rohr robRob Rohr is a fiddler and Morris dancer hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Rob's fiddling draws from Quebecois, English, Irish and New England fiddling traditions. Rob plays each month with Sweet Felons All at Another Bloody Folk Club and frequently plays Quebec square and contra dances across southern Ontario with Les frères Gemme, Mango chaud point and St.-p'tit-Claude. Rob fiddles for local dance sides, Toronto f Morris Men and Toronto Women's Sword, and each month shares the joys of the music of French Canada at his session, TOQueTrad . Rob also dances with the Toronto f Morris Men, and has convincingly acquired the status of "Cirque du Soleil's Worst Dancer" while dancing in the 2015 Pan Am Games Opening Ceremony. Rob's favourite quote - "A frequent lower chromatic neighbour to scale step five does not a Lydian mode make." Rob's favourite pastime - creating new and creative alternates to Quebecois curses.

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