July 15 - 22, 2017



Put down your screens. Leave behind the hustle and stress of your every-day life. Pack up your dancing shoes, your instruments, and your festive attire. Come to laughter, music, song, and allemandes. Come and remember the joy of creating something new and fun. Come be with people from many generations. Come to the woods, to the land between the ponds!

Family Week at Pinewoods truly is a place of magic and joy. The week provides campers with opportunities to share traditional English and American dance, music, and song, as well as the beauty of the outdoors. This is a great way to spend time with your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, or other children dear to you. Adults without children are also welcome. Whether you're looking for a community experience, special family time, or a chance to grow your intergenerational dance, music, and song repertoire, Family Week at Pinewoods will provide you with a wonderful folk emersion experience.

Our staff includes top notch teachers and musicians from across the country. Susan Michaels, joining us from Seattle, WA, will bring us a zesty variety of American Squares, Contras, and Storytelling. Dorothy Cumming, hailing from New York, will share enticing English Country Dances that explore the Many Moods of Pat Shaw, and reveal new ways to savor ECD. Claudio Buchwald and Sam Bartlett are returning from Bloomington, IN, to infuse the week with excellent music, stunts, marble machines and general good fun. Karina Wilson from Santa Fe, NM, is joining this year with her own mix of fantastic fiddling and slow groove mastery, along with Jonathan Jensen from Baltimore and lydia ievins from western MA, who will share their expertise on dance band musicality. Aidan Murphy from Vermont, and Elvie Miller from Ireland, round out the musician group, each adding to the magic of the week.

And I haven't even gotten to the phenomenal kids' staff! There's nothing better than watching the young campers become fast friends and co-conspirators, or seeing the pride on their faces as they share their dances and creations at the end of the week. Deirdre Murtha, Jody Kruskal, Gillian Stewart, Abby Laddin, and Hope Tarter will create an energizing and engaging program for the younger campers. Country dancing, percussive dancing, singing, folk stories, longsword, mummers' play, and instrument-making - what more could you ask for? And I'll be coming up from Asheville, NC, to lead us all in intergenerational dancing, facilitating creative controlled chaos at the art table, and making sure everyone is well cared for during the week.

These are memories and friendships that last a lifetime. This is what my children have been waiting for all year long. And this year is going to be magical year! I hope to see you there.

~ Katy German, Program Director

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