Your event can take any shape or form you like! There are a lot of possibilities. Here are some ideas and questions to help you get started.

Questions to Ask

What kind of songs and format do you have in mind?

  • Do you want to focus on a particular style or genre?
  • Should attendees bring, share, or sing from books or pages of lyrics?
  • Should they bring instruments?

See the How Will Your Sing Work dropdown for more info.

When and where do you want to have the event?

  • How frequently will it be held?
  • Is the time and location accessible to the people you hope will be there?
  • The location and atmosphere of the venue influences how people get there, how many people you can have at the event, and often has an impact on the type of songs that get sung. If you want a very quiet sing, you might be making different choices than if you wanted a more boisterous one.

See the Finding a Venue dropdown.

Who will be there?

  • How will you get the word out and encourage attendance?
  • How many people do you expect, and will there be time for them all to sing a song if they want to?
  • Will potential attendees share your expectations about genre, atmosphere, and decorum? What is their musical background – camp songs, religious music, traditional folk, karaoke, choir? If you want to focus on a genre that participants are unfamiliar with, you might need to provide extra assistance to get them started.

See the Publicity dropdown and Facilitating under How Will Your Sing Work.

Event Format Ideas

Ideas for creating a specific group singing activity:

  • Launch an informal group that meets, say, weekly or monthly. (This is the model that this guide assumes as most common.)
  • Invite people for a weekend retreat in which singing is the main activity.

Here are some ways to inject group singing into other group activities:

  • Host a concert or dance with a singing session afterwards.
  • "Sing for Your Supper": Invite people for a dinner party. They can serenade you as you cook or sing after.
  • Caroling and wassailing or "singing on the move." Invite folks to sing seasonal songs door to door. You can pick songs everyone knows or practice once right before heading out the door. You may check with neighbors to make sure a few will be home and are willing to be serenaded at their doorstep.
  • Make singing a feature of another activity such as apple pressing, craft night, baking, gardening, hiking, boating.
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