August 14 - 21, 2016



CDSS turned 100 years old in 2015! Last year we partied like it was 1915, but we're just gettin' started! This year we're digging even deeper down to our roots, exploring blues music and blues dance, and old time music and square dance. We're gettin' gritty and keepin' it real. We extend a warm welcome to you and your Family to continue this joyous celebration as CDSS begins its next 100 years of awesomeness at Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge.

At CDSS Timber Ridge we weave American and English Music and Dance, English Ritual Dance, Appalachian Percussive Dance, Art, Singing, and Storytelling together into a truly stunning week. Our cauldron of tradition and transformation seethes and bubbles over with creativity, synthesis, and passion as Campers of all ages become involved and contribute to the mix. The culture of appreciation, participation, and perpetuation of the music and dance and singing and storytelling that we all love is simply contagious! The result is a unique and dynamic program with brilliant options for kids, teens, young adults, and adults.

Kathy Anderson leads our American Dance portion of the week. She is well known for her lively and challenging contras, squares, odd-formation dances, her quick, clear teaching, and her boundless energy. She will also teach the Square Dance Callers Mini-Course. (Advance registration required.)

David Smukler's English Country Dance leading is enhanced by his quick wit and extensive knowledge of dance history. His programs typically delight dancers by blending old favorites with new modern gems. His enthusiasm for traditional dance will inspire you to want more. He is the author of "Cracking Chestnuts - The Living Tradition of American Contra Dances".

We welcome some outstanding new teaching staff as Colleen Reed, Robin Davis, and Sue Hulsether join our talented and fun-loving group of children's leaders. And Arlington Northwest Morris Team foreman Laura Parsons shares her expertise in the invigorating art of Northwest Clog Morris.

We're so excited that Shane Clark and Rachel Fifer, Family Campers since childhood, will school us in various styles of blues dancing for ALL ages, focusing on inclusion and community in this American dance form. Jess Eliot Myhre, Chris Ousley, and Ralph Gordon will provide the musical groove for this class. Jess and Chris are the fabulous duo who founded the Bumper Jacksons, a hot roots jazz and street blues band who are making a name for themselves at swing and blues dances, and road houses and juke joints all over the country. Chris and Jess will also lead the Community Dance Band class, so don't be too surprised if it has a bit of a jug band spin to it this year!

DeLaura Padovan will lead our morning All Camp Gathering, replete with singing, games, stories, stunts, jokes, and LAUGHTER! As our Community Dance Mistress, she'll coordinate the program for the nightly 7 pm Community Dance.

Leslie Jeanne Devine Millbourne's Nature Explorations are an integral part of our Camp offerings. From the river to the woodlands to the fossil pit, Leslie helps us view and understand the world around us through the eyes of a veteran naturalist.

Andy Davis is a master Community Dance leader, musician, and storyteller. He'll lead the 8-9s in weaving together story, song, and English longsword. He'll also host the evening gathering and he will enthrall us with his tales as our storyteller.

We're thrilled to have an incredible array of top notch and versatile musicians playing for daytime adult and children's classes and for our evening dances. New to Timber Ridge, but not new to making glorious and grooving music, we welcome Aaron Olwell, Jess Eliot Myhre, Chris Ousley, and Audrey Knuth. And back by popular demand - fiery fiddler Alexander Mitchell, Family Week fave Dave Wiesler, and rhythm king Ralph Gordon. Multi-instrumentalist and prolific dance tunesmith Larry Unger returns, playing for dancing and leading the American Dance Musicians Mini-Course (Advance registration required) with Audrey Knuth. They'll have us soaring through contras and squares on the dance floor.

Steve Hickman and John Devine are masters at so many of the things we cherish and remember from Camp, from Steve's amazing Hambone skills to John's sweet Pied Pipering, they are also quintessential dance musicians, playing for all styles and all dance forms. Incredibly generous with their time and knowledge, they are enthusiastic mentors and perennial favorites at Family Weeks around the country.

Our own Leslie Sudock is our Artist-in-residence this year, she'll teach the Afternoon Art class where we'll explore Shaker and Japanese basketry.

Powerful singer and song leader Suzannah Park brings an eclectic, accessible, and exhilarating repertoire for group harmony singing to our singing class, Harmony for All. Suzannah will also lead the Teen Class and teach Appalachian Clogging. She dances with the legendary Green Grass Cloggers in Asheville, N.C.

Our beloved Camp Director Kappy Laning takes a well-deserved break from her duties to lead the 10-12's into the magical, musical world of rapper sword. Kappy's Rappers are the best!!!

We'll get each day off to a great start with Contras and Squares with Janine Smith. Never ever danced before? Been dancing for decades? Janine will ensure that everyone has a rollicking good time!

In addition to the scheduled classes, there are gatherings where stories, songs, talents, and much uncontrollable laughter are shared. Somehow there is also time during the day for nature walks, swimming, canoeing, jamming, and hanging out with friends. Adults and teenagers enjoy marvelous evening dances and fabulous after-dance activities - including a harmony singing blast, a blues dance, the cabaret, and some honky-tonkin’. The last full day of camp is show and tell time, and we celebrate our wonderful week together with a big parade, a pool party, and dancing, dancing, dancing. Come join in the FUN!

We're saving a spot just for YOU.

~ Janine Smith, Program Director

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