lea marySoon after moving to Boston in 1978 Mary Lea encountered musicians who serendipitously became her musical trail buddies in the English country dance band, Bare Necessities, and in other bands that offered up music for contra, couple, international and vintage dancing. Playing both violin and viola, she is known for her tone, passion and creativity with the ECD repertoire and has played for dancers around the country, across the seas and on the seas for workshops, dance weekends, cruises and music and dance weeks. Surprisingly, playing for dancing and teaching fiddle became her day job, and she feels fortunate that that was the case. Along the way Mary has also been involved in numerous recording projects, including the CDS Boston English Country Dance series, Gary Roodman's recordings, and other projects of her own. Besides birding and reading, she has taken up painting in oils, studying Portuguese fiendishly, and helping run various long-standing dance events and concerts in her hometown of Brattleboro VT.

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