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Wonderful new resources from Tony Parkes and Brooke Friendly, along with great new music in the CDSS Store. Gift certificates are always available online in any amount!

SquareDanceCallingSquare Dance Calling: An Old Art for a New Century
By Tony Parkes

The author of the acclaimed Contra Dance Calling turns his attention to squares! This is the first book-length treatment of traditional calling in many years. Not just a rehash of prior works, it includes many thoughts on the activity that have never appeared in print before. Every aspect of the caller’s art is dealt with clearly and thoroughly.

Yet Another LookYet Another Look
By The Assembly Players

The latest Pat Shaw recording from The Assembly Players (Nicolas M. Broadbridge, Aidan N. Broadbridge, and Brian K. Prentice). It carries a number of previously unrecorded gems from Pat Shaw’s Another Look at Playford, and is a companion to their popular Pat Shaw’s Playford. This completes the set of seven Pat Shaw recordings, which started with New Wine in Old Bottles.

Dancing the Whole DanceDancing the Whole Dance: ECD
By Brooke Friendly

Based on Brooke’s 40 years of calling experience and teaching dozens of workshops, this book is a comprehensive how-to for callers looking to transform their calling from relying on gendered language to a global/positional approach. The book includes everything from terminology to teaching and learning strategies, dance selection, and a system for categorizing dances, with
appendices and examples.

Garden DreamsGarden Dreams
By Aaron Marcus and Sam Sanders

18 exquisite poems, mostly by fiddler Susan Reid, as well as nine other contemporary poets, clothed in original music, partly structured, partly improvised, by Aaron Marcus and read by Sam Sanders. And perhaps best of all, this original music is molded around the poetry in the styles of traditional dance tunes you know and love. They will surely have a life on dance floors beyond this CD: jig, polska, march, waltz, triple-time hornpipe, reel, andro, or slip jig.

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