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AUGUST 15 - 22, 2015



Over the Moon and Under the Sun:
Exploration and Innovation

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Imagine the stunningly beautiful setting of Pinewoods Camp as a base for exploring early music in all its delightful and challenging forms, coupled with English country dancing and historic dance. As classes unfold through the week, we will explore and discover the innovation and creativity that lie behind some of the world’s most vibrant and compelling music, listening and playing with deeper understanding, while dancing together and enjoying all that Pinewoods has to offer.

Instrumentalists may focus intensively on their primary instruments, while also finding time to try something completely new and enjoying the opportunity to play or sing with others in mixed ensembles. Singers can delve into early music repertoire in small groups, sing in a chorus or mixed consort, and try an introductory instrumental class. Dancers will find classes in advanced English country dancing and historic dance, as well as daily warm-ups and yoga sessions, and those wishing to expand their musical horizons are invited to take instrumental or vocal classes. Everyone is invited to enjoy English country dancing, with instruction during the day for all levels. This elegant, low-impact, fun and welcoming style of participatory dance is the highlight of every evening, with expert leaders and dance musicians. All are warmly encouraged to participate.

johnson em2013 0084 221bce52Photo by Paul JohnsonEarly Music Week 2015 offers challenges and opportunities to players, singers and dancers at every level, from beginners to the highly experienced. Our outstanding faculty includes active professionals and acclaimed teachers of early winds (recorders, reeds and brass), strings (viola da gamba, violin, vielle, and rebec), harpsichord, harp, voice, and dance. There are morning ensembles at all levels, choirs and consorts and a variety-filled afternoon of special topics. Classes include music from the medieval, renaissance and baroque eras as well as world music (from North African, Mediterranean and Balkan regions and Scottish/Gaelic traditions), and contemporary repertoire.

  • Instrumentalists at all experience levels on recorder, winds (reeds, capped reeds), brass (cornetti, shawms), and strings (viols, violin and other bowed strings, harp) will have leveled ensembles in the morning, opportunities for diverse afternoon electives, and consorts ranging from the intermediate player to the most advanced.
  • Singers of all abilities will benefit from vocal technique and repertoire classes, chorus and mixed ensembles with instruments.
  • Advanced players and singers may choose to apply to join the Accademia, an afternoon intensive focusing on late 16c. – early 17c. repertoire for mixed instruments and voices. The week will culminate with a mini-concert.
  • Those wishing to try a new instrument can take custom-tailored introductory classes in voice, recorder, viola da gamba, bagpipe, and harp, with instruments provided.
  • English country dancers and historic dance enthusiasts can participate in daily dance classes at an appropriate level and nightly dance parties with stellar music and leadership. A special camper-led evening allows students to play and teach.
  • The week closes with a world-class faculty concert and student performances before a final banquet and celebration.

Experience this in-depth music and dance week surrounded by exceptional natural beauty, with time for relaxation, swimming, hiking, canoeing and delicious home-cooked meals in the open-air dining hall. What better way to get inside music, and to bond with others of like mind, than to play, sing, dance, and learn together in this magical environment?

-- Jan Elliott and Larry Zukof, Program Co-Directors

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