August 12 - 19, 2012 

Program Description

CDSS at Timber Ridge is a wonderful week of connecting with traditions and rituals, while building community with new and old friends. The culture of participation and involvement is contagious! We have a great program for adults, children, families and young adults featuring a mix of English and American dance, border morris, clog, song, music, arts and crafts, nature walks and more. Adults can participate in their classes all day, while children enjoy age-appropriate dance and music options.

The teaching/calling staff is entertaining and inspiring, the musicians are superb and the schedule allows you to do as much as you could possibly want. In addition to classes, there are two all community gatherings (morning and evening) where we share stories, songs and talents. There is time during the day for a nature walk, swimming, canoeing and hanging out with friends. After dinner, we parade to the hall for a community dance which includes everyone in the fun. The evening dances combine English and contra, with bedtimes for the younger ones at appropriate intervals and adult dancing into the night. After the dance, there is always a late night activity which gives everyone a chance to shine and play.

On the last day, we have show and tell, a big parade, a pool party and lots of dancing. We would love to have you come to join in our week of traditions, making them yours as well.

-- Gaye Fifer, Program Director


Program Directors

Gaye Fifer


Gaye Fifer, Program Director
Sam Bartlett
Mia Bertelli
Daniel Beerbohm
Liessa Bowen
John Devine
Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne
Rachel Fifer
Nils Fredland
Adina Gordon
Barbara Greenberg
Steve Hickman
Abby Ladin
Kappy Laning
Eden MacAdam-Somer
DeLaura Padovan
Joseph Pimentel
Ralph Sweet
Charlotte Swavola
Larry Unger
Andrew VanNorstrand
Noah VanNorstrand
Bill Wellington
Dave Wiesler *****************


7:45-8:30 Breakfast
Morning contras (13 & up): Nils Fredland
Experienced English (13 & up): Joseph Pimentel
Young Leaders Course (YDL Registrants): Gaye Fifer
10:00 Refreshments
Challenging Contras (13 & up): Adina Gordon
English for All (13 & up): Joseph Pimentel
11:30-12:15 All Camp Gathering with songs, singing, games and stories
12:30-1:15 Lunch Buffet
1:30-2:15 Bookstore staffed
1:30-2:30 99 & under Nap, rest, snore, dream
Nature Walk (All ages, under 8 w/parent): Leslie Jeane Millbourne Devine
Singing (13 & up, 8-12 w/parent): Mia Bertelli
Clogging (13 & up): Abby Ladin
Singing Squares Course (SDL Registrants): Nils Fredland, Ralph Sweet
American Dance Musicians Course (ADM Registrants): Eden MacAdam-Somer, Larry Unger
2:15-2:45 Adult swim at the pool
2:45-3:45 Swimming and handwork at the pool
Art with Sam (8 & up, under 7 w/parent): Sam Bartlett: Sam Bartlett
Dance Potpourri (13 & up): Gaye Fifer
Rapper (13 & up): Kappy Laning
Young Leaders Course (YDL Registrants): Adina Gordon
Singing Squares Course (SDL Registrants): Nils Fredland, Ralph Sweet
American Dance Musicians Course (ADM Registrants): Eden MacAdam-Somer, Larry Unger
3:45 Children's snack
4:00-5:15 Canoeing in the river
4:00-5:00 Swimming in the pool
Stunts & Games at Poolside (8 & up, under 7 w/parent): Sam Bartlett
Family Dance Band (11 and up): Barbara Greenberg, Daniel Beerbohm
International Dancing (13 & up): Rachel Fifer
Dance Community Conversations (13 & up): Joseph Pimentel
Open Calling (13 & up): Adina Gordon
4:45-5:45 Bookstore staffed
5:15-5:45 Sing for your supper
5:45-6:45 Dinner buffet
6:45 Parade from the Grove to the Playhouse
7:00-7:35 Community Dance with DeLaura Padovan
7:35-8:15 All Camp Gathering with Bill Wellington
8:15 Pied Piper/Bedtime for children 9 & younger
8:30-11:00 Evening Dance Party
9:30 Bedtime for 10-12 year olds
11:00 After-dance Activities
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