In this section, you'll find links to organizations with resources to support the calling, dancing and playing of square dances. (MWSD) refers to modern Western square dance, (T) to traditional square dance.

Country Dance and Song Society (T) "For almost 100 years, we’ve been connecting people who are interested in English and Anglo-American traditional dance and music -- contras, squares, English country dance, morris and sword, folk songs, and the incredible tunes. We love what we do. We hope you do too."
Lloyd Shaw Foundation (T) "To Recall, Restore, and Teach the Folk Rhythms of the American People."
Connecticut Association of Square Dance Clubs (T) The Connecticut Association of Square Dance Clubs (CASDC), was established in 1964. CASDC is dedicated to supporting, improving and promoting square dancing in our area.
Canadian Old Tyme Square Dance Callers' Association (T) "The Canadian Olde Tyme Square Dance Callers' Association was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1954 by a group of callers interested in preserving, and promoting the traditional Canadian style of square and couple dancing."
Square Dance Foundation of New England (MWSD, T) "The Square Dance Foundation of New England, Inc. was founded in 1973 by caller and editor of The New England Square Dance Caller Magazine, Charlie Baldwin and his wife Bertha. Organized as a non-profit foundation in Massachusetts, it has a membership of individuals, clubs, and organizations who care about our dance heritage of the past, and want to see it continue on as a living legacy."
CALLERLAB (MWSD) "As a professional organization, drawn together by our love of the activity, we work to serve square dancing and associated dance forms by providing professional leadership, educational materials, and a common means for exchanging communications through a central office and a yearly international convention."
United Square Dancers of America (MWSD) "The United Square Dancers of America, Inc. (USDA) was formed on June 26, 1981, during the National Square Dance Convention held in Seattle, Washington, and has grown to a size that approaches the representation of 250,000 dancers throughout the United States. USDA is an organization formed by dancers, for dancers, and is under the operational control of dancers."
ARTS-Dance (MWSD) "The Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square-Dance (ARTS) is a newly formed entity that can better describe the diverse groups making up the 'greater' American Folk Dance community. ARTS will allow for more effective public education of the square dance image, and the health and fitness benefits of square, and related dances."
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