August 24 - 31, 2013


photo by Jeff BaryPhoto by Jeff Bary

American Dance & Music Week at Pinewoods promises to be a wonderful week of dancing, music, singing and good times with friends old and new. This year’s staff features teachers, musicians, singers, and dancers who combine deep interest in and love of North American dance and music traditions with their own original sparks and twists and tendencies towards exuberant playfulness. Combine this talented staff with the wonderful facilities, delicious food and natural beauty of Pinewoods Camp, plus a dynamic group of Campers, and you're looking at an experience you won’t want to miss!

This year’s dance musicians include the band Elixir, known for its three piece horn section and its many flavors of contra and square dance music. To kick off the daily schedule, Elixir will motivate campers with Hot Breakfast Contras called by New England favorite Sue Rosen. Sue will also lead a class for callers and aspiring callers. Lissa Schneckenburger and Corey Dimario will anchor another dance band with their world-class musical craftsmanship, and camper musicians can hone their own craft in Lissa’s dance band class. And, we are very excited to welcome Barbo to Pinewoods for the first time: an exciting young trio from quebec who will teach quebecois style on fiddle, guitar, and piano along with playing high energy dance music.

photo by Michael SiemonPhoto by Michael Siemon

Dance opportunities abound throughout the day, including contras called by Rebecca Lay and a session devoted to Square dancing with Nils Fredland at the helm. The dynamic dance team of Matthew and Emily Olwell will teach partner dance skills in a range of styles, as well as clogging and flatfooting, and a sampler of American Vernacular Dance: a chance to learn about (and dance!) many diverse American dance forms.

Want to learn about running sound? We have Tony Hernandez running a concurrent Sound Operators' Course (separate registration required) and making sure the music and calling sound awesome throughout the week.

Time to cool your heels? We have Emily Miller on staff to teach singing with her spirited, engaging style, including harmony singing and country-style duets and trios. You may have heard her perform the latter with her group the Sweetback Sisters. And for a satisfying non-musical project, take a break in the afternoons to build your own model sailboat (and sail it across the pond!) in a class led by Jesse Readlynn of Elixir.

The afternoon leaves time for an entertaining all-camp Gathering led by Emily Olwell, followed by a lightly scheduled period which includes a caller’s and musicians’ open mic and a Quebecois tune party for all. This is also a good time for camper-organized activities. If you have a hankering for something that's not on the schedule, make it happen!

The entire camp comes together for evening dance parties featuring contra, square, and couples dancing. After the dance you can swim, relax in the Camphouse, play games or tunes, or rest up for the following day's fun. In our experience, a week of dancing and making music together builds a synergy and camaraderie that we remember with a glow and a grin for months and even years afterward. We hope you'll join us!

-- Ethan Hazzard-Watkins & Anna Patton, Program Co-directors



Program Directors
Ethan Hazzard-Watkins
Anna Patton

Jean DesRochers
Corey DiMario
Nils Fredland
Rebecca Lay
Emily Miller
Owen Morrison *
Emily Oleson
Matthew Olwell
Véronique Plasse
Jesse Readlynn
Sue Rosen
Lissa Schneckenburger
Guillaume Turcotte

* Advisors, plus

Lisa Greenleaf
Rick Mohr


7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
Hot Breakfast Contras with Sue and Elixir
Fiddle style of Quebec: Véronique Plasse
Duet and Trio Singing, Country Style!: Emily Miller
Crowd Pleasing Contras: Rebecca Lay
Partner Dance Boot Camp: Matthew Olwell, Emily Oleson
Ensemble: Lissa Schneckenburger
Caller's workshop: Sue Rosen
11:15-12:00 Swimming, Bookstore staffed, spaces available
12:00 Lunch
Contra with Sue
Appalachian Clogging & Flatfooting: Matthew Olwell
Quebec style Piano: Guillaume Turcotte
Boat Building: Jesse Readlynn
A Tour of Traditional Squares: Nils Fredland
American Vernacular Dance Sampler: Emily Oleson
Guitar: Jean DesRochers
Group Singing for All: Emily Miller
3:45-4:15 Tea
4:15-4:45 Gathering
Open Mic for Musicians and Callers: Nils Fredland, Lissa Schneckenburger
Québec Tunes for All: Véronique Plasse
5:45-6:30 Swimming and Bookstore staffed
6:30 Dinner
8:00-11:00 Evening Dance Party including a couple dance interlude
11:00 After-dance Activities
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