy play parties, circle, partner, and line dances, creative dramatics, singing stories and games, all with a summer and nature theme.

Resourceful Adventure (7-9) – Beth Harvey

How many things can we create with limited resources? Let's adventure into what we can do with what is around us. From navigating, building, making supplies and tools, to dancing without music and creating fun. Using little external supplementing we'll expand what we can do on our own.

Morris (10-12) – Andy Davis

Bring a comfortable pair of shoes with laces for an intro to Northwest Processional Morris. This a rhythmic and very noisy form of clog morris that has intriguing figures and much camaraderie. We will also have some songs and stories. If you play an instrument, please bring it!

American - Cool Contras and Hot Squares (13 & up) – Nils Fredland

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Camper-led classes


Community Band – Andy Davis

This longstanding Campers' Week tradition is open to all instruments and levels of ability. Andy will combine learning by ear with access to written music to engage everyone and their own learning style. The Community Band will be invited throughout the week to play for the afternoon Community Dances. Bring a favorite jig, reel, polka, march or waltz to share. This is your band!

Camper-led classes


Community Dance – Andy Davis

Each evening before Evening Gathering there is a dance for all ages in Ampleforth. For the younger children this is "the big dance." Everyone is encouraged to participate as a dancer or in the all-comers band. Longways sets, circles, squares and even easy contras come to life and ensure a future generation of enthusiastic dancers will continue these multi-generational traditions.

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Class Descriptions

9:00-10:00 Period 1 Kids can be dropped off at their class at 8:55

Discover, Sing, and Play! (2-3) – Leslie Jeanne Devine

Young explorers will visit nature up-close, sing songs, read nature stories, build structures, and simply play together.

Music and Movement (4-6) – Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens

Musical Stories (7-9) – Casey Murray

We'll explore storytelling and acting through rhythmic and musical improvisation. We'll use story tales as well as write our own stories together as a class. Instruments are not needed but if you have an instrument (drums, voices, and homemade instruments are welcome too!) feel free to bring them!

Songs Your Parents Probably Won’t Approve Of (10-12) – Kerry Ryer-Parke

We’ll start off the day with movement and rhythm, then we’ll learn songs from America, the British Isles and around the world. We’ll try singing and making up harmonies in one, two and three parts. From cheeky wildly dissonant Bosnian village songs to murder ballads, there is something for everyone.

Morning Mix (13-17) – Imogen Mills, Cecily Mills

Cecily and Imogen will lead the teens in a variety of music and dance related activities. Classes will range from working on Contra and Waltz, to singing songs, to "hitting things with other things, minus the aggression," aka bucket drumming! Look forward to snacks (don't worry about making it to breakfast) and hanging out with the Mills sisters. Come ready with dance shoes, your singing voice, and an open mind.

Advanced ECD: Style and Technique (18 & up) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Jonathan Jensen, Miranda Weinberg, Laurie Andres: This class will explore not just what we dance - the patterns and figures, but how we move to the music and through the choreography. We’ll define the concepts of technique and style together, and think about the dance choices you make, how those choices create your own “style,” and then apply these ideas to both simple and complex choreographies. Cheerful recovery skills and knowledge of ECD figures and basic repertoire is expected.

The Spice of Life (18 & up) – David Millstone

Music by: Dave Wiesler, Cedar Stanistreet, John Devine, Sam Bartlett: Drawing from English and American traditions, we'll dance some familiar formations ("Take hands four from the top!") and many others that are less common. Some are unusual and a few are delightfully odd! From simple dances to more complex, these dances (aided by sparkling music) will put smiles on our faces as we start each day.

10:15-11:15 Period 2

Let’s Pretend! (2-3) – Katy German

We’ll start by sharing some of our favorite stories. Then we’ll pick a few and make believe that we are in the stories, working together to bring our imaginations to life! Good times, movement, crafting, and giggling will abound. Please bring a favorite book to read together.

Wander, Create, and Storytelling (4-6) – Leslie Jeanne Devine

Wandering the beautiful grounds will reveal hidden treasures from nature that will lead us to storytelling, singing, and craft activities.

Not your Grandma’s Folk Songs (7-9) – Kerry Ryer-Parke

We will spend time warming up our bodies and voices, then jump right into singing traditional American children’s songs. Then we’ll add songs from the British Isles and other countries. Animal songs, silly songs, work songs, serious songs. All taught by ear, with plenty of movement and rhythm.

Aunt Janine's Dancing Machine (10-12) – Janine Smith

Music by: Laurie Andres, John Devine: 10-12s will spend the latter half of their mornings with former program director and current Dancing Queen Aunt Janine. Be it a splash of contra, a dash of singing square, a pinch of fun, or simply a full barrel of laughs; Janine Smith will always provide a grand time. No experience necessary, but a playful spirit and an open mind will serve you well.

