ryer parke kerryKerry Ryer-Parke grew up in a house full of music. Her parents founded the South Shore Folk Music Club near Boston, where they held weekly singing parties and hosted performers of all folk traditions. As a trio with their father, Kerry and twin sister Kelly began performing at folk festivals and coffeehouses at the age of six. Known for their macabre taste in children’s songs, they later became known for their vocal harmonies. Studying classical voice gave Kerry the versatility to perform in almost every genre from new music, opera and early music to jazz and rock. She is an Artist Associate in Voice at Williams College, and teaches full-time at Bennington College. She has directed the Bennington Children’s Chorus since 1994, and has been the lead singer and bass player for the rock band The Prescription since 1997. Interest in world music has taken her to Portugal, Sardinia and Turkey, and she has travelled to Corsica and Bosnia in recent years with Village Harmony. Kerry believes in communities singing together, and that anyone can learn to sing.

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