We have just (spring 2011) ordered a second printing of our recent book On the Beat with Ralph Sweet, by Ralph Sweet & Nils Fredland.


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In the Sources section of this book (page 215), the reader can gather information about Ralph's sources for the dances that are included in the following two sections (Patter Transcriptions and Dance Descriptions). Any unattributed dances belong to a large body of traditional squares, many coming from the Southern tradition, or Western square dancing of the 1940s and 1950s. Over the years, callers have created variations to these figures; this collection reflects Ralph's own dancing and collecting experiences.

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(also known as Tic Tac Toe, from the calling of Beth Molaro, and renamed by Ralph)

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(As called by Lisa Greenleaf, who collected it from Bob Dalsemer)

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3. Everybody Chain or, All Chain Four

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Mixer (not keeper)

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Unless the crowd you are calling for is very experienced with square dancing, use my simpler version of the figure. It eliminates the four ladies chain over and back, giving more time for the corner swing:

Heads pass thru, separate, around just one-o

Into the middle, circle up four, halfway round you go

Pass thru, corner swing, me-o my-o

Swing that corner girl, from the bayou

Join up hands, circle to the left now

Go all the way until the men are home

Your corner dos-a-dos, and then dos-a-dos your own

Allemande left your corner, weave around the ring, etc. as above

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Lynn Rohrbough is a man.

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End Ladies Chain

Editor's Note: Ralph wasn't able to come up with a source for this dance. Larry Edelman told me that Bert Everett included a figure nearly identical to Ralph's in his book Complete Instructions for Fifty Canadian Square Dances (Dancecraft, 1977)
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