Contra Innovations (13 & up) – David Millstone

Music by: Robert Mills, Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens, Cedar Stanistreet, Casey Murray: The traditional contra repertoire used to be small, relying on only a few dozen basic figures. With efficient teaching to allow maximum time for dancing, in this session we'll explore how that dance vocabulary has dramatically expanded with the introduction of different figures into the contemporary contra repertoire.

Garland Dancing (13 & up) – Kappy Laning

Music by: Sam Bartlett

Caller's Class (Pre-accepted applicants) – Joanna Reiner

This class is restricted to the pre-accepted applicants to the English Dance Leaders Course

2:00-2:45 Period 3

Camper Led Activities

Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens is available as a musician for camper-led offerings.

Nature Discovery! - Appalachian Trail Hike (8 & up, under 12 with adult) – Leslie Jeanne Devine

Trees, rocks, moss and more! Taking serendipitous strolls will lead us to discover nature’s splendid surprises. We’ll also play nature games. One afternoon is set aside for exploring the infamous and delightful Appalachian Trail.

3:00-4:00 Period 4 and swimming for all

Tune Session: English (9 & up) – Laurie Andres

Controlled Abandon: Scottish Country Dancing (13 & up, 10-12 w/parent) – Katherine Giacoletti

Music by: Dave Wiesler, Miranda Weinberg: Scottish country dance has its roots in a fusion of English country dance figures and highland dance footwork and music, and is one of the ancestors of American contra dancing. Whether you have done Scottish for years or have never seen it before, come skip, hop, and spin Scottish-style and work up a sweat before you jump in the pool!

Bartlett’s No-Talent Drawing Salon and Cardboard Experiment Station (under 9 w/parent-like helper) – Sam Bartlett

We’ll focus as a group on drawing a Crankie Show, a moving visual story, illustrated on a long piece of paper, and then cranked by hand between two dowels. Drawing tips provided by Mr. Bartlett, but free to be ignored. We will also make hats, masks, and large animals and other parade-able objects (hats, masks, giant gorillas, etc) out of my favorite cheap resource, corrugated cardboard. Ages 8 and below with parent-like helper.

Caller's Class (Pre-accepted applicants) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Jonathan Jensen: This class is restricted to the pre-accepted applicants to the English Dance Leaders Course

4:15-5:15 Period 5 and swimming for all

Indigo for All! (for All) – Leslie Sudock

This year we’ll bring back the indigo vats and celebrate the magic of blue! Indigo is a magical natural dye, and indigo dyeing is safe and fun for campers of all ages. So bring a clean white T-shirt or two to camp and learn the Japanese art of shibori resist dyeing techniques (only one of which is the familiar “tie-dye” process), katazome stencil resist and tsutsugaki freestyle paste resist dyeing. Some dye blanks (scarves, bandanas, etc) will be available for folks who need extra supplies or want to try additional projects.

A Cappella Singing (under 10 w/adult singing buddy) – Kerry Ryer-Parke

Come experience the joy of singing in harmony. Whether you are new to singing and want tips for more confidence, or are an experienced singer looking to play with harmony and blend, there will be something for everyone. We will sing sacred and secular songs from America and the world in two, three or four parts, and also try our hand at making up harmonies on the spot. All songs can be learned by ear and all levels of singers are welcome, though singers under the age of 10 are asked to bring an adult singing buddy.

Here's to the Composers (13 & up) – David Millstone, Joanna Reiner

Music by: Dave Wiesler, Jonathan Jensen, Miranda Weinberg: This week we celebrate the music of two gifted and prolific composers, both of whom will be at camp with us! Jonathan Jensen and Dave Wiesler have provided music for scores of contemporary English country dances. Join us for a rewarding dance journey, carried along by a delightful variety of their tunes!

Tune Session: Irish & American (9 & up) – Cedar Stanistreet

Come learn traditional jigs and reels! Any instruments are welcome, at any level. Tune teaching will be done by ear, with an emphasis on what makes these tunes sound authentic to the traditional style. Sheet music will be handed out at the end of the classes.

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Class Descriptions


Contras – Gaye Fifer

Music by: Kelsey Wells, Jeremy Lekich: Start your day with a delightful mix of smooth & flowing contras, danced to the awesome music of Turnip the Beet.

