mills familyThe Mills family first came to this camp in the year 2000, and fell in love. Having worn many hats as staff members, crew members, and even auctioneer assistants, the Mills have enjoyed this camp from many angles. Now, they are all looking forward to giving their last hurrah as program directors, as their three year position comes to a close. As a family, they enjoy playing music, dancing, and singing together. As individuals, each brings a unique set of interests and skills to camp.
* Janet Mills is the mother and chief logistical strategist. She teaches elementary music, and enjoys a good book. She plays an impressive number of instruments at the fifth grade level.
* Robert Mills is the father and official piano accompanist of the family. He also plays accordion, fiddle, and viola. He enjoys English dancing and calling. He appreciates a funny joke and a good Beethoven Sonata.
* Imogen Mills is the older daughter and punctuality manager. She is in her first year of teaching music at Rondout Valley Middle School. She enjoys contra dancing, English dancing, and waltzing. She loves to sing, play fiddle, and play the piano. She is also learning guitar.
* Cecily Mills is the younger daughter and head writer for the family. She enjoys English, contra, couples, and even Morris dancing. She is attending the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she is studying economics. Her main musical outlets are singing and percussion.
The Mills family hopes to create a fun and inclusive environment at camp this year, and they are looking forward to seeing you there.

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