The most important part of the CDSS Centennial is connecting with all of the song and dance communities across the continent who are keeping our traditions alive! In an effort to create more person-to-person connections we are assembling a team of "volunteer captains" who will act as point-people in their state or region. Captains will represent CDSS in their area by spreading the word about Centennial activities and also provide a direct link back to CDSS headquarters letting us know what's happening and where we can help.  

Have a question about the Centennial? Or just want to say hi to your regional captain? Here's who we have so far and look for this list to expand soon to cover all regions.

If you are interested in becoming a Centennial Volunteer Captain please contact Community100 Manager Mary Wesley.

Volunteer Captains:

Mary Wesley (Burlington, VT) — Volunteer Manager, representing Vermont

Gaye Fifer (Pittsburgh, PA) — representing Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Andrew VanNorstrand (Manlius, NY) — representing New York state

Dave Casserly (Washington, DC) — representing DC, Maryland and Virginia

Pam Paulson (Waukesha, WI) — representing Minnesota and Wisconsin

Valerie Helbert (Durham, NC) — representing North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Miranda Arana (Norman, OK) — representing Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas

Rosemary Lach — representing British Columbia and Washington State

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