Archive Class Descriptions

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The Best of Both Worlds: American and English Dances – Carol Ormand

Music by: Amy McFarland, Maria Terres: Start your day with a delightful blend of dances from both sides of the "pond." Explore the connections and the distinctions between contras, English country dances, and squares as you revel in the gorgeous music of Rare Privilege.

ECD calling – David Millstone

Music by: Rachel Bell, Daniel Beerbohm: This class is for current ECD callers of any experience level and those considering a career in ECD calling. Each day's class will focus on a different topic: writing an English dance program, working with musicians, repertoire, teaching vs. calling, etc. Class will include discussion, dancing, and opportunities to practice calling. Please note: this class is open to contra callers, and would-be contra callers, but will focus on the ECD genre and calling techniques.

Mummers Play – John Mayberry

 Would you like to spend a few days with some interesting people, collaborating on a grand experience to share with the rest of Camp at the end of the week? Do you like word play, spectacle, and perhaps doing something unexpected? Then come to John’s Mummers’ class, where we will come up with a “play” in the tradition of old seasonal disguising rituals such as mumming, mummering, hoodening, guising, and trick-or-treating. No acting experience required. None.

Longsword – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Earl Gaddis: Laurie will teach a longsword dance from the village of Kirkby Malzeard in Yorkshire, England. This jaunty dance, which consists of a series of figures performed with a sprightly running step, will be made accessible to all levels of experience. This is an excellent opportunity to try a new type of dance or become reacquainted with an old favourite.

Lakeshore Ecology – Amy Meeker-Taylor



Contra: Civilized Catastrophe – Dana Parkinson

Music by: Noah VanNorstrand, Andrew VanNorstrand: Try some challenging, quirky contra dances while you're still sleepy. Uncontrollable laughter 100% guaranteed.

ECD Advanced: Stepping Stones (Adv) – David Millstone

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Earl Gaddis, Daniel Beerbohm: This class will explore what it means to be an advanced dancer, focusing on skills and techniques including and beyond mastering complex choreographies. Selected topics: flow, end effects, changing roles, phrasing, recovery, and helping dancers in helpful ways. Knowledge of ECD figures and basic repertoire is expected.

Hand Quilting – Amy McFarland, Maria Terres

This six-session class will include a variety of hand-quilting techniques: hand applique (regular and reverse), hand piecing, hand quilting, and more. We'll have lots of lovely fabric and supplies (you may also bring your own - 100% cotton only, please). We'll also have a sewing machine available and will give instructions on how to finish a small project, or start a bigger one.

Ontario Step Dance: The Mulligan Jig – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Rachel Bell: This old-style dance is based on the Ottawa Valley style of Alex Mulligan who developed his particular version of these steps while working at logging camps in the early 20th century. This class is open to all campers and will move at a mutually agreeable pace. Come out and learn a step or two to try the next time you hear a classic jig, such as The Irish Washerwoman. Ontario stepping is best executed in hard-soled shoes.

Singing – John Mayberry

 Come spend a class doing some singing! The emphasis will be on learning some songs by ear, exploring how to find harmonies in an informal group situation, and perhaps sharing songs with each other. People who are intimidated by the thought of singing in public are especially welcome, as are those with more confidence who just want a chance to sing with other folks.


Gathering – Dana Parkinson

Join Dana, your MC, in a daily extravaganza of camper and staff talent, singing, stories and mischief. A great way to wind down before lunch and hang out with the whole camp!


ECD for all: the Contemporary Landscape (for All) – David Millstone

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Earl Gaddis, Daniel Beerbohm: Some say the heyday of English country dancing is today. This hour, open to all, will examine different themes in modern ECD: our attraction to waltzes and other triple-time dances, borrowing of figures and music from other dance styles, reconstructions of older dances, and some of the latest compositions.

Morris – John Mayberry

Music by: Noah VanNorstrand: If you’ve never done (or even seen) Morris dance, then in this class you will have a chance to try this exuberant, athletic dance style. If you’re an old hand, you’ll have a chance to try a style or some dances that are new to you. If you’re interested in dance creation, we can do some of that. The class will be tailored to the folks who are interested in exploring this old, English display dance form, but we will base it in the Hogtown dances of the Toronto Morris Men.

Building a Band, Improvisation, and Tunewriting – Amy McFarland, Maria Terres

We will spend 2 days on each of these topics

Building a Band: What turns a jam session into a "band"? How do you get that "sound"? This workshop explores ways of playing together and ultimately putting style into your playing. Possible subjects are: rhythm, tempo, "swing", melodic and harmonic variations, and creating arrangements. We will try to tailor the workshop to the interests and experience level of the class.

Improvisation: Want to spice up your playing? We'll work on making expressive changes to tunes to express your own musical ideas. We'll start with simple improvisations based on chords and scales, and work our way into more advanced techniques involving harmonic substitutions and syncopation.

Tunewriting: Can one be taught to write a tune? This workshop provides the nuts and bolts of crafting a tune in the traditional style by focusing on how tunes are structured and how to work with musical ideas. Take a chance - connect with your muse!

How to Take Better Photos – Doug Plummer

This workshop, with award winning professional photographer Doug Plummer, meets for 2 hours each day. How do you find a photograph? What are the essential ingredients to sensing and seeing? How can you connect your emotions to your craft? How do you make a good photograph? Among the topics we'll discuss will be: why it's OK to suck and how failure is your greatest ally; what you know that your camera doesn't, and vice versa; how to use social media to share your work, and how to keep it from killing your creative growth; the rules of composition and how to evade their traps, and developing an editing and organizational workflow.

Outdoor activities (Technical tree climbing, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Kayaking) – Camp Cavell staff

One of these will be available for two hours each day


Contra: Dance Your Sass Off! – Dana Parkinson

Music by: Noah VanNorstrand, Andrew VanNorstrand: Take care of your fellow dancers with flourishes (really!), learn when to gender-swap, and increase your awareness on the dance floor. Improve your dance connection, creativity, and safety -- all at once!

Bollywood (for All) – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Rachel Bell: Our class will learn a piece of choreography inspired by a piece of popular Bollywood music. We will begin each session with a substantial strength and flexibility warm-up. Get ready to move those hips and shoulders in new and unusual ways! All are welcome.

Comedy Improvisation – Karen Axelrod

This class is open to everyone who wants to add a bit of fun and humor into their day. No experience necessary. And you don't even have to be funny. We will play a bunch of theatre games, and we will aim to quiet our internal self-critical voice. We will build on skills and games each day, so it is helpful if you can commit to the entire week. However, if that doesn't work, we can accommodate you if you just want to drop in one or two days.

How to Take Better Photos (cont.) – Doug Plummer

(See 2:00 period.)

Outdoor activities (cont.) – Camp Cavell staff

(See 2:00 period.)


Camper-led classes and activities


Evening Dance, Music & Spice

Our evenings will feature the same mix of music, dance, and spice that the daytime offers! Nightly mini-concerts and dancing will be concurrent with "Spice" options that vary throughout the week, including a concert by Michigan's troubadour, Neil Woodward; cooking and baking with camp chef Herb Stokes; art workshops; table games and puzzles; evening tree climbing; and one evening of camper-led spice activities.

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The Best of Both Worlds: American and English Dances – Carol Ormand

Music by: Kate Barnes, Dave Langford, Bill Tomczak Start your day with a delightful blend of dances from both sides of the "pond." Explore the connections and the distinctions between contras, English country dances, and squares as you revel in the gorgeous music of the Latter Day Lizards.

