Campers' Week

August 19 - 26, 2017



Campers' Week is equal parts music, dance, community, and tradition. This multi-generational, family oriented folk music and dance week is, for many, a cherished return “home”—and if it hasn't been for you yet, consider yourself warned: this may be the beginning of your favourite annual tradition!

There are many elements of this week that make it special, but most notably, what makes the week unique is what YOU, the camper, bring to it! In addition to the core schedule led by a small staff, the schedule will be filled by camper offerings. We have had a wide variety of camper offerings in the past ranging from couple dancing, morris dancing, story readings, crafts, and even wilderness survival training. Anything goes!

Each day, children ages 0-12 will have one morning, and one afternoon class, focusing on music and social and ritual dance. Teenagers are integral to the community, with opportunities for leadership throughout the week as well as a designated daily class.

Each morning, the whole camp processes to Morning Gathering where all ages can share dances, songs and stories. Little ones will have another chance to dance with the whole camp at a Community Dance before our Evening Gathering where we will share even more songs, stories, jokes, tricks and tunes.

Ages 0-8 will be led to their cabins for bedtime by a singing “pied piper” in the evening, while the rest of us proceed to the Evening Dance, which features a combination of American and English social dances. The band is a pick-up band each night so feel free to join in as you like!

Some evenings will feature scheduled after-dance activities such as skit night, pub sing, and a live auction to raise funds for CDSS. Impromptu jamming, singing, and dancing is always an option on any night of the week.

There are always a few extra-special nights at camp as well, including a costume ball on Wednesday, and a beautiful farewell on Friday.

When you are weary, there's always time to relax, canoe, and listen to the wind in the trees.

The week is yours, come and join us for a magical week!

~ Hannah Naiman, Program Director


The Basic Program – to be added to by campers

Wee Ones (ages 0-3):

Smalls (ages 4-6):

Middles (ages 7-9):

Talls (ages 10-12):

Teens (ages 13-17):

Adults and teens can start their day with a with a wide palette of English Country Dances... In the afternoon, Contras and Squares ...

Feel like singing during morning swim time? Join in Singing on the Porch, a daily song swap. Eager to play for dancing? We will coordinate daytime musicians, matching up willing players with classes that need them; and make sure that our evening dance bands run smoothly. Everyone at camp is encouraged to share something with the rest of us at our daily gatherings.


Each evening at Campers' Week ends with an all camp gathering, an evening dance, and post-dance activities. As dusk settles over the Camphouse gathering, a Pied Piper leads families with children age 8 and younger to their cabins, where the parents put their children to bed. 9-12 year old children join in the first half of the evening dance, until their bedtime. While adults and teens are at the evening dance, roving monitors listen for wakeful children. If a child is uncomfortable, the monitor will alert the parents at the dance. Families are expected to prepare their children for these scheduled bedtimes.

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