Putting on a special event during orientation or for admitted students weekend can be a great way to give your group more visibility. Here are a few ideas. 

  • Contact your admissions office to ask about events during admitted students weekends, or contact your student activities office to ask about orientation events. Explain that you are a college club and tell them what kind of events you put on throughout the year. Offer to set up a social event with live music for first-years or admitted students. Invite them to come to one of your regular events if they are skeptical. See what happens.
  • This can be a good way for college groups to recruit new students, or for off-campus community groups to advertise their events to students. It can also be a great way for a college group to collaborate with community groups. Consider pooling your resources to hire a really great band and excellent caller; you want people who have never seen this type of music or dance to be blown away by how fun it is.
  • You can also do an impromptu demonstration dance early on in the year, during an activity fair, or just on the lawn before dinner. Anything with live music and people swinging a lot is sure to look like fun.
  • Some people who have done something like this:
    • Princeton: Katherine Sanden (student organizer), Elizabeth Fahrney (caller), The Contraptions (band)
    • Rochester Institute for Technology: Country Dancers of Rochester (sponsor), the Groovemongers (band), Nils Fredland (caller), Rebecca McCallum and Jane Knoeck (organizers), - see their report
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