August 14 - 21, 2016



Does the idea of a summer camp program for adults appeal to you? In August of 2016, you can escape to a camp on the shores of Lake Huron for a week of dancing, music, arts, crafts, outdoor activities, and more, led by world-class instructors! Hone your skills, learn new ones, or just revel in the opportunity to do things you love with like-minded people.

From English country dances to contras and squares, from photography to kayaking, from comedy improv to lakeshore ecology, from mumming to tune-writing, from sunrise to late-night campfires, expect to be delighted. Come prepared to expand your horizons and to be amazed by the creativity and talent of staff and campers alike. We welcome newcomers, old hands and everyone in between. Join us for an unforgettable week of friendship and joy at CDSS’ newest week: Camp at Cavell.

Extraordinary Staff

Our staff leads the way in expanding horizons… They dance! They call! They teach! They play! They sing! They quilt! Many of them have hidden talents! And they're fun to hang around with, too!

David, Dana and Carol will delight you with a lovely mix of English and American dances. David will lead an ECD calling class as well. The callers amongst you will have a chance to share your favorite dances, too, during daily camper-led sessions. John and Laurie will lead the display dance side of the program with morris, longsword, and Ontario step dance classes. Laurie will also lead a Bollywood dance class.

Musicians Amy, Andrew, Daniel, Earl, Karen, Maria, Noah, and Rachel will conjure glorious melodies, rich harmonies and lively improvisations to send us into dance ecstasy. In addition to dancing to them, you'll have opportunities during the day to join our staff in making music, both instrumental and vocal.

The “spice” component of our camp is an exciting and novel addition to the programming. If you’d like to take a break from dance and music for a bit, or even spend your entire day (and evening!) doing other things, we have plenty of offerings. Doug, Amy, Karen, Maria, Andrew, and John will keep you busy with birding, ecology, mumming, quilting, comedy improv, art, storytelling, photography, technical tree climbing, snorkeling, horseback riding, and kayaking.

As if that’s not enough, every day will feature an assortment of camper-led sessions. We don’t know what these will be yet, because you haven’t told us. What would you like to add to the mix?

Come Join Us

The staff is just the foundation of this camp; you're the ones who make it happen! The only prerequisite is a willingness to join in the fun. The bottom line: catch up on your sleep before you come to camp! See you on the shores of Lake Huron….

~ Carol Ormand, Program Director

What is Spice?

The new CDSS Dance, Music, and Spice Camp at Camp Cavell is a new concept for summer dance camp programs. It includes the traditional folk music, dance, and song activities familiar to CDSS members and its camp participants, but it will encompass a broader range of folk traditions and related activities. The intention is to serve a broader constituency in the folk community with the emphasis still being on the values that we, as dancers, musicians, and singers, hold so dear. Spice means an offering of a variety of programs, including Great Lakes beach ecology (nature), active outdoor camp activities (e.g., kayaking, tree climbing, and birding), gourmet cooking, games, and folk art activities such as quilting, photography, and possibly puppetry, weaving, or felting. Spice programming events will also be offered in the evenings in parallel to the usual evening dances.

Spice is Nice because…

  • Some who come to camp bring a friend, partner, or spouse who doesn’t dance, sing, or play music as much as they do. Spice programming offers a parallel track of activities that allows everyone to be firmly engaged in the camp community.
  • Some are not able or do not want to dance all day and into the night, but would like to engage in other activities and learning experiences for part of the day, while remaining involved in traditional dance, music, and song activities.
  • Some are looking for a range of folk-based, outdoor, or camping experiences that are complementary to, and thereby enhance, their participation in traditional music, dance, and song.
  • Some want to expand their dance, music, and song camp experience to include other folks who share similar community based values, and they want to interact with those folks in a greater variety of ways.
  • Some look to CDSS for leadership and guidance in growing their home dance communities and implementing broader community outreach, and CDSS’s Spice programming at dance camp will provide that guidance.


This is an adult program. We can accept people as young as 13; anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. We expect any minors to be fully involved in the programming.

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