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August 9 - 16, 2015



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CDSS turns 100 years old in 2015! We extend a warm welcome to you and your Family to come join in the celebration at Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge. We are planning the party of the Century and we cannot wait to see you there!

At CDSS Timber Ridge we weave American and English Music and Dance, English Ritual Dance, Appalachian Percussive Dance, Art, Singing, and Storytelling together into a truly stunning week. Our cauldron of tradition and transformation seethes and bubbles over with creativity, synthesis, and passion as Campers of all ages become involved and contribute to the mix. The culture of appreciation, participation, and perpetuation of the music and dance and singing and storytelling that we all love is simply contagious! The result is a unique and dynamic program with brilliant options for kids, teens, young adults, and adults.

Back by very popular demand, Lisa Greenleaf will lead our American Dance portion of the week. Lisa always has new and sometimes hilarious tricks up her sleeve, and her skills at clear, effortless walk throughs and dance programming are unparalleled. She will also teach the Contra Callers Mini-Course. (Advance registration required.)

David Millstone's English dance classes are enhanced by his delightful sense of humor and extensive knowledge of dance history. To honor the CDSS centennial he will take us on a journey exploring the roots of today's dance traditions - Dancing Through Time also known as The Evolution of Dance. No, not THAT Evolution of Dance, we will actually dance the precursors to and trace the development of our own beloved contras, squares, and English dances. David is also the genius behind the Square Dance History Project.

smith n tr14 9591 3c23796cPhoto by Nicholas Smith 2014Andy Davis is a master Community Dance leader, musician, and storyteller. He is one of the authors of the New England Dancing Masters series, in other words he helped write THE book on Community Dancing. He will lead the 10-12s in spinning a folk tale into a dramatic event with acting, music, and song, and he will enthrall us with his tall tales as our storyteller. He will lead the Traditional Dance for Educators Mini-course. (Advance registration required.)

We're thrilled to have The Gigmeisters playing their innovative, inspiring music for the American dance portion of our week. Featuring fiery fiddler Alexander Mitchell, multi-instrumentalist Paul Oorts, Family Week fave Dave Wiesler, and rhythm king Ralph Gordon, they'll have us soaring through contras and squares on the dance floor.

Naomi Morse, Dave Wiesler, and Ralph Gordon play lush, exquisite, music for English Country Dancing. They wowed us last year with their delightful arrangements for fiddle, guitar, piano, cello, and bass, and we are so very pleased to have them back.

smith n tr14 0233 6c6e0c2dPhoto by Nicholas Smith 2014Steve Hickman and John Devine are masters at so many of the things we cherish and remember from Camp, from Steve's amazing Hambone skills, to John's sweet Pied Pipering, they are also quintessential dance musicians, playing for all styles and all dance forms. Incredibly generous with their time and knowledge, they are enthusiastic mentors and perennial favorites at Family Weeks around the country. They will play for David Millstone's Dancing Through Time class and for morning contras.

smith n tr14 0197 0dc12677Photo by Nicholas Smith 2014New on staff at Timber Ridge -- but a seasoned and spectacular performer and instructor -- Ira Bernstein will co-teach the Teen class and will present an Appalachian improvisational percussive dance form known as flatfooting. Kappy Laning has the English Ritual Dance portion of our week covered with her popular Rapper class, with Robert Mills providing the music.

Our own Leslie Sudock is an Artist in residence this year, she'll teach the Afternoon Art class (Eco-Art Printmaking) and organize several engaging Community Art projects, including weaving, which was such a big hit last year.

smith n tr14 0089 02389e40Photo by Nicholas Smith 2014Powerful singer and song leader Suzannah Park brings an eclectic, accessible, and exhilarating repertoire for group harmony singing to our singing class, Harmony for All. Suzannah will also co-teach the Teen Class and lead a session of singing and silliness for the 10-12s.

Leslie Jeanne Devine Millbourne's Nature Explorations are an integral part of our Camp offerings. From the river to the woodlands to the fossil pit, Leslie helps us view and understand the world around us through the eyes of a veteran naturalist.

smith n tr14 0511 5c0f73e7Photo by Nicholas Smith 2014DeLaura Padovan is our Community Dance Mistress, and will lead the 8-9s in a session of dance, Dance, DANCE! Renee Brachfeld leads the 8-9s in a session of juggling, songs, and stories called Things That Go Bump.

Eric Maring our "Monster Musician for the Youngsters" will inspire and uplift our children and he (along with Alexander Mitchell) will also lead the Community Dance Band as they rock the Sasha and all our Family dance faves.

In addition to the scheduled classes, there are gatherings where stories, songs, talents, and much uncontrollable laughter are shared. Somehow there is also time during the day for nature walks, swimming, canoeing, and hanging out with friends. Adults and teenagers enjoy marvelous evening dances and fabulous after-dance activities - pub singing, dance parties, cabaret, and honky-tonkin’. The last full day of camp is show and tell time, and we celebrate our wonderful week together with a big parade, a pool party, and dancing, dancing, dancing. Come join in the FUN.

We're saving a spot just for YOU!

-- Janine Smith, Program Director

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