American Dance & Music Week at Pinewoods

August 6 - 13, 2016



Welcome to American Week where friends, old and new, gather together for a memorable music and dance experience in the pines between the ponds. You will have lots to choose from the enticing menu of classes we’ve assembled for you. We’ve gathered many of America's finest dance teachers and musicians to mix and match into creative ensembles for this rich and varied program. This multi-talented staff is excited to be coming together to provide us with a unique dancing and musical experience and opportunities to learn from these masters.

Do you love contras, squares and waltz? Want to be part of the Dare to be Square revolution and learn to call exciting squares? Feel like kicking up your heels in the old Irish style of sean-nós step dance? You’ll find all of this at American Week plus a daily session of English country dance for all. Bring your dance shoes and lots of energy. We’ll have daily stretching sessions to keep you loose and limber, morning contras to wake you up, and afternoon squares and more challenging contras to spice up the mix.

Can’t dance all day? Not a problem. Bring your instruments and your voices because this week promises a full program of music classes and more. Come and try something new under the guidance of teachers who are experts in their fields, and who will have you playing and singing with your heart and soul. Choose from two very different singing classes, some band ensembles, old time jamming, instrument classes, and learn some new tunes by ear. Learn to sketch the beautiful landscape, carve out some time to sit on the porch, take a swim, jam or nap, but don’t miss the daily gathering where we’ll join for some singing, stunts, laughs and concerts.

Evening dance parties filled with contras, squares and couple dances, to the great music and calling of our staff, set the nights aglow and are followed by after-dance parties in the camphouse where the fun continues with more opportunities for playing music and games, singing and dancing.

I'm excited about the wealth of talent and offerings that will be shared at camp this year. I hope to see you there.

~ Sue Rosen, Program Director

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