nsmith cbf75a6cNatty Smith (Somerville, MA) grew up in a family steeped in music and dance traditions. Raised by parents who met contra dancing thirty years ago and grandparents who were Classical and Baroque music enthusiasts and performers, he grew up skilled in and appreciative of both the classical and folk arts. After years of watching his mother dance Northwest Morris, he began Morris dancing himself on Tom Kruskal's children's team Hop Brook in Sudbury, MA. With Hop Brook, then Candyrapper and Great Meadows Morris and Sword, and now the Pinewoods Morris Men, Maple Morris, and Thames Valley International, Natty can be found dancing or playing fiddle for Morris and sword all over New England and southeastern Canada every spring and summer. Natty attended Pinewoods and Ogontz Camp family dance sessions starting at a very young age, in later years working or volunteering on the camps' kitchen and grounds crew. This, inevitably, led to working on staff at a Family Week at Ogontz in 2008. His family has attended and supported The Christmas Revels productions in Cambridge, MA, since it began in the 1970s. Natty began performing with The Christmas Revels in 2000, continuing to dance, sing, or play fiddle in many of their productions. In 2008, Natty helped start and has since co-directed the Revels Children's Summer Workshops. A love for history and music goes hand in hand with his family's passion for sailing off the coast of Maine.

Natty is now pursuing a career in education in the Boston area. The current Squire of the Pinewoods Morris Men, he also fiddles for and facilitates the teenage team Great Meadows Morris and Sword. Dancing and fiddling for the youth Morris conglomerate Maple Morris, he travelled with them to London, England and the Sidmouth Folk Festival in 2011 as part of a collaboration with the English Morris troupe Morris Offspring. He is on the planning committee for the second half of this collaboration between Maple and Offspring, here in North America in the summer of 2013. Natty is part of the founding committee for the new Youth Traditional Song Weekend event, and is beginning his first term on the Pinewoods Camp, Inc. Board of Directors.
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