Poetry Playroom – Deborah Clark Colón

Have you always wanted to write a sonnet, but can't tell an iamb from an "I ain't"? What's so free about free verse? You may never know, but you can still go home with a poem in your pocket every day. We'll explore some accessible poetic forms and try something new each class. We'll play with words, toss them up in the air and see what sticks to the ceiling. Rhyme and rhythm welcome but optional.

Playing Rhythm for Contras – Karl Clark Colón, Eric Schedler

This class is open to all instrumentalists, with special emphasis on technique for guitar and piano players. We will explore the basics of harmonic structure as it applies to traditional tunes, and use that knowledge to anticipate and hear chords that fit a tune. We will also learn a handful of useful bass lines to connect common chord progressions. We will work on hearing the pulse of a tune, identifying the meter, and work on refining our chording stroke to create lift for the dancers and melody players. Piano players, please bring your keyboard if you can.

Outdoor activities (Technical tree climbing, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Kayaking)


Contra & Square Jambalaya – Carol Ormand

Music by: Deborah Clark Colón, Karl Clark Colón, Sam Bartlett Feed your feet with a spicy mix of contras and squares, from the charming chestnuts of yore to the beckoning beckets, dazzling duples, tantalizing triplets, and sizzling squares of today. Changeling and Sam will cook up some mouth-watering music!

ECD: Moving Musically – Dan Blim

Music by: Eric Schedler, Earl Gaddis, Kate Barnes One of the great, distinct pleasures of ECD is the pairing of tunes and dances. In this class, we'll perk up our ears a bit as we pick up our feet, learn how the tunes are constructed, and think about how the music can tell us ways to move expressively as part of the dance.

Song Circle – Jeanne Morrill

An opportunity to just come and sing! Jeanne will bring the words to a bunch of songs to teach by ear (no music reading skills necessary) and if anyone wants to share a song themselves, that’s great. Emphasis on fun!

Outdoor activities (Technical tree climbing, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Kayaking)


Gathering – Sam Bartlett

Every day Sam will lead an all-camp gathering. Drawing from staff and campers alike, there will be participatory merriment of all stripes, from singing, to improvisation games, to story-telling, and musical performances.


ECD: Eye Candy – Dan Blim

Music by: Eric Schedler, Earl Gaddis, Bill Tomczak Partners and neighbors. Lines and sidelines. ECD offers a number of ways to interact and communicate with other dancers through eye contact. We'll explore a wide range of dances that offer opportunities to interact socially on the dance floor, paying close attention to how we pay attention.

Irish Sets – Steve Pike

Music by: Deborah Clark Colón, Karl Clark Colón Enter a state of bliss with this Irish dance form that blends the best of high-energy square dancing with the best of couples dancing. Although these dances are not traditionally called, Steve will teach and call some favorites for your enjoyment, and Changeling's exhilarating music will sweep you into the fray. Come find out why Irish sets are a perennial dance camp favorite!

Tune Session – Dave Langford

Learn new tunes, play through some old ones, explore creating musical arrangements. The emphasis will be on learning and playing by ear, but the session will be flexible for whatever the group would like to get out of it. Learn both harmony and melodies on any instrument and perhaps a dash of music theory as well!


Make a Move (Contras and Squares) – Steve Pike

Music by: Kate Barnes, Dave Langford, Bill Tomczak What makes some circles energizing, while others are uninspired? Each day, we'll focus on how to make the most of a figure or two -- e.g. heys, contra corners, circles -- and the transitions between them, in a variety of formations. There will be enough twists to keep it fun and interesting for all.

Draw a Cranky – Sam Bartlett

Sam will lead a class in making a Cranky Show. A Cranky Show is a moving visual story, illustrated on a long piece of paper, and then cranked by hand between two spindles to reveal a story in motion for an audience. No drawing talent required!

Vocal Technique – Jeanne Morrill

Wow, that sounds so imposing! How about just come and have some fun singing songs, and in the process you'll learn a little about how your voice works and get some new tools to help improve your sound and confidence! We will look at things like breathing, body alignment, tone quality, projection, motivation and more. For ALL singers of any level or orientation.


Camper-led classes and activities


Evening Dance Party

Carol, Dan, and Steve will delight you with a lovely mix of English and American dances, and Irish sets as well. The musicians -- the Latter Day Lizards, Changeling, Sam Bartlett, Earl Gaddis, Eric Schedler, and Jeanne Morrill -- will conjure glorious melodies, rich harmonies and lively improvisations to send us into dance ecstasy.

Evening Spice Activities (each available one night):

  • Card Making (available all week)
  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Evening Technical Tree Climbing
  • Creative Birdfeeders
  • International Textile Exhibit
  • Home Made Fortune Cookies
  • Camper-Led Activities (other than music and dance)

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Playtime for Little Campers (2-3) – Bettie Zakon-Anderson

This gentle playtime with Bettie will keep our youngest campers busy and happy!

Music and Dance (4-5) – Mary Alice Amidon

Come and learn singing games, movement songs, and play instruments with Mary Alice!

Ogontz Adventures (6-7) – Erika Roderick

Let's Go Adventuring! Erika will lead a week full of adventure at Ogontz! Get excited for fun games, silly songs, and exploration of Ogontz Camp's hidden secrets...

Longsword (8-9) – Lily Leahy

Music by: Natty Smith Come learn this exciting dance form from the north of England where campers will dance linked by wooden swords and learn how to make a star. We will get a chance to perform our dance in the Mummers Play at the end of the week!

Morris Dance (10-12) – Luzy Huzzard

Get ready to leap! Morris is a high energy dance form from the beautiful Cotswolds of England. Did you know that in 1599, one of Shakespeare's actors, named William Kempe, morris danced all the way from London to Norwich (that's about 178 km). He called it his 'Nine Daies Wonder', although it really took about 23 days! Expect clashing sticks and flying hankies.

English Country Dance (13 & up) – Joanna Riener

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Naomi Morse We all come to the world of ECD for different reasons, and the vast and growing repertoire of English dances rises up to meet us. This class will explore the variety of ECD, using great dances and fabulous music to both increase your skill level and start your morning off right.

One-Shot Potpourri couple dances and more! (13 & up) – Steve Zakon-Anderson

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracey, Owen Morrison A time to learn and to dance a variety of couple dances that are, might be, or used to be, danced at contra and English dance evenings, with an emphasis on good partnering, leading and following skills. Dances will include waltz, schottische, zwiefacher, polka, Salty Dog, and possibly more. All to beautiful live music....what a way to start the day!


Stories and Games for Little Campers (2-3) – Erika Roderick

Ogontz's littlest campers will gather with Erika for some singing, dancing and playing together!

Exploring Ogontz (4-5) – Bettie Zakon Anderson

Through play, music, and explorations, Bettie will introduce the wonders of Ogontz to these lucky campers!

Stories From All Over (6-7) – Mary Alice Amidon

Mary Alice will tell traditional folk tales. We will retell the stories, act them out, and add our own music. We will create original stories and play story games! Jack Tales, trolls, giants and kings await!

Music and Dance (8-9) – Peter Amidon

Each class will start with a traditional folktale followed by lots of dancing and singing!

Social Dance (10-12) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Karen Axelrod From elegant to energetic, English dances come in all shapes and forms. We’ll explore that variety and answer the question, ‘What makes a dance fun?’ as we learn new dances, and write a few of our own.

American Dance (13 & up) – Steve Zakon-Anderson

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracey Old favorites mixed with contemporary classics, new-fangled choreography, and a few dance tips snuck in for good measure, all to the most danceable music you can find anywhere.

