July 27 - August 3, 2013


The Country Dance and Song Society exists to celebrate and promote participatory dance, music, and song. There is no place where that celebration is as tangible as it is at The Harmony of Song and Dance. The magic of Pinewoods Camp – nestled between two ponds and amid the pines – serves as the backdrop for the remarkable community that forms through the experience of a week of singing, dancing, and eating together. There is a space for YOU at The Harmony of Song and Dance: no matter whether you have years of experience as a dancer, singer, or both; or you are new to these cherished activities, and are looking for an experience to build skills and find confidence; or you want a situation that will allow you to take risks, find support, and be inspired; or you want simply to relax in a beautiful place, surrounded by music and dance. In the words, sung by former HSD staff member Kathy Bullock; “You are welcome in this place.” The experience will be richer for all participants if you grace us with your presence.

The theme of the week is community music making, based on the foundation of the riches of traditional song and dance, and the understanding that new songs and dances grow out of the old. Each staff member has deep roots in the song and dance traditions they are teaching, and their teaching reflects how these dynamic traditions are continuously evolving. Staff was all chosen for their expertise, but also for their ability to teach and nurture, as well as for their willingness to engage fully as members of the camp community.

Be part of the community at the Harmony of Song and Dance: engage, be inspired, feel supported; sing, dance, and make music!


Program Director
Nils Fredland

Stefan Amidon
Peter Barnes
Betsy Branch
Arthur Davis
Mark Douglass
Debbie Grossman
David Millstone
Val Mindel
Naomi Morse
Anna Patton
John Roberts
Dan Schumacher
David Smukler
Gillian Stewart

Mary Alice Amidon
Peter Amidon
Steve Howe
Pat MacPherson


7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
8:45-9:00 Vocal Warm-ups
All-Camp Chorale: Singing Staff
Dance Classes
11:30-12:25 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
12:30 Lunch
Singing on the Porch: Val Mindel, John Roberts
Care of the Voice: Dan Schumacher
ABCs of Country Harmony (Beg/Int): Val Mindel
Traditional Song Arranging: Betsy Branch
Dance Band Class: Peter Barnes, Anna Patton
Songs for Pub Sings: John Roberts
Harmony By Ear: Betsy Branch
Shape Note and Gospel: Arthur Davis
A Cappella Band: Dan Schumacher
English Folk Song Repertoire: John Roberts
Transcendental Old-time Slow Jam: Stefan Amidon
Rapper: Gillian Stewart
4:15-4:45 Tea
Vocal Arranging: Dan Schumacher
Community Chorale: Nils Fredland, Arthur Davis
Early Country Duets and Trios (Exp): Val Mindel
Bright Lights and Bar Fights: Swing and Western Harmony Singing: Stefan Amidon, Anna Patton
Tune Exchange: Naomi Morse
5:45-6:25 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
6:30 Dinner
8:00 Staff Concert
9:15 Evening Dance Party
11:00 Late Night Activities
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