norman mattMatt Norman works with all aspects of traditional English music as a performer and teacher. As a workshop leader he has a relaxed and friendly style which puts participants at their ease but also gets high quality results. Matt Currently runs two folk choirs which sing his arrangements of English folk songs and carols. Even though they have no auditions both choirs sing to a high standard and have performed in prestigious venues and Festivals. He has produced two books of his choir arrangements and regularly runs singing workshops. Matt is one of a handful of people keeping the Dartmoor stepdance tradition alive. This unique tradition is from the North East corner of Dartmoor in Devon, it is a percussive style and characterized by the 15 inch board on which it's performed. He has run many workshops and has been stepdance champion three times. Matt performs in two bands; Gadarene combines 17th and 18th Century English tunes with modern dance beats and The Bristol Ceilidh Quartet plays for social dances. Both bands have performed at folk festivals across the country. Matt is also a solo performer playing mandolin, fiddle and piano, for dance and in concerts.

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