August 25 - September 1, 2012

Program Description

Come and join us for a wonderful week of English dancing in the magical setting of Pinewoods Camp. Share the tremendous variety of English country and display dance, with wonderful teachers and superb musicians, in a fantastic place!

The country dance classes will include a wonderful mixture of modern compositions and reconstructions and old classics, plus style to show how to get the best enjoyment from each dance, all with fabulous music. Teachers include Gene Murrow, the well-know and well-loved teacher and musician from New York City; Gary Roodman, one of the best composers of modern English country dance, from Leeds (near Northampton), MA; Nikki Herbst, the peripatetic dancer and teacher from Iowa City, IA; Harry Cowgill, champion clog dancer from England, who will teach country dances with optional stepping, and myself, Brad Foster, Emeritus Director of CDSS.

For Display Dance this year we offer two graded classes in clog dancing from the repertoire of the legendary Sam Sherry, both taught by Harry Cowgill, plus the fast paced Rapper short-sword dance taught by Jeremy Carter-Gordon on his return home from a year abroad, and fascinating new Border Morris dances taught by Tom Kruskal, who will also play concertina for sword and clog.

Our Musicians offer a wide variety of styles and textures covering the full spectrum of current English music in America, from classically strong phrasing and dynamic rhythms to cutting edge lyrical and flowing countermelodies. Musicians include Laurie Andres from Seattle, WA, on accordion and piano; Karen Axelrod from Northampton, MA, on piano and accordion; Jonathan Jensen from Baltimore, MD, on piano and many other things; Tom Kruskal from Sudbury, MA, on Anglo concertina; Judith Linsenberg from Berkeley, CA, on recorder; Eden MacAdam-Somer from Jamaica Plain, MA, on fiddle; Anna Patton from Brattleboro, VT, on clarinet; and Paul Woodiel from South Orange, NJ, on fiddle. The musicians are fantastic; come and dance to their wonderful music!

We offer you a variety of singing, music and other workshops this year. Jeremy Carter-Gordon will teach Harmony Singing with songs from around the world in three- and four-part choral arrangements and will lead the all camp Gathering, with singing, music and dance performances, comedy improve, dance history lessons, announcement, and more. Judy Linsenberg, a frequent instructor at Early Music Week, will teach recorder. Paul Woodiel will lead a band workshop focused on selecting and arranging tunes to bring out their beauty and power. Cynthia Whear will help get the kinks out and prepare us for more injury-free dancing. In addition, we’ve set aside time for staff and camper lead One-Shot Workshops plus the traditional English week all-camp parties.

Evening dances will feature a wide range of both favorite and about-to-be favorite English country dances, plus a nightly dance "For Those Who Know," with all the wonderful country dance musicians and callers on staff. Afterwards, you'll have ample opportunities to make good things happen, with possible late night singing, a ceilidh dance and pub sing, a talent show and the annual fun and fundraising auction to support camp scholarships and special projects.

-- Brad Foster, Program Director


Brad Foster, Program Director
Laurie Andres
Karen Axelrod
Jeremy Carter-Gordon
Harry Cowgill
Nikki Herbst
Jonathan Jensen
Tom Kruskal Eden MacAdam-Somer
Gene Murrow
Anna Patton
Gary Roodman
Cynthia Whear
Paul Woodiel


7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
The Jolly Company: Reconstructions of Andrew Shaw: Nikki Herbst
Rapper (for all): Jeremy Carter-Gordon
Choreographers Workshop (for all): Gene Murrow
Recorder: Judith Linsenberg
Don't Try This At Home (Advanced): Gene Murrow
Calculated Figures (Advanced): Gary Roodman
The Joy of Dance (For All): Brad Foster
Clog: Sam Sherry's Schottische (Advanced): Harry Cowgill
11:45-12:30 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
12:30 Lunch
Lancashire Social Dance: Harry Cowgill
Open Mic / Open Band: Brad Foster, Jonathan Jensen
Border Morris: Tom Kruskal
Harmony Singing: Jeremy Carter-Gordon
Bodywork for Dancers: Cynthia Whear
A Meter A Day (For All): Gene Murrow
Clog: Sam Sherry’s Hornpipe (For All): Harry Cowgill
Callers Workshop (Intermediate & Advanced): Brad Foster
Dance Band (at dance tempo): Paul Woodiel
4:00-4:45 Tea, Swimming, Bookstore staffed
Gathering: Jeremy Carter-Gordon
One-Shots, Camper-Initiated Parties
6:30 Dinner
8:00-10:45 Evening Dance Party (starting with For Those Who Know)
11:00 After-dance Activities
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