Rapper (13 & up) – Luzy Huzzard

Music by: Naomi Morse All the way from the Coal fields of North East England, comes rapper sword dancing. It's a bit of a mystery what 'rappers' were used for down the mines, but it's thought they were used to scrape coal dust from the pit ponies who would live and work underground all year except for 2 weeks holiday when they could come up for sunshine! A fast, fun, team dance with bendy swords and crisp stepping, possibly one of England's most impressive traditional dances!


Community Art for all ages (8 & up, 7 & younger w/parent) – Bettie Zakon Anderson

Come spend a relaxing time together while making a variety of projects using fibers, papers, and more.

Song Circle on the porch (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Keith Murphy

Join Keith on the porch after lunch to share songs and learn new ones.

English Clog (All ages, under 10 w/parent) – Luzy Huzzard

Music by: Naomi Morse Developed by northern factory workers during the Industrial Revolution, English clog dance is a complex and charming dance form. The story goes that mill workers wore clogs on their feet to protect them from dangerous debris on the factory floor. They found that they also make a rather good sound and developed this unique dance form whilst dancing along to the rhythm of the machinery. Perfect for those who like to make some noise!


Teen Class (13-19) – Erika Roderick, Natty Smith, guest dance teachers!

Music by: Karen Axelrod Erika and Natty are excited to lead the teenagers in a week of exciting music, dance, and fun! They will bring some songs, dances, and games to start with, and will build the week's program from there around the class's interests. You can look forward to some visits from other staff members as well...

Family Band (8 & up, younger if passionate w/parent) – Owen Morrison

Owen will get us ready to play for the Community Dance each night. All abilities and instruments welcome! Get ready - you have a gig Sunday night!

Mummers Play (8-12, 20 & up) – Paddy Swanson

The artistic director of Revels will lead us in the creation of another spectacular mummers play. Join the troupe and play your part!


Musicians Jam Time at the green chairs (8 & up) – Becky Tracey

Join Becky at the green chairs for a pickup jam session where musicians can get a chance to learn and share tunes. All abilities welcome!

Games with Fynn! (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Fynn Crooks

Join Fynn for her famous hilarious group games on the soccer field (in Ogontz Hall if wet).

Harmony Singing (10 & up) – Peter Amidon

Peter will lead campers in sublime to rafter shaking harmony singing with choral arrangements of Anglo/American, and African American folk songs, spirituals, and songs written by people steeped in traditional music. Participants will be singing from written music as well as learning songs and harmonies by ear.

Teachers Training Course (Pre-registration) – Kari Smith


Stories at the Green Chairs – Peter Amidon

Every day Peter will tell a mix of folktales, true tales, poetry, poems set to music, ballads, and Snippets of Uncategorizable Litterature.

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Songs Stories and Nature (2-3) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

We will explore the wonders and mysteries of nature through sensory activities, songs, stories and games.

Art Meets Song (4-6) – Robin Davis

Every day we will do an art project that ties into the songs and singing games we will learn throughout the week. Prepare to get messy!

Movin' and Groovin' with Music and More (7-9) – DeLaura Padovan

Dance Song and Story (10-12) – Andy Davis

Andy will fine tune dance skills with the goal of introducing some unique repertoire at the evening dances. There will be some harmony singing, instrument playing and, no doubt, a wild story or two woven through the week.

Teen Class (13-17) – Ellie Grace, Kelly Bosworth

This class celebrates the unrivaled fun of teens joining together through games, singing, dancing, body percussion, and other mystery adventures. There may be unexpected and ridiculously impressive appearances by this group about camp, but that is obviously top secret.

Dances in the Playhouse w/Adina (18 & up) – Adina Gordon

Begin your day with welcoming dances, both American and English, accessible to everyone. We’ll explore each dance and find the place where music, dance, and our own personal style meet for maximum enjoyment.

Experienced English Country Dance (18 & up) – Erik Weberg

More dancing, less teaching! We'll assume knowledge of common ECD figures and geography so we can focus more on doing fun and interesting dances. Expect both moderately challenging dances and familiar dances with little or no teaching.


Musical Explorations (2-3) – DeLaura Padovan

Mystery Box, Songs, and Nature (4-6) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

We will discover the natural world through songs and stories, and getting outdoors. Inside we will create a nature mystery box for the wonderful treasures we find.

Let’s Put on a Show! (7-9) – Andy Davis

Beginning with a story, tall tale or legend Andy and the class will combine drama, music and dance to make it come alive. Bring an instrument if you play one - and your imagination. The presentation at week's end will feature the interests and skills of the class.

Singing and Such (10-12) – Kelly Bosworth

We will explore our own musical identities in a safe and supportive peer group. Learn more about the structure of song and gain confidence in the skills and strengths you bring as a musician and a community member. Depending on group interest, we may spend extra time developing our songwriting, ear training, music theory, and harmonizing chops.

Experienced American Dance (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Ready for a challenge? We’ll assume you’re solid in the basics and want to expand your dance frontiers. Come dance contras & squares to befuddle, entertain, and stimulate!

Dances in the Playhouse w/Erik (13 & up) – Erik Weberg

All are welcome who want to enjoy English and American dances in a low-stress environment. We'll teach what is needed to have a great time with a selection of accessible dances.


Nature Walk (All ages, under 10 w/parent) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

Wander and wonder, as we explore the natural areas of camp from the river to the woods. We will have serendipitous strolls, look for critters under logs in the woods and under rocks in the river, discover the variety of trees around camp, and play nature games.

Camper Led Activities (All ages)

Interested in leading a session or two? Is there something you enjoy that you'd like to share? Now's the time! Camper led activities can be led by anyone with a plan.


Calder's Delight (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Leslie Sudock, DeLaura Padovan

Using the wonderful work of American artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976) as our inspiration, we’ll explore balancing forms and make art that dances in air. We’ll have the chance to try something new every day, painting with shapes, drawing with wire, and building kinetic mobiles and stabiles using simple, local and recycled materials. Projects will be suitable for campers of all ages, for those who want to drop by for a single visit and for those who enjoy extended time in the art studio. Campers will also have the chance to participate in an all-camp installation project. Start saving colorful plastic lids and cardboard, buttons, beads, and wire, and be ready to join the balancing act!

Couple Dancing (12 & up, 9-11 w/parent) – Ellie Grace

With a playful and community-minded approach, this class will explore the joy of couple dancing. We will focus on the Lindy Hop with a dash of Two Step and Waltz thrown into the mix. In addition to learning the beautiful form and energetic footwork of these styles, we will also play with the partnering skills and non-verbal communication that are essential to enjoyable social dancing. No partner required, but come prepared to learn to both lead and follow!

Optional Kids class (6 & up) – Imogen Mills

Come one, come all, come short, come tall! Kid-oriented songs, games, and dances.


Border Morris (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Morris dancing! Hankies and capering, right? No!! Border is all about hitting things with sticks and yelling a lot. Sometimes we throw sticks too. What’s not to love?

Singing with Kelly & Ellie (10 & up) – Ellie Grace, Kelly Bosworth

Join with your community to learn a unique repertoire of folk, old country, and Americana songs in two, three, and four-part harmony. We will focus on healthy singing technique, musical style, basic concepts of harmonizing, and working as a unified whole. Most of all, we will sing! Strengthen your own voice through group singing in a supportive and joyful environment. If you need a reminder of the good in this world, there is nothing better than raising your voice in song with other kind humans.

