davis.jeffJeff Davis has had a life full of traditional music. Music has taken him to Norway, Ireland, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, but he always remembers that it all began with an unlikely event: folk song collector Frank Warner gave a concert at his school and, a few years later, took the sixteen-year-old to Pinewoods where Jeff met North Carolina singer, banjo-player Frank Proffitt, Kentuckian Jean Ritchie, Matha's Vineyard singer/collector Gale Huntington, upstate New York singer/collector Larry Older. Of course, there was also Phil Merrill playing the concertina on his stoop, Abbott's Bromley danced through the woods, and the Coppers' "Good Ale." He became convinced that good folk music comes from all over the place and that each tradition has to carefully tended. Jeff now plays, banjo, fiddle, mandocello, and more; still collects old music from archives and field recordings; still plays at festivals hither and yon, still works with kids through Young Audiences of Massachusetts. He is delighted to be back at Pinewoods again where, for him, it all began.

Harmony of Song & Dance at Pinewoods

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