July 28 - August 4, 2012

Program Description

This Contra Callers Course is an intensive workshop designed for advanced-beginner through intermediate callers who are ready to get to the next level. The focus is on two important topics: teaching skills (understanding choreography and crafting a concise teaching vocabulary) and stage craft (becoming comfortable behind the mic, learning how to handle mistakes or unexpected situations and collaborating with musicians). All of this takes place in a supportive environment designed to help participants discover their strengths and explore new ideas.

This program, held concurrently with American Dance & Music Week, is designed and led by Lisa Greenleaf. Lisa brings many years of experience to her callers workshops, having been on staff at camps across the country and beyond. She has designed both short and long callers courses, and she particularly enjoys observing how people learn dance moves, as well as how they build effective dance communities.

The course takes place for a solid block in the morning. In the first half we cover such topics as teaching figures, recognizing good choreography and working with musicians. The latter half of the morning is a hands-on experience of basic microphone and stage techniques as participants practice conducting effective walk-throughs. There will also be time later in the day for campers to create an open mic session, as part of the fifth period in the concurrent American Dance & Music Week schedule.

Participation is limited to eight students, and before camp each student is asked to complete a preparatory assignment, which will be explained at registration. Because we have a lot of material to cover, attendees are expected to have knowledge of basic calling skills before attending the course. Feel free to contact the CDSS office for more information about this.

Program Director

Lisa Greenleaf


7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
9:00-11:30 Contra Dance Callers Course
11:15-12:00 Swimming, Bookstore staffed, spaces available
12:00 Lunch
I Dare You Dances: Lisa Greenleaf
Blues Dancing: Josh Van Vliet, Tresne Hernandez
Composing and Arranging Tunes: Adam Broome, Nicholas Williams, Jaige Trudel
Let's Get Worked Up with Jesse's Favorite Dances: Jesse Edgerton
Love, Loss & Length - Ballad Singing: Suzannah Park
Musical Improvisation: Will Patton, Anna Patton
Writing Great Contra Dances: Rick Mohr
3:45-4:15 Tea
Gathering: Jesse Edgerton
Dance Potpourri: Dave Wiesler, Ruthie Dornfeld
Choose Your Own Adventure
5:45-6:30 Swimming and Bookstore staffed
6:30 Dinner
8:00-11:00 Evening Dance Party including a couple dance interlude
11:00 After-dance Activities
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