gaddis earlEarl Gaddis was originally trained as a classical violinist, with a special passion for Baroque music. But his orientation shifted when he discovered the excitement of small-ensemble improvisation for dancers, with its unique opportunities for creating interesting harmonies, countermelodies, and rich musical textures on the spur of the moment. He is now a full-time dance musician who has been playing violin and viola for various combinations of English, Scottish, American, and international dancing for more than fifty years. He plays at dance camps, workshops, balls, festivals, and dances throughout the U.S., in Canada, and abroad. As a member of Bare Necessities Earl has made eighteen recordings of English Country Dance music so far, and he has recorded with a number of other musicians as well. He lives in great contentment on ten acres of woods in Plainwell, MI with his wife, Sherry Brodock.

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