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CDSS News Spring 2019

CDSS News Spring 2019 Cover(photo by Nikki Herbst)


Letters and Announcements



What’s in a Song
Lucy – rough recording from the cassette tape “letter” she sent to the Amidons
Peter, Mary Alice, Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes version, from their 2016 Brattleboro Last Night performance
Done Found My Lost Sheep
Angels Hovering Round
Blessed Quietness
Peter’s harmonization:
Climbing High Mountains
Peter’s arrangement, Suzannah Park soloist:
Peter & Mary Alice’s son Sam Amidon’s version:
Prodigal’s Return
We do not have a recording of Lucy singing this hymn she found in an old hymnal.
Peter’s arrangement – Tony Barrand solo, Mary Alice Amidon harmony:


Downloadable PDF of the CDSS Strategic Direction — 2019 - 2023


Ties of Love danced at Hey Days 2018 - Joanna Reiner, Caller, with musicians Anita Anderson (piano) Dave Bartley (plucked strings), and Sande Gillette (fiddle)

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