Intended Use/Recipients: morris and sword dancers, leaders, or musicians

The Karl Rodgers scholarship is made possible by an annual gift from the Pinewoods Morris Men, who offer it in memory of Karl Rodgers. Karl was a founding member of the Pinewoods Morris Men in 1964. A few years later, he helped found the Village Morris Men in New York City; soon afterwards, he helped establish the Greenwich Morris Men. He was squire of the Pinewoods Morris Men in 1972, and started the team's newsletter, which became the springboard for the American Morris Newsletter. Karl's other main interest as squire was in providing aid for morris dancers to attend the English dance sessions at Pinewoods, for the purpose of eventually becoming teachers and foremen themselves. His efforts led to the PMM Scholarship, which was established by the team in 1974. After Karl's death in 1978, the team formally renamed the scholarship in his memory.

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