Community Band (10 & up) – Chris Ousley, Jess Eliot Myhre

Bring your instruments! Under the expert guidance of Jess and Chris we will meld our talents and enthusiasm and create wonderful dance music together.

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Music and Movement (0-3 with Parent) – Kathy Reid-Naiman

Our youngest campers and their parents will start their day sharing songs, fingerplays, knee bounces and dances. We will play with sticks, shakers, bells and drums. Parents are welcome to share their favourite songs too.

Once Upon an Art Class (4-6) – Andrea Cooper

We will be immersed in stories, songs, and art, not necessarily in that order!

Sword Dance and Crafts (7-9) – Sarah Henry

Sarah will lead the us in the ancient art of English longsword dancing, blending teamwork, patterns, and music, with lots of room for our own creativity. A special craft project is in store as well!

Contras and Squares (10-12) – Bill Wellington

Campers will take their social dancing to a new level as Bill will use contras to show how to give weight, dance to the phrase as well as the beat, and maximize the enjoyment of the entire dance experience. Bill will also "unteach" bad habits (such as swinging sideways) that many children develop as the result of having danced with older, larger people their whole lives. As a reward for their progress Bill will end each class with a magical folk tale.

English for All (13 & up) – Dave Macemon

English dance is a broader umbrella than many people think. There are community / barn dances, traditional Playford dances, Sharp's interpretations of Playford, and many, many recently choreographed dances. We'll explore dances under this unbrella that are accessible to all, while still being interesting to more experienced dancers. A fun time will be had by all.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Callers Symposium (13 & up) – Kathy Anderson

Basic calling skills for those who'd like to give it a try, with feedback from those with experience, all in a supportive atmosphere.

Singing on the Porch & Crafts

Camper-led classes


Teens (13-17) – Jon Van Geison, Hannah Naiman

Although Camper's Week has many "teens at heart", teen class is for ages 13-17. In class, teens will hone their skills as they learn songs and dances. Outside of class, teens are encouraged to share their skills and talents, and to contribute to the whole camp experience. They will also have the opportunity volunteer as class assistants for children's classes throughout the week. This year, to top it all off, the class will create and perform a short play.

Harmony Singing Class (18 & up) – Alan Gasser

Songs taught both by ear and from written scores. Learn how to hold your own, in various traditions - old gospel songs, spirituals, Seeger and beyond. There is a part for every range!

Camper-led classes


Dance, Sing and Make Music (4-6) – Kathy Reid-Naiman

Our afternoon class will be filled with song and dance. There will be singing games, circle dances, songs familiar and new, rhythm instruments and much more!

Stories and Song (7-9) – Bill Wellington

We will sing folk songs, participate in play-party games, hear and tell stories, and dance folk dances. The class will focus on call-and-response, finding and keeping the beat, and having fun as a group. Campers will also cooperate in some story-theatre activities with the goal of presenting a folk tale as a group for a community gathering.

All Ritual, All the Time (10-12) – TBD

Morris dancing, song singing, game playing, sound making! Oh, and did we mention the surprises? Because those are important too! Join Jeremy each day for some energetic, musical fun. Bring shoes you can jump around in!

American Dance (13 & up) – Kathy Anderson

From the traditional to the most up-to-date dance compositions, intriguing squares and contras for teens and adults.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Swimming & Spontaneity, Bookstore staffed


Rapper (13 & up) – TBD

Rapper is an exciting, fast paced ritual sword dance from northern England. We will learn stepping, both traditional and newly created figures, and put together dances. Bring hard-soled shoes if you have them and get ready for some great dancing!

Camper-led classes

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Playtime Fun (2-3): Hope Tarter

Mornings will be lots of fun, with games, crafts, songs, and explorations. We have a lovely cabin porch as our class space for the day. As weather permits, we may also venture out to enjoy the natural setting of camp.

Sing, Dance, and Explore (4-5): Deirdre Murtha

Children will sing songs, play with rhythm instruments and props, do play parties, circle, partner, and line dances, and play musical games, all with a summer and nature theme. They will explore their unique voices, play with rhythm, improvise melodies, and have a great time singing and dancing with friends!

Darn Good Dancing! (6-7): Jody Kruskal

Music by: Elvie Miller: Exciting dances, fun songs, tricky games and perhaps a surprise.

Mummers Play (8-9): Abby Ladin

We'll put together a rowdy ritual play with knights and fights, greed and good deeds, silly walks and chicken squawks, mirth, rebirth, and hero of great worth!

Morris and Country Dance Mash Up (10-12): Gillian Stewart

Music by: Claudio Buchwald: Let's look at some dance traditions, appreciate them for what they offer, and mash them up to create something new! Over the course of the week we'll work up a new and unique mash-up and debut it at the end of the week Morris Tour.

American Squares (13 & up): Susan Michaels

Music by: Sam Bartlett, Karina Wilson:

Falling in Love with English Dance (beginning ECD) (13 & up): Dorothy Cummings

Music by: Jonathan Jensen, lydia ievins: People who do English country dance regularly really seem to love it . . . but why? This session for dancers new to ECD takes on the question "What's in it for me?" and offers possible answers day by day with: The metric system. Great formations. It figures (heys and more). The tune's the thing. Olde classics and modern treasures.


Nap, rest, snore, recharge, dream (99 & under)

Open Art Table (All ages (under 10 w/parent)): Katy German

A variety of art supplies will be avaiable, as well as some project ideas. Campers are welcome to contribute bits and bobs to the array. In the second half of the week we'll pull out some special parade puppet puppet and art materials.

Community Art! – Make Your Own Instruments (All ages (under 10 w/parent)): Jody Kruskal

Horns, harps, oboes, thumb pianos, and more. All materials provided. Perform in the band and take your new instruments home after camp.

Marble Machines (6 & up): Claudio Buchwald

Community Chorus (8 & up): Deirdre Murtha

Come raise your voice in chorus! All ages can join in singing everything from stirring gospel to rousing sea chanteys, in unison and harmony, both by ear and with written music. Participants will also have the chance to lead songs.

Slow Groove (beginner level jam) (10 & up, younger w/parent): Karina Wilson

Dance Band Musicality and Repertoire (Intermediate and up): lydia ievins, Jonathan Jensen


Storytime Fun (2-3): Hope Tarter

This is a sweet time of the day when we're waking up from our rests. We'll begin this hour with some good story books and focused activities. I look forward to sharing some of my favorite books with you. If you have favorite picture books you'd like to share, please bring them!

Dancing with Friends (4-5): Jody Kruskal

Let's become bees. We'll learn to fly and pollinate our flower friends. Singing, crafts and a show.

Folk Stories and Drama (6-7): Deirdre Murtha

Children will enjoy improv games, acting out Aesop's fables, and classic folktales, such as Anansi, The Bremen Town Musicians, and Stone Soup. They will use different voices, movements, and expressions, as well as simple costumes and props, to tell an effective story!

Longsword (8-9): Gillian Stewart

Music by: Aidan Murphy: Come learn a new longsword dance! Originally from Northern England, longsword links dancers up with wooden swords that are eventually used to make a star. Our dance will be a critical plot point in the mummers play at the end of the week!

Percussive Dance (10-12): Abby Ladin

Music by: Sam Bartlett: Singing, percussive dance, and learning to be a great dance partner are on the itinerary for our week together in the pines. Bring some hard-soled shoes if you have them. Check local 2nd hand stores for inexpensive options (lace-up boy's oxfords work well for boys and girls).

