How are you going to get the word out about your event? Here are some suggestions.

Publicity should quickly communicate the positive feeling of the event before the details: advertise whimsically rather than informatively. And of course, remember to include the date, time, location and, if possible, contact information and brief directions or landmark indicators (e.g. “Just a block from the Porter Square train station!”). You can publicize near and far. It’s fun to get drop-in singers who are visiting from out of town.

Potential outlets for publicity: Facebook, fliers at other events (other music events, farmer’s markets, etc), links from webpages, youtube video of your first gathering, co-sponsorships, word of mouth,... cast a wide net.

You might also be able to use the advertising strategies that your host uses. For example, community centers, houses of worship, pubs, and restaurants might have newsletters, bulletin boards, mailing lists, and online calendars where you can place an announcement. CDSS and other folk music groups (look up your local folk music society!) might have similar newsletters and email lists that you could use.

Publicity examples:

  • “Why attend a singing session? Singing is some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on!” —Heather Wood
  • “If the Lord gave you a beautiful voice, sing loudly to thank the Lord. If the Lord did not give you a beautiful voice, sing louder – it’s a great way to get even.” —David Jones
  • “We are none of us silent listeners, all spirited, joyful souls.” —Natty Smith
  • Ken’s Facebook group for Exceedingly Good Song Night (click on the "Ask to Join Group" button)
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