July 29 - August 5, 2017



In the working world, when you have a professional credential, you are required to have a certain amount of professional development experiences annually to maintain that credential. As callers and English dance leaders in our communities, there is no such requirement. And though it’s hard to get fired from our jobs, there is still a need for ongoing learning and attention to this sport we love so much. This callers class, geared toward callers with a minimum of 2-3 years of English dance calling experience and at least 5 years of regular English dance attendance, will be your English calling CPE credits for the year!

As English dancers, we all benefit from having a diversity of callers who care about the dance form - its technique and repertoire, its history and future. But this knowledge only informs a good caller, it doesn’t necessarily make one. This course will start with the discussion of what makes a good caller, and encourage participants to identify what they bring to the table, and what skills they need to develop. The class will encourage self-reflection, and will include critique and the opportunity to support and be supported by a cohort. Callers should sign up for this class with a genuine desire to learn new things, try different ways of teaching and calling, and grow and change as a caller.

The course will include dancing, discussion, small group work, observation, and practice calling.

Among many topics, we will discuss:

  1. Teaching vs. calling
  2. Paying attention
  3. The responsibilities of a caller off the dance floor, on the dance floor, and at the microphone
  4. Finding your niche in the calling world
  5. Developing good habits

By the end of this course, you will have developed a set of personal goals for your teaching, and crafted a plan to achieve them.

This program, held concurrently with English Dance Week, is designed and led by Joanna Reiner.


The course is geared toward callers with a minimum of 2-3 years of English dance calling experience and at least 5 years of regular English dance attendance. The course is limited to 16 callers. If the class is oversubscribed on March 13, preference will be given to those who call in smaller English dance communities without a plethora of callers, and to those who became English callers without a formal apprenticeship and/or with limited mentoring. There can also be some preference to applicants supported by their local community. Strong indicators for CDSS are our Group Priority and Matching Scholarship processes, where a CDSS affiliate vouches for a participant and may offer some scholarship, asking CDSS to match that amount (www.cdss.org/support-services/insurance-group-services/priority-matching-scholarships). This is a statement by people who know the individual, that the person is deserving of assistance and would benefit the local community by attending camp. That can count highly in this and in our scholarship considerations.

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