Afternoon Contras (13 & up): Susan Michaels

Music by: Karina Wilson, Claudio Buchwald:

The Many Moods of Pat Shaw (all level ECD) (13 & up): Dorothy Cummings

Music by: Jonathan Jensen, lydia ievins: Dubbed "the 20th-Century Dancing Master" by admiring contemporaries, Patrick Noel Shuldham-Shaw (1917-1977) blended deep grounding in traditional music and dance with serendipitous innovation. He created scores of original English country dances and reconstructed an array of historical dances that remain well-regarded and popular today. This class will explore a sampling of Pat Shaw's repertoire and a few dances by choreographers that he influenced.


Stories and Poems (99 & under): Susan Michaels

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for the Guiness Book of World Records? Well, you're in luck! Susan had some great adventures during her time working there, and you're gonna want to hear about some of her most unbelievable and hillarious experiences. This is also an opportunity for storytelling campers to share a favorite story or poem!


Jam with Sam (10 & up): Sam Bartlett

*Special offerings*

Teens (13-19): Gillian Stewart

We will look at team-building and leadership...starting with rapper dancing. Tangle up your teammates with flexible metal swords at breakneck speed, then take a breather to learn some pub songs and talk about how to become leaders in your community.

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Please see our Self-Rating Guide for definitions of levels


Instrumental and vocal consorts grouped by level, Beg to Adv: Recorder, viol, voice, strings, harp, mixed instrument, and Accademia (see below for link to description) Voice Classes will include rhythmic, interval and sight reading exercises to strengthen the students’ musicianship. (B to A)

Voice Classes will include rhythmic, interval and sight reading exercises to strengthen the students' musicianship.

Strike the Viol: An Introduction to the Viola da Gamba (Instruments provided for the week. B-UB): Lisa Terry

Whether you have a background playing a bowed string instrument or none at all, this is the perfect time to experience the pleasurable sound of vibrating strings!

Loud Band ensemble (I-HI): Mack Ramsey

(adv. Loud Band offered 4th period)

The Really Old-Time Fiddle ensemble (Violin, viola, cello): Brandi Berry

We will explore dances and tunes of the 17th century.

Baroque Master Class (Recorders, flutes, viols/cellos, keyboard players. A): Héloïse Degrugillier, Frances Fitch

Participants will be asked to bring two solo pieces they know well in order to receive coaching in a master class setting. Participants will also work on ensemble pieces.

Accademia: Instruments and Voices (Pre-registration): Sarah Mead, Michael Barrett

A full day intensive High Renaissance Ensemble Program for advanced voices, viol and wind players. (16th c. viols and recorders provided for student use.)


English Country Dance for All (B and up): Gene Murrow

Music by: Frances Fitch, Brandi Berry: Connecting with the Music and with your Community. We'll dance favorites from the canon, recent classics, joyous romps, elegant gems, and stately pavanes, while learning good dancing practices that benefit everyone. All are welcome, from new dancers to seasoned dancers!

Absolute Beginner's Class (Sunday only) (B): Mary Briggs, Chris Rua

Please note: Absolute Beginner’s Class will be offered the first day to learn basic steps. The class will then join the English Country Dance Class for All with advanced "angels" assisting.

Advanced English Country Dance (A): Graham Christian

Music by: Cynthia Shaw, Emily O'Brien: For dancers thoroughly comfortable with English country dance figures. Bring your brain, as we'll learn some of the more complicated dances in the repertoire, both old and new (and we may do some dances without walk-throughs). And bring your dancing body, as we'll also spend time on how we dance – the style points that increase your enjoyment and that of your fellow dancers.


Collegium “Titans of the Renaissance” (Voices, recorders, flutes, strings. I-HI): Chris Rua, Larry Zukof

From the sublime to the earthy, we will explore gorgeous sacred and secular settings by the great masters and influencers of the Renaissance. Works by Josquin, Isaac, Byrd, Guerrero, Victoria and others. There will be some break-out sessions for the singers while the players read instrumental pieces.

Medieval Dances, Sung and Played (Voices, instruments, percussion. I-A): Christa Patton

Sing the words, play the tune, improvise... In addition to the finely crafted French and Italian courtly dances spanning the 12th to 14th centuries, we will explore the tradition of “danced songs:” balader, ballare, to dance; virelai from the verb virer, to twist; carola, carol, querole, a circle or line dance. Bring percussion and any instrument that you think you can most easily “wail on.”

Baroque Ensemble (Recorders, flutes. HI-A): Héloïse Degrugillier

This ensemble will focus on various arrangements of dance movements from the High Baroque including works by Telemann and from the Bach Orchestral Suites.

Recorder Boot Camp (UB-LI): Alexa Raine-Wright

Hone your tone, strengthen your rhythm and get some serious technical advice on how to improve your playing and musicianship. Participants will be divided into two sections, based on level, and work on a series of musical exercises, as well as problem-solve and overcome difficult parts of that stymie you. Exercises will focus on tone quality, breathing, rhythm, thumb technique, learning C or F fingerings, tuning, and more.

Rate The Professor: A Renaissance Ensemble (Recorder, flute, string, harp, lute, sackbut. HI and up): Mack Ramsey

Trace the lineage, student to teacher, from the apex of c1600 Venice, back to the Netherlandish School including works by the Gabrielis, Willaert, Mouton and others.

Playing for English Country Dance (Any instrument. Players with reasonable sight-reading facility): Gene Murrow

The music of England's social/folk dance tradition is unusual in its embrace of a wide variety of musical forms and sources including European Renaissance-era dances, English ballads, Baroque theatre songs and dances, folk songs, as well as contemporary tunes drawing on a variety of international genres. Playing for dancers is a thrill, and learning to make this variety of music danceable is a valuable skill for any musician. Traditionally, the required techniques are handed down from mentors to students, and so we’ll work on ensemble skills, styling, and improvisation as a group.

It’s Hip to Be Square (Dancers. A): Graham Christian

In this class, we will look at several dances for fixed numbers, especially squares for eight--dances from Playford collections, cotillons, quadrilles, and more. We will look at some period-appropriate footwork; if there is time, we may look at the minuet step also.

Body Mapping: What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body (Open to all): Frances Fitch

Come and develop a more accurate mental map of your body's ingenious construction. Play or sing with greater ease, avoid injury, and even improve those pesky aches and pains that can result from playing your instrument (or using a computer). This class is fun, fascinating and helpful.

Accademia: Instruments and Voices (Pre-registration): Lisa Terry, Michael Barrett, Emily O’Brien


Chorus: Networks -- exploring connections among Renaissance composers and their works (Singers. All): Michael Barrett

Composers in the 16th century learned from one another through apprenticeships, the study of one another's work, and by the occasional friendly compositional competition. This summer the chorus will rehearse and perform a selection of works that demonstrate some of the intimate interrelationships of 16th-century composers and their craft. Featured composers will include Willaert, Lassus, Ockeghem, Josquin, and more!

Masters of Theater Music from 17th C. England and Spain (Recorders, strings. HI and up): Brandi Berry

In this class we'll explore dance and incidental music for the theater by, Blow, Locke and his great student Henry Purcell. We'll also add a sprinkling of excerpts of Spanish Zarzuelas from works by Mateo Romero and Juan Hidalgo de Polanco.

Recorder Orchestra: Banchetto Musicale (Recorders. HI-A): Larry Zukof

Isaac/Senfl, Gabrieli/Hassler, Buxtehude/Bach, are just a few examples of composer pairs we’ll explore as we look at the influences of one on the other. Sensuous, sparkling, and expressive pieces spanning the ages from renaissance to modern. Rep for the orchestra/consort will be chosen depending on the number and variety of instrument sizes.

