kenney matthewMatthew Kenney has been surrounded by the New England contra-dance music scene for his entire life. He is in the third-generation of a musical family rooted in traditional music, which has shaped his interest and provided him opportunity. He has made guest appearances with The Horseflies including NPR’s radio show Michael Feldman’s Whaddya Know, and at the Grassroots Festival (Ithaca, NY). He has shared the stage with ‪Bela Fleck‬, ‪Clyde Stubblefield‬ (‪James Brown Band‬), ‪Jay Ungar‬, Rodney Miller, and many others. In addition to Rift, he plays with JEMS, StringRays, Clew Bay, and more. Matt’s ability spans many genres. When Matt is not playing music, he can be found listening to music searching for new creative influence.

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