Band Class – Eric Martin, Adam Broome

Let’s face it folks, playing good dance music is not all about 'making 'em go woo’. Yes, there is a whole lot more to the cake mix than that. At this very moment in time, these two animated introverts, Eric and Adam, are working tirelessly on exactly what they think it takes to make dance nirvana, and how to best guide you down that path... of least resistance. A selection of class topics to be discussed: What to do if you arrive at sound check and find your fiddle case empty. Options for when you drop your pick in the sound hole on the last strum of four potatoes. Tips on how to change all of your strings while playing Money Musk. How to play a beautiful waltz at intermission and still be first in line at the snack table. All this... and more!
The Dancer’s Gazette says of Eric Martin: “A veritable Hendrix of English Country Dance fiddle…”
The Allemande Quarterly says of Adam Broome “Yet another guitar player… but don’t let that fool you…"

Moth Style Storytelling – Renee Brachfeld

A fun, thought provoking, and community building exploration of personal storytelling. We will follow the Moth style of personal stories told live without notes. Through games, exercises, and guided practice, there will be ample opportunity for everyone to identify and share their own stories. Renee creates a fun and safe environment where stories arise naturally. No previous storytelling experience necessary, although those with experience or a story they already want to tell will also have a great time. Join us for a great experience of listening and sharing. This class has been offered to rave reviews at other camps — come feel the magic for yourself!

Optional meeting of Callers Workshop (Pre-accepted applicants) – Will Mentor

Outdoor activities – Cavell staff


Advanced English Country Dance – Susan Kevra

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell, Eric Martin: This class will draw on more complex choreography than the afternoon session, so come with your wits about you to dance more challenging material. Not to worry - it won’t be all brain teasers, with a mix of dances designed to allow you to luxuriate in familiar favorites while also opening your horizons to new material. This class will expect a solid familiarity with all standard English country dance figures.

Border Morris – Alex Cumming

The fabulous tradition of Border Morris comes from the villages along the England and Wales border, most notably in the English counties of Herefordshire,Shropshire and Worcestershire. This tradition was predominantly a winter tradition where the dancers would disguise themselves in rags, hats and masks and dance for fun and to collect money to help them through the winter (or at least to buy a round at the local pub). This is a Morris dance tradition that is really accessible and fun for all ages and abilities with simple single and walk stepping, fun stick clashing choruses and very satisfying figures and formations. During the week we will learn some of the traditional and modern dances danced in England today plus have a go at writing our very own Camp Cavell Border Dance!

Alexander Technique for All – Jaige Trudel

Explore habitual response patterns and the connection between thought and movement in a fun and enlightening way... Alexander Technique offers the tools to cultivate an understanding of how we think of ourselves in activity, while releasing tension and allowing a lightness of being that permits movement to happen without the effort, fatigue or pain we so commonly become accustomed to. The Alexander Technique is widely acclaimed in the performing arts sector, but is just as useful to anyone who engages in everyday activities like typing, or is curious about the nature of habits and how to change them. Discover a graceful ease of mobility and experience greater freedom!

Outdoor activities – Cavell staff


Callers Workshop (Pre-accepted applicants) – Will Mentor

Music by: Kelsey Wells: This class is restricted to the pre-accepted applicants to the Contra Dance Callers Course


Gathering – Alex Cumming


ECD for All – Susan Kevra

Music by: Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel: English Country Dancing has endured for nearly four centuries in large part for its ability to marry movement and music in fruitful and creative ways. Come be part of the enduring tradition with a mix of old and new dances, set to beautiful music. We’ll spend the first class offering English basics to get everyone up to speed and carry on the rest of the week with accessible English dances sure to please beginner and experienced dancers alike.

Old Time Jam – Kelsey Wells

Edible Plant and Plant Identification Stroll – Jeremy Lekich


Callers Workshop (Pre-accepted applicants) – Will Mentor

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell: This class is restricted to the pre-accepted applicants to the Contra Dance Callers Course


Squares and Contras – Will Mentor

Music by: Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel

French Dancing – Susan Kevra

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell: If you love the energy of contras and the playfulness of English dancing, then you’ll love French bourrées! These dances - from central France - involve simple footwork, sprightly tunes and a whole lot of play. By the time you’re done, you’ll be making plans for a summer vacation in Auvergne, dreaming of creamy blue cheese, accordion and hurdy gurdy music! We’ll also toss in some simple Breton dances to bring out your inner druid and a few other classic dances from the bal folk tradition.

Spice Camp Sing – Alex Cumming

The Arty Part of Spice: Open Studio Project of the Day – Diane Sutliff

Each day we will have a suggested project subject and Diane will provide guidance of how to begin and where to focus. Many of our ideas will be about our beautiful surroundings. But in the end each artist can and should go their own way! There will be lots of paper, so lots of chances to re-examine and revisit ideas and techniques. We will have many full sets of oil crayons, chalk pastels, drawing pencils, tempera and watercolors. And the good brushes! As always, no experience necessary and wear clothes that don't matter. More seasoned artists are encouraged to come with their own ideas, too and just jump in.


Open Mic Calling Campers – Gaye Fifer

Music by: Jeremy Lekich, Eric Martin: Campers take over the calling during this session, with our fabulous staff musicians. Especially planned for those enrolled in Will Mentor's calling workshops, we'd love to encourage lots of dancers to come and give these callers mic time.

Camper-led Activities

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