Music with Her Silver Sound (Recorders. I-HI): Eric Haas

Songs and ballads from the plays of William Shakespeare: The Bard’s 38 plays include only a few dozen formal songs, but are filled with musical allusions and snatches of popular ballads of the day which served as musical cues for the audience. We’ll explore some of the best-known songs (O mistress mine, It was a lover and his lass) and more obscure ballads (Sir Eglamore, Mad Tom o’Bedlam, etc.).

Balkan and Beyond: Ethnic Folk Music for Playing (Recorders, strings, other instruments, including chordal instruments, percussion. I-A): Daphna Mor

Generations of anonymous masters have passed down this mainly oral repertoire of folk and traditional music to students and to future masters, teaching them the melodies and the performance practice of ornamentation and interpretation. In this class we will enjoy musical treasure from North Africa, the Balkan region, the Middle East and the Sephardic Diaspora.

Recorder Boot Camp (UB-I): Héloïse Degrugillier, Chris Rua

Hone your tone, strengthen your rhythm and get some serious technical advice on how to improve your playing and musicianship. Participants will be divided into two sections, based on level, and work on a series of musical exercises, as well as problem-solve and overcome difficulties that stymie you. Exercises will focus on tone quality, breathing, rhythm, thumb technique, learning C or F fingerings, tuning, and more.

Renaissance Loud Band (Cornetto, shawm, sackbut, dulcian. HI-A): Mack Ramsey

Hark the Lark: An Introduction to the Baroque Flute (Instruments available for loan. B): Alexa Raine-Wright

Have you always wanted to try the Baroque flute? With an easier embouchure than the Renaissance flute, this could be your entry into expanding your musical horizons. By the week's end we will be playing beautiful and lively melodies, duets, and maybe even trios.

Follow the Piper: An Introduction to the Renaissance Bagpipe (Instruments provided for the week. B): Christa Patton

Strains of bagpipes will waft once again through the pines of camp this August. Those curious with strong of lip and lung, come and learn the secrets of this delightful instrument. Pipe sets will be available for loan throughout the week (if you already have a pipe, let us know in advance).

Accademia: Instruments only (Pre-registration): Sarah Mead, Lisa Terry

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Advanced ECD Pat Shaw: Here, There, and Everywhere – Robert Moir

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Eric Martin, Chris Rua We shall explore the dances of Pat Shaw, being aware of his enthusiasm tempered with dedication. We shall aim to balance dance quality with dealing with the complexity of the figures. This session will encompass Pat's own dances and music as well as some of his researched dances from the 17th and 18th centuries.

ECD for All: Harmony in Motion – Robin Hayden

Music by: Jean Monroe, Mary Lea Throughout the week, while dancing some of the loveliest and liveliest dances in the classic and contemporary English country repertoire, we'll look at techniques for understanding and improving the way we move and thus the way we express ourselves within this idiom, individually, as partners, and as a set. The program, while accessible to newer dancers, will offer distinct and satisfying challenges to any lifelong learner.

Advanced Clog – Lucy Huzzard

Music by: Doug Creighton We will begin with a set of 3/2 hornpipe steps, exploring these popular tunes from the North East and unusual clog rhythms. We will also work on the fabulous Lily of Laguna steps - a mix of English clog steps and tap style, incorporating a fun use of space! And we will challenge ourselves as advanced dancers, building on what we already know to improvise and flex our creativity, individually and as a group.


ECD for All: Pat Shaw’s Legacy – Robert Moir

Music by: Jean Monroe, Chris Rua Friends and followers of Pat Shaw and his legacy today. As well as dances written for Pat, there will be a wide variety of compositions by those who have followed in his footsteps in the UK and Europe.

Cotswold Morris for All – Gillian Stewart

Music by: Doug Creighton

Cowper Family Waltz Clog for All – Lucy Huzzard

Music by: Alex Cumming We will learn the basics of English clog, going through common steps, motifs and style. We will learn the charming Cowper Family waltz steps, collected in 1983 from Marrion Cowper, who taught in Cumbria in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. We will also exercise our choreography skills with a jig Lucy learnt as a child that she knows only as the 'Fox and Geese jig,' and have a go at writing a few steps ourselves with what we've learnt. Suitable for anyone with a sense of rhythm! Wear clogs/other hard soled shoes.

English Dance Leaders Course (Pre-registration) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Kathy Talvitie


Gathering – Lisa Greenleaf


ECD for All: Theme and Variations – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Eric Martin In the world of English dancing, there are so many things that keep dancers coming back week after week, and day after day. And there are reasons why it's hard to name just one dance as your favorite. On each class day, we'll explore a different category of dances people love. Themes may include: new dances, triple time dances, no walk-through dances, energetic dances, reconstructions, etc.

Advanced ECD: Pat Shaw: Stretching the Boundaries – Robert Moir

Music by: Kathy Talvitie, Mary Lea This will be an opportunity for dedicated dancers to sample some of Pat Shaw's "essentially connoisseurs' dances". We shall be looking for the sublime in some of his more challenging dances though always bearing in mind his enthusiastic inventiveness linked to the need for empathetic performance.

Rapper (2 classes, by level) – Lucy Huzzard, Gillian Stewart

Music by: lydia ievins, Alex Cumming Rapper is fast, furious, and fabulously fun. If you've ever wanted to tie yourself into knots in a musical manner whilst linked to four of your closest friends by pieces of sprung steel, all while keeping within the space confines of a typical British pub, look no further. This class will offer campers the opportunity to learn new figures, explore dance choreography, and sharpen stepping technique. Bring hard-soled shoes and an interest in trying something new- whatever your experience level! Lucy and Gillian will co-teach the first class, then divide folks into sets based on experience, interest, and dance level for the remainder of the session.


Contras & Squares: Afternoon Delights – Lisa Greenleaf

Music by: Kathy Talvitie, Eric Martin, lydia ievins What could be better than dancing to great music in a beautiful open air pavilion? This workshop features a fine selection of contras and squares with an emphasis on good connection and skillful style.

ECD for All: For Those Who Want to Know – Robin Hayden

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Chris Rua These are the dances you know you want to know: the gems of our repertoire. Attend class, and you'll be ready for the "for those who know" dances at the start of each evening. Beginners will learn the dance patterns and more experienced dancers will work on some of the subtle refinements that make these dances so beloved.

Longsword for All – Gillian Stewart

Music by: Doug Creighton Hailing from the north of England, longsword is stately, graceful, and surprisingly athletic. This class will teach one of the dances performed by Orion Longsword; dances which incorporate traditional longsword figures and stylistic elements into modern choreography. Open to all levels of experience, please wear supportive shoes with good tread (eg, sneakers).

English Dance Leaders Course (Pre-registration) – Joanna Reiner


Open Mic – Robin Hayden

Music by: Jean Monroe, lydia ievins Come one and all! Callers and dancers are all welcome to play their part in this network of mutual support for dance leaders of all levels of experience, including anyone wishing to step up to the mic for the first time. Our focus will be on striving for a satisfying experience for all -- success for the caller, comfort for the musicians, joy for the dancers, and pride among assembled leaders at each other's accomplishments and growth. This is decidedly not a forum for trying out challenging or new-to-you-and-us repertoire: we will instead work towards the best possible presentation of dances we know well. Callers will receive structured feedback in a supportive environment.

