marshall georgeOne of the best known and loved contra callers in the country, George Marshall's mission is to share the joy of dance! While working on the summer trail crew in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during the early seventies George discovered square and contra dancing, he was immediately hooked and became an avid dancer. In his first year at college, George helped start the band Swallowtail and began calling and playing. Based in Belchertown, Massachusetts, he is a full time musician/caller/dance teacher and tours nationally. Most of the time he can be found calling/playing with Wild Asparagus and Swallowtail but also calls with other wonderful bands. George specializes in teaching and calling New England style contra dances he has collected throughout the country. He is known for his knack of matching music to dance and his smooth, concise teaching and presentation. He plays English concertina and bodhran and has recorded on eight albums. In addition to performing, George produces music and dance events including week long winter dance vacations on St. Croix in the Caribbean and on the Big Island of Hawaii.

American Dance & Music Week at Pinewoods

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