kruskal jodyJody Kruskal of NYC is known for his distinctive American sound on the Anglo concertina. His harmonic and rhythmic style has energized dancers with the contra bands Grand Picnic, Squeezology, Hog Wild, Dressed Ship, Ten Gallon Cat, The Thistle Biscuits and Strumbow Squeezeblow. Jody calls barn dances for wedding and community events and sings old songs at folk clubs and festivals across the U.S and Britain. He is a freelance educator, teaching music and dance in elementary schools, summer camps and pre-K programs. Jody writes new music too, composing original scores for theater and dance productions, concert works for gamelan with the new music ensembles Son of Lion and Music for Homemade Instruments, video games and gaming sites, as well as hundreds of fiddle tunes for traditional dancing.

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