Musicians workshop – Mary Lea

Band class will be an opportunity for musicians to explore classic and recently-composed English country dance tunes of differing meters, moods and keys. We'll focus on danceability, phrasing, harmony and arrangement ideas, and if time and space permit, can try some ensemble playing. There isn't time to teach tunes by ear so a reading knowledge of music (or a very quick ear) and more than basic proficiency on your instrument will be necessary.

Yoga – Emma Conroy

Dancing all day and all night takes its toll on the body. In our daily yoga sessions, I will draw on a variety of techniques and traditions to create classes particular to the needs of whoever shows up - so please join us! My aim is to bring comfort and ease to perhaps achy bodies, while helping you build the strength that will support your daily activity and dancing.

Songs on the Porch – Alex Cumming

Do you have a song you just can't wait to sing? A chorus song you love hearing harmonies too? An old gem that you would love to bring back? Or do you just want to sit back and be entertained? Then come along to an informal sing on the porch. Each day will feature a different theme including Death & Distruction, Love, Lust & Loveliness, Booze & Bemusment, and more. Open to all singers, hair brush divas, part time yodelers and those who want to listen.

Contras and Squares

Mindbending Contras (and more) – Cis Hinkle

Music by: Rodney Miller, Emily Troll, Max Newman: For those who want a little more spice in their dancing experience, we’ll explore some tricky moves, unexpected twists, and challenging timing in a variety of dance formations.

New Language of Contras – Lisa Greenleaf

Music by: Rodney Miller, Sam Bartlett, Max Newman, Stuart Kenney: There’s a new and exciting landscape of contra dancing, with cool figures as well as thoughtful options for role terminology. We will do lots of exploring and stylish dancing, all the while enjoying the motivating groove of The Stringrays.

Traditional Squares from Mid-Century to the New Millennium – Cis Hinkle

Music by: Sam Bartlett, Julie Metcalf, Stuart Kenney: In the 1950s, just before rock 'n' roll, square dancing swept the country. Creativity and innovation were all the rage, and new takes on the simple square dance form were invented every day. That inventive spirit is still alive and well among "traditional" square dance composers of today. Come enjoy some fresh ideas from a bygone age, as well as contemporary spins on this traditional form.

More dancing

Whirled Dance – Tom Roby

Music by: Aaron Marcus, Tim Ball, Emily Troll: Fabulous dances from around the world, primarily couple, with a focus on interesting patterns and improvisatory possibilities. We'll include dances that show up occasionally at contradances or at Mostly Waltz sessions, and provide general tips for better dancing.

Waltz Secrets – Tom Roby

Music by: Aaron Marcus, Julie Metcalf, Tim Ball: Wend your way through the wealth of waltz possibilities, while elevating your dancing with technique and partnering skills.

English Country Gems – Tom Roby

Music by: Aaron Marcus, Tim Ball, Emily Troll: Sample the best of contra's elegant ancestor, English Country Dancing. We'll enjoy dances ranging from zesty to lyrical, historical to modern, all to breathtakingly beautiful music. No English experience necessary!

Flatfooting (Beginner/Intermediate) – Aaron Marcus

Music by: Julie Metcalf: Flatfoot, buckdance, and Appalachian clog are different names for some of the percussive dance traditions that originated in the southern Appalachians to the music of banjos, fiddles and mountain dulcimers. Students will learn the elements of flatfoot dance not only as dancers, but as musicians, serving as a critical link between the dance and music. We will work on improvisation skills and create routines, and in the process we will learn how this dance relates to percussive dance styles in Quebec, Scotland, Ireland, and England. Bring a pair of leather-soled shoes if you have them (vintage clothing stores are a great place to find such shoes).


Zen of Contradance Fiddling – Rodney Miller

This class is all about finding the flow of techniques and tunes, and is suitable for intermediate to advanced level of fiddling. Beginners are welcome to sit in and meditate.

Red Case Tunes – Stuart Kenney

An innovative, all inclusive music workshop featuring Stuart's original music compositions. We will integrate tunes, spoken word, rhythms and groove into a frenzy of heartfelt music. Bring instruments (any level), voices, and percussion. Come experience how tone and movement weave a groove for the human soul.

Jam Time with Julie – Julie Metcalf

Join us to learn some new tunes and wail away on old favorites: Northern, old-time, waltz time and everything in between! We'll enjoy the magic of playing music together. All levels and all instruments welcome. Let's party!


Harmony Singing – Jeremy Carter-Gordon

Let's dive into harmony, both the familiar and the less-so. Everything will be taught by ear, but for those who like little dots, some songs will have music as well. Come and explore all the ways we can sing together!

Songs of Social Struggle – Jeremy Carter-Gordon

We will look at the past 400 years of songs from working class movements for peoples' rights in the U.S. and U.K., and sing them for today. From the Diggers movement in 17th century England, to striking Kentucky coal miners in the 1930s, from The Peoples Charter and disenfranchisement in the UK 150 years ago, to women working in the textile mills marching against greedy bosses at the turn of the 20th century, these songs still hold a powerful message.


Make A Cranky – Sam Bartlett

Bartlett’s No-Talent Drawing Salon: We’ll focus as a group on drawing a Cranky Show (a moving visual story, illustrated on a long piece of paper, and then cranked by hand between two spindles), but people can also make their own mini crankies and there will be supplies for everyone to go crazy with drawing! Drawing tips provided by Mr. Bartlett, but free to be ignored by you!

Movement Improvement with Tai Chi – Cis Hinkle

Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese meditative martial art, is sometimes called “swimming in the air.” Come learn how to use of some of these gentle and powerful movements to enhance your dance experience with more flexibility, strength, balance, and flow. You’ll feel better at the end of class than when you came in, guaranteed!

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All-Camp Chorale – the singing staff

The morning chorale brings the entire camp together to start the day with a 75 minute singing session where our diverse singing staff take turns leading harmony songs both by ear and from written music. The material will range from easy and fun to more challenging (and still fun!) A big sing at the end of the week will be a review of the highlights of this session. The repertoire may include English chorus songs, Spirituals, Shape-note songs, Early Music, African choral music, and newly-written songs.


Contras and Squares – Nils Fredland

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Nicholas Williams, Owen Morrison Spend the week dancing your way through the broad and rich repertoire of traditional American social dancing. Contras, Squares, and more! Nils will make sure that everyone - from the newest to the most nimble - feels welcome on the dance floor, and engaged by the selection of dances.

English Dance – Sue Rosen

Music by: Anna Patton, Dave Wiesler, Eden MacAdam-Somer We will explore the wide range of wonderful English country dances from the traditional barn dance to the treasured Playford repertoire and the latest gems from both sides of the pond. With glorious music, we'll have fun and dance beautifully.

Intro to American & English Dance – Peter Amidon

Music by: Bruce Rosen, Betsy Branch We will do a succession of dances that will teach the fundamentals of contra and English country dancing so that you can enjoy more deeply the evening dances and dancing in your community. The focus is always on musicality, flow, and good choreography. This is a great class both for beginning dancers, and for experienced dancers interested in a feast of tips, techniques and repertoire for teaching dance.


Singing on the Porch

Come sing along or bring a song to share in this informal session of chorus songs, well-known folk and popular songs, and more!

as scheduled

Vocal Technique Mini-Lessons – Cristi Catt

Enjoy 20 minutes of attention to your singing voice - entirely tailored to your specific needs and interests. You may want to explore your range, find more ease in using your voice the way you want to, or address a specific issue. Mini-lessons will be offered at various times of day, by sign-up. Campers also have to option to sign up for a 2-person lesson. This is for singers with ANY level of experience.


