August 6 - 13, 2011

Program Description

Join us this year for a wonderful week of English dancing in the magical setting of Pinewoods Camp. Come share the tremendous vitality of English country and display dance, with wonderful teachers and superb musicians, in a fantastic place!

Our English country teachers include Philippe Callens, a perennial favorite returning to Pinewoods from Belgium after way too long an absence.  Philippe will teach two country dance classes, one of gems from the 17th and 18th centuries, the other of his own original compositions and reconstructions.  In addition, he will lead a class for experienced callers on how to teach style.  Helene Cornelius, English country dance leader of CDS Boston Centre for over forty years and first recipient of the CDSS Lifetime Contribution Award, will teach one class for advanced dancers on treasures of the historic repertoire. Innovative West Coast choreographer Brooke Friendly will once again coordinate the popular choreographers’ workshop; additionally, Brooke will teach Dancing the Whole Dance, an exploration of how the use of global terminology can add to our dancing pleasure. New to Pinewoods English Week but a rising star out West, caller Kalia Kliban will offer a session of favorite English country dances for all, including old classics as well as modern compositions.

We are incredibly lucky to have two all-star display dance leaders on staff this week.  Orion Sword’s dynamic Judy Erickson will teach three classes: longsword style, Molly dancing, and Big Choreography (a compelling mixture of Morris and sword). Back by demand, Meg Ryan will teach both advanced English clog and English clogging for all.

Our glorious musicians cover the full spectrum of current English music in America, from classically strong phrasing and dynamic rhythms to cutting edge lyrical and flowing countermelodies. They include Peter Barnes, Dan Beerbohm, Jon Berger, Noel Cragg, Barbara Greenberg, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen, and Jim Oakden. In addition to dancing to these splendid artists, you'll have opportunities all day to join them in making music, in class and out.

And there’s more. Returning for a fourth straight year, Anna Rain will teach Yoga to help us all reach our full physical potential as dancers. Karen Geer will help us lift up our voices in song, and Kalia Kliban will lead our camp-wide Gathering, a time for us all to get together as a community to listen, share and learn. As for me, I will coordinate the callers’ open mic, providing moral support and constructive feedback to those who wish, while working closely with multi-instrumentalist, multi-talented Jim Oakden, who will coordinate the band

Evening dances will feature a wide range of both favorite and about-to-be favorite English country dances, plus a nightly dance "For Those Who Know," with all the splendid country dance musicians and callers on staff. Afterwards, you'll have ample opportunities to make good things happen, with late night singing and dancing likely, a ceilidh dance and pub sing for sure, and the annual fun and fundraising auction to support camp scholarships for years to come.

I can hardly wait!
Much love,

Sharon Green, Program Director


Sharon Green, Program Director

Peter Barnes
Daniel Beerbohm
Jon Berger
Philippe Callens
Helene Cornelius
Noel Cragg
Judy Erickson
Brooke Friendly
Karen Geer
Barbara Greenberg
Jonathan Jensen
Shira Kammen
Kalia Kliban
Jim Oakden
Anna Rain
Meg Ryan


7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
All My Own Work: Philippe Callens
Longsword Style: Judy Erickson
English Clogging for All: Meg Ryan
Delving Deeper into English Country Dance Music: Shira Kammen
Forgotten Treasures: 17th/18th Centuries: Philippe Callens
Big Choreography: Judy Erickson
Singing for All: Karen Geer
Gathering: Kalia Kliban
12:00-12:30 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
12:30 Lunch
Open Caller/Open Band: YOU with: Sharon Green
Classic Playford Dances (Advanced): Helene Cornelius
Advanced Clog: Meg Ryan
Dancing the Whole Dance: Brooke Friendly
Molly Dancing: Judy Erickson
Melody/Harmony: Peter Barnes
Callers' Class (Advanced): Philippe Callens
4:00-4:30 Tea
The More the Merrier: Kalia Kliban
ECD Choreographers’ Flight Time: Brooke Friendly
Yoga for Dancers: Anna Rain
5:30-6:30 Swimming, Bookstore staffed, camper-initiated parties
6:30 Dinner
8:00-10:45 Evening Dance Party (starting with For Those Who Know)
11:00 After-dance Activities
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