June 26 - July 3, 2014


The members of the Viol Intensive will work together in three focused daily classes:

  • Morning class with Lisa Terry surveying English consort repertoire from 2 to 6 parts from 1500 to 1640. Music will be sent in advance, and individuals will be called on to coach, with observation and mentoring from Lisa. This is not a performance class, so that we can cover as much of the repertoire as possible, and have time to hone rehearsal skills and self-coaching skills.
  • The second morning period will be left free so that members of the Viol Intensive may enjoy the English country and Renaissance dance classes that help to make CDSS Early Music Week at Pinewoods unique among summer workshops.
  • Afternoon class with Patricia Ann Neely featuring repertoire from North Germany influenced by the British - Repertoire from the dance collections of Brade, Dowland, Simpson, Füllsack and Hildebrandt, and more. How to practice difficult passages. Separating bow technique and left-hand technique in complex passages, utilizing a repetition exercise with complex motives to strengthen focus on difficult fingering or bowing and learning to connect those passages into the greater work to complete the practice in continuity.
  • A second afternoon class with both Lisa and Patricia where we will explore larger concerted works with advanced singers, winds, and keyboard. Apt for Voices and Viols and More! (Advanced strings, winds, voices, keyboard, lute)
All Viol-Intensive classes will be held in enclosed spaces to minimize the effects of the inevitable humidity of our pond-side setting.

-- Lisa Terry and Patricia Ann Neely, Program Co-Directors


Program Leaders
Lisa Terry
Patricia Ann Neely


7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
8:30-8:50 General Morning Warmup and Recorder Warm-up
9:00-10:30 Viol Intensive
Advanced English Country Dance (A)
Intermediate English Country Dance (I and up)
English Country Dance Essentials (B and up)
Introduction to Renaissance Dance (All levels)
12:00-12:30 Free time: Swimming, Bookstore staffed
12:30 Lunch
2:00-3:15 Viol Intensive
Apt for Voices and Viols and More! (Advanced strings, winds, voices, keyboard, lute)
5:00-5:30 Tea
5:30-6:20 Free time: Informal camper readings, Swimming, Bookstore staffed, Side-by-Side Readings
  Faculty rehearsals
6:30 Dinner
7:45 Mini Presentations
8:15 All Camp Dance
9:45-10:45 Special Events
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