Creating Partner Connection – Tresne Hernandez

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Dave Wiesler How can I improve my partner dancing? How do I express the music with my dancing? You will find answers to these questions in this class! Through waltz, east coast swing, and engaging exercises, this class will give you insight into how to make your dance connections more delightful, satisfying, and (dare I say it) connected.

Madrigals of the Renaissance – Eden MacAdam-Somer

Madrigals are songs for several voices, often centered around themes of love, nature, or death. In this class, we'll hone in on rhythmic details, dynamics, phrasing, ensemble work, and building reading skills, all while reveling in the beautiful sounds of these works.

English Traditional Folksong – John Roberts

Various scholars have "divided up" English folksong according to subject matter, in categories that are rarely mutually exclusive. We'll take a look at some agricultural songs, industrial songs, narrative ballads, sea songs (chanteys and forebitters), occupational songs in general, "joke" songs, songs being written "in the tradition," and anything else we can think of as time allows. Many will have choruses, so bring your voice with you.

American Duets and Trios – Mia Bertelli

Explore the nuanced possibilities of duo and trio singing! The magic of singing in a small group is unlike any other, and holds a wealth of delicious possibility because no two voices are the same, and no harmonies are set in stone. We’ll draw from several American stylistic traditions and their accompanying techniques, and play with blending, rhythm and phrasing, vowel shape, vocal tone, thoughtful ornamentation, and close listening to build comfort singing one on a part and navigating the terrain of small group harmony with courage, inspiration, and sensitivity. We will primarily learn set harmonies but there can be room for playing with variations on those if there is interest.

Swing Harmony Singing – Anna Patton

Come sing harmony arrangements of songs from the swing era as well as contemporary pieces in the swing and blues idioms. The ensemble will work on blend and precision in close harmonies in the style of groups like the Andrews Sisters and Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross. We will also spend some time working on aural skills and playing with chord progressions. Recommended for singers who like a challenge, and who either read music or have quick ears. We will work up a few songs to sing for swing and blues dancing!

Musicians Workshop – Nicholas Williams

Playing with texture - less notes, more sounds. This workshop is geared to musicians who are interested in exploring ways to create varied palette of musical accompaniment, whether playing for a dance, backing up a singer, or just for fun. We’ll explore interplay within a musical ensemble, and learning how to trust your ears. Open to all instruments and skill levels.

Traditional Dance for Music Teachers & Community Leaders (Pre-registration) – Peter Amodon


Morris Dance for All – Alex Cumming

Music by: Emily Troll Join Alex as he guides you through the basics of the fabulous English dance tradition of Cotswold Morris. We will look at a few styles including the Bampton Hanky dances and Adderbury Stick Dances, there may been be a chance to create your own too!

Social Songs – John Roberts

If there's one thing that defines folk songs above all others, it's that they're meant for sharing. So come and spend an hour each day with songs that go well with social gatherings and celebrations, and are often an important part of them: songs that are sung for the sheer enjoyment of the music and the company. They say people are happier when they sing - and there's a hypothesis we can attempt to prove.

Practice Session for All Camp Chorale – Dave Wiesler

This session is a time to go over any of the All Camp Chorale music that you are finding challenging. There may also be time for sight reading tips and a bit of ear training. Enjoy getting deeper into the repertoire by working on it at a relaxed pace.

The Choral Project – Nils Fredland

Nothing knits a group of singers together like engaging in the work of bringing a challenging choral piece to life. We will spend the week focused on two large-scale works - one classical and one contemporary - exploring beyond the notes to make some great music. All levels welcome, but music-reading is necessary.

Accompanying Songs and Tunes on the Guitar – Owen Morrison

This class will explore ideas and concepts for accompanying songs and fiddle tunes. Amongst bits of music theory, technique and finesse, we will find little things you can do to give each song or tune a little more power. We'll cover a sampling of approaches, both with a pick and without, that can lend variety to a set of music. Although there will be some guitar specific instruction, other accompanists are welcome to join.

Yiddish Folk Song – Eden MacAdam-Somer

Eden will share her passion for the tradition of Yiddish song, from its folk roots in Eastern Europe to musical theater in New York. We'll work with field recordings and lyric sheets, learning a bit about the history as we go. Students are welcome to bring a notebook and a recording device.

Traditional Dance for Music Teachers & Community Leaders (Pre-registration) – Peter Amodon

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins


Blues Dance – Tresne Hernandez

Music by: Owen Morrison, Mia Bertelli, Anna Patton Blues dance is a collection of dances done to blues music, and has a rich history spanning over a hundred years. It was born in African-American communities across the United States. In this class, you will learn the blues dance aesthetic, as well as some of the incredible variety of blues movements. You will also learn different tools to connect with the music and each other.

Medieval Folk Roots – Cristi Catt

Singers are invited to join Cristi Catt to explore songs that have slipped in and out of oral and written traditions over the centuries. We will sing French folk songs with medieval roots and medieval French songs with folk roots as well as the lovely cantigas de amigo, love songs of Vigo thought lost forever but discovered in a Madrid bookshop in 1914. The group will create new arrangements of these melodies through singing together.

4-Part English Folksong – Alex Cumming

Join Alex in a fun journey through English folk song in 4 part harmony. We will look at some of Cecil Sharp's first collected songs in Somerset, an arrangement by Alex’s band The Teacups, some fun three and four part rounds and maybe even sing a tune for dance! Friendly workshop open to all.

Global Village Community Chorus – Nicholas Williams

We will take a harmonious vocal romp across the globe, with an itinerary that includes singing traditions from South Africa, Quebec, Eastern Europe, England, France, and Georgia. All songs will be taught mainly by ear, and will be accessible to singers of all skill levels.

Beg/Int Banjo – John Roberts

We will cover the basics of frailing, including "drop-thumb," aiming at learning a few tunes in melodic clawhammer style. We'll learn several different tunings to play some old-timey tunes in this style, and also look at examples of how the techniques may be used for song accompaniments.

Uke for Joy! – Nils Fredland

No experience necessary, but you will need to provide your own instrument, tuned G-C-E-A. The class will build the skills of beginner to intermediate ukulele players, with a focus on learning through playing songs! Essential chords and strumming patterns, choosing the right key for your voice, and discovering the therapeutic aspects of playing one of the happiest instruments on the planet. (AND we'll learn the necessary skill of sitting on the Long Pond dock while dangling your toes in the water and playing your favorite water-themed ditty...).

Intermediate Fiddle – Betsy Branch

If you have good basic skills on fiddle, but want to learn some techniques that will enhance your abilities as a dance fiddler, this is a great class for you. We can tailor the class to the needs of the group, but there will be especial focus on making tunes danceable, and on making sure that you are using your body in the most efficient way so as not to injure yourself. We will learn several tunes by ear in the course of the week.


Open Sessions

Staff and campers are invited to offer 'one-off' sessions during this time.

Harmony Singing by Ear – Betsy Branch

Learn tools to create your own harmonies. We will learn some basic music theory, and create lots of human chords. We will learn songs from a variety of traditions, and work as a class on coming up with harmony ideas for the songs. We will also practice some different approaches to creating harmony. All are welcome----no music reading or previous music theory knowledge required.

Singers Yoga – Cristi Catt

Learn to sing with your whole body, combining motion and vocalization. Yoga can open and strengthen the body, balance and energize the breath, cultivate an awareness of the use and release of tension, and quiet the mind. We will use motion to find and remember specific paths that lead to feeling more open and balanced when singing. No experience with Yoga necessary.

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