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Songs, Storytelling, and Nature (4-7) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne, Colleen Reed

We’ll play with music, get our bodies moving, and explore the outdoors while weaving stories and songs revolving around the natural world.

Swords, Songs, and Stories (8-9) – Andy Davis

We will weave together song, story, and an English Longsword dance. Rhythm, rhyme, and teamwork will be the main ingredients of this adventure. The emphasis will be on fun and creativity. Bring comfortable shoes that will stay on your feet - and bring an instrument if you play one.

Do-Si-Do Plus Plus (10-12) – Sue Hulsether

Music by: Steve Hickman, John Devine: We'll dance our hearts out with reels, contras, circles, and squares. By the end of the week, we will create our own dance as a class and become expert spoon players too.

Teen Class (13-17) – Suzannah Park, DeLaura Padovan

This session will focus on songs and dances from Bosnia and from the wide range of peoples who live there. We'll sing village songs as well as a few sevdalinkas -- lyrical love songs of the urban Muslim population (often called the Bosnian Blues). We'll also spend time talking, laying on the floor, thinking, resting and enjoy being alive together.

American Dance (18 & up: For ALL) – Janine Smith

Music by: Alexander Mitchell, Chris Ousley: It's time to dance! Roll outta bed and come as you are, whether you are brand new to contras and squares or a seasoned veteran, Janine will get you up and dancing with style, grace, and pizzazz in no time flat. We will cover the basics and MUCH more!

English Country Dance (18 & up: Experienced) – David Smukler

Music by: Audrey Knuth, Dave Wiesler, Ralph Gordon: Designed for dancers comfortable with basic ECD figures and styling. Expect material that spans a wide range of ECD repertoire, including both familiar and unfamiliar dances, and moments where you will appreciate that cup of coffee you had at breakfast….

Square Dance Callers Course (Pre-registration) – Kathy Anderson

Music by: Aaron Olwell


Music is an Art Exploration; Art is a Music Exploration!!! (4-7) – Robin Davis, DeLaura Padovan

Every day we will spend time learning Robin's and DeLaura's favorite songs, games, stories, and stunts to amaze our friends. We will wrap up each day making toys and instruments to take home at week's end.

Move it, Shake it, Sing it! (8-9) – Sue Hulsether

Music by: John Devine and American Dance Musicians Course Attendees: Shake a leg, create some interesting rhythms, and sing some crazy songs. This class will take folk song and dance in all kinds of fun directions.

Rapper (10-12) – Kappy Laning

Music by: Steve Hickman: Swords! Rhythmic dancing! Team spirit! Team T Shirts! Rapper is an English team dance tradition from the late 1800s that our 10-12s find irresistible. Each dance is based on notes from traditional dances but during the course of the week changes and embellishments are made by the group to create an exciting dance of fast moving figures and team work that is fun for all.

American Dance (13 & up: Experienced) – Kathy Anderson

Music by: Aaron Olwell, Larry Unger, Jess Eliot Myhre, Ralph Gordon Zingy contras, squares and more with an intriguing twist, for those with some experience and a sense of adventure.

Northwest Clog Morris (13 & up) – Laura Parsons

Music by: Andy Davis: Northwest Clog Morris dances originated as processional (i.e. parade) dances in the north of England. Now they are usually performed as set dances, but still have a parade aspect. They are best done in dance clogs or other hard soled shoes to maximize the sounds of the stepping. The steps are simple, but the dances are about power and precision. In this class we will learn one or two dances that are either traditional or in a traditional style with an emphasis on dancing together and having fun.


Morning Gathering – DeLaura Padovan


Nature Exploration (All ages, under 10 w/parent) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

We will explore the different ecosystems at camp, including the beautiful Cacapon River and the amazing fossil pit.

Community Dance Band (10 & up) – Jess Eliot Myhre, Chris Ousley

Bring your instrument and under the expert guidance of Jess and Chris we will meld our talents and enthusiasm into an amazing ensemble that will play for part of the 7 PM Community Dance each evening.

"Use the Force" - English Country Dance for ALL (13 & up) – David Smukler

Music by: Alexander Mitchell, Colleen Reed, Dave Wiesler: Find out what all the buzz is about. Discover or rediscover the delicious variety of moods, music and movements that English country dancing can offer. All are welcome: dancers new to English country dance and experienced dancers alike.

American Dance Musicians Course (Pre-registration) – Larry Unger, Audrey Knuth


Afternoon Art (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Leslie Sudock, Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

Community Art this year will explore Shaker and Japanese basketry. Since August afternoons are hot, this will be a wet activity (think spritzers and misters!) perfect for a break from afternoon swims. Everyone will have a chance to join the weaving circles and conversations. We'll include a recycled materials (bring something special from home) project for those who can't make just one. Contributions towards materials will be appreciated.

Callers Course Dance Party (9 & up) – David Smukler, Sue Hulsether

Music by: Alexander Mitchell, John Devine: This delightful hour of dancing is hosted and called by participants in the Square Dance Callers Course. Come give them your support and you'll have a rollicking good time dancing to fabulous music. Parents: This is a great chance to dance with your age 9+ kids!

Appalachian Clogging (10 & up) – Suzannah Park

Music by: Steve Hickman: This is a good class for someone with little or no exposure to Appalachian clogging as well as those wanting to get more comfortable with the basics and expand their clogging repertoire. All the steps will be broken down as we work towards a routine to be done within the form of a square dance. This class will be a percussive dance party!

American Dance Musicians Course (Pre-registration) – Larry Unger, Audrey Knuth


Square Dance Callers Course (Pre-registration) – Kathy Anderson

Music by: Aaron Olwell, Dave Wiesler

Grooving through American Blues (All ages) – Shane Clark, Rachel Fifer

Music by: Jess Eliot Myhre, Chris Ousley, Ralph Gordon: In this five-day progressive class, we'll explore the ever-evolving world of Blues dancing. It will be a fun and accessible journey through the different styles of Blues music and movement that have helped define dance communities in this country for decades. Through play and conversation, we'll develop our own personal expression as well as gain experience in both leading and following the partnered dance. This class will also focus on inclusion, communication, leadership, and consent in dance community.

  • Day 1: Intro to basic solo Blues movements & basic partnered connection
  • Day 2: More solo movement & breakaway dance position
  • Day 3: Intro to partnered Jukin' Blues
  • Day 4: Intro to partnered Ballroomin' Blues (New Orleans Blues music) + Blues Waltz
  • Day 5: Intro to solo & partnered Microblues (Chicago Blues music)

Harmony for ALL (10 & up) – Suzannah Park

Ah the joyful fun of singing together in harmony! We'll sing songs from a handful of different countries including South Africa, the Republic of Georgia, and America in 2, 3 and 4 part harmony from sacred and secular traditions. All songs will be taught by ear and all levels of singers are welcome. Singers under the age of 10 are asked to bring an adult singing buddy with them. So come rest your feet and enjoy making